Subject: Re: My SWK Colorless Ally

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 19:11:21 EST

This is my SWK deck. I use it for Tuff Enuff and standard. For TE i take out some stuff though. I know I don't have an 85 card deck, I just couldn't find anything I had, that was worth putting in.

MP: 3
SWK 1-3

Mastery: None

Sensei:1 Master Roshi Sensei
Sensei deck:9
BSM x2
Orange Reflex x2
Black Pivot Kick x2
Black Front Punch

>> Only 1 Front Punch? I run 2 of those, and GBS is pretty good as well.
>> I ran 3. Now I run 2 because of Earth's Spirit Bomb. I also use North
>> Kai now, but Roshi is still good. <<

Combats: 24
TES x3
Namekian Freidnship
Gathering of Heroes x3 - A bit much
Unexpected Allies x2 - Don't need these, ZWG do the work.
Ally Wins! x3 - Not needed.
Battle Pausing
Confrontation x3
Stupid Tricks - I like Namekian Shield Destruction A Raditz Memory - Probably not needed.
Saiyan Truce Card - Your deck is illegal.
Straining Destruction Move
Pan's Victory

Location/Battleground: 3 - What do you do against decks that put CIT out and you need your non-combats? How about against Goku Saiyan that beats you in 3 turns due to anger? Winter Countryside is some good.
CIT x3 (I play against a lot of Freestyle)

Energy Combat: 14
PPB x3
Blue Draining Blast x3
Red Mouth Cannon x2
Red Repeating Flares x2
Vegeta's Energy Focus x3
Kid Buu's Prepped Crash

>> Interesting random selection. Whatever works for you. I like to have some removal and good effects with my energy attacks.

Physical Combat: 4
Black Physical Focus x3
Goku's Dashing Punch (I know....)

>> Since you know go ahead and fix it. Kick is some good I hear. <<

DB: 1

>> Illegal deck... <<

Non-Combat/Drills: 9
Saiyan Inspection x3
Expectant Trunks
Awful Abrasions
Black Water Confusion Drill
Black Weakness Drill

>> Whatever works. That's a bit too many SIs. <<

Allies: 18
Mr. Popo
Kid Trunks, Teenager
Yamcha, teh Friend
Piccolo, the Avenger
Vegeta, the Powerful
Tien, the Swift
Goku (SS)
Master Roshi (Broly Subset)
Gohan, the Great Saiyaman
Krillin, the Friend
King Kai, Earth's Mentor
Torbie, the SIlent
Chiaotzu (SS)
Android 18, the Mom (KBS)
Nail, the Namekian

>> A couple of your allies are ones I don't run, like Goku and Mr. Popo. You also run a different Kid Trunks. Whatever works for you.

I know I don't have all the best URs like ZWG and stuff. I am getting a FA and VD. Just tell me what is good and what isn't and maybe suggest some cards to put in.

PS Jesus Loves You!

Bah... no one copies LowAlly.dec and gets away with it...

Nice attempt, but you are still quite a bit off from making an imitation of LowAlly.dec. My deck thrives on expensive cards, which are more or less vital to how the deck runs. It is a very wacked out deck. Feel free to try to copy it, but honest to goodness, good luck. You are going to need it.

First off you might one to read SWK's rules. Your deck is illegal. Earth Dragon Ball 7 ends combat sir. So does Saiyan Truce Card.

As for the rest, I'm gonna put notes over your deck. Keep in mind my deck thrives on Z Warriors Gather, and getting it out quick. It isn't needed, but I win a lot of my fast games with a first turn ZWG.

Have fun... but honest to goodness, I run the following URs/Ubers:
3 Z Warriors Gather
1 Where There's Life There's Hope
1 Champion Drill
1 Victorious Drill
1 Fatherly Advice
2 Goku's Blinding Strike
1 You're Invited (might add in a couple more)
2 Earth's Spirit Bomb

Each serves a purpose. I have a point to every single card I run in my deck. Even with the deck list, I have tons of hidden combos to make it work wonders. Have fun.

Your version works a bit differently than mine. The weaknesses I see the most are the lack of removal and lack of quick ally search. I run a ton of allies because I can get them quickly. You don't have quick ally search, which makes our decks work a whole lot differently.

I'm not quite sure what your goal with this is, but good luck. It lacks what mine does, but it is still an ally deck regardless. Good luck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan