>My friends and I argue constantly about this.Who goes first against
>personalities with "Z" as there MP?What if you both have MP's with "Z"?

From: Matthew Low

This is answered in the CRD, but I'll answer it anyway.

If at least one character has "Z" as their power rating, ignore the "Double Power Rule" and keep both characters at 5 stages above zero. Since the Z is only for heroes, that character would go first if faced against a villian. Otherwise, if both are heroes, do some way of randomization like Paper Rock Scissors or something.

If both have "Z" stages, it is worked exactly the same as if both are heroes; do some kind of randomization.

Oh, and for future reference, if you have a "Z" stage and wish to use Krillin's Overhead Smack, you can say your PL is under 300,000 and make it unstoppable. Neat eh?