From: "jr me"
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 01:30:14 -0400

This is my first time ever asking on help for a DBZ CCG deck, you see I
started playing when the game first came out at a local pokemon leauge and
well not to brag or anything I ended up beating everyone with my Dragonball
Deck, after a while the game died down where I played at and stopped playing
there for a while, but was always interested, and after seeing the way
people play now and how the new sets are, and how the new rules have changed
dramaticaly over the few years, I have come to the realization that more or
less now adays dragonball decks are pretty much eaten through by the newer
cards, and well seems to be tossed to the side when it comes to ideas, and I
have put so much into my deck and dont want to part with it, so I figured I
would ask how to stay alive in tournaments and just regular play with a deck
that wins by dragonballs, any and all tips and adivce are welcome I am verry
open minded twords this game if it can bring be back to my first place title
I once held around here. Thanks...............


Actually Dragon Ball is still one of the strongest archetypes. If not, the best one. It is for sure one of the top 2.

Don't worry about bragging; Saiyan Saga was Anger and DB heaven. Whoever went first won. End of story. LOL.

Dragon Ball decks work like this...
Master Roshi Main Personality so you can rearrange your top 10 to set up for when you get your DBs. Rarely stay in Combat. Thus, they attack, you use your power, block their attack, and end Combat. You've set your deck so you'll draw your nons (like Drills) and put them out on your turn. If something like Black Water Confusion Drill is out, West Kai takes care of that. Caught Off Guard Drill or Android 20's Search Pattern HUH??? and other anti DB cards like Gohan's Kick and Power of the Dragon. Use Pure Defense and Saiyan Power Block to get around Majin Buu's Fury and Gohan's Kick. Lock them down with Drills, Trunks Energy Sphere pivotal Combats like Aura Clash, and win in only a few turns... you'd run 50 cards, and thus you look through a little over 1/4th of your deck at the beginning, and smaller as it goes (Roshi 1-3, West Kai, Victorious Drill coming out at the beginning of the game). I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any other tips.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan