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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG
Lots of TCG Questions & Answers
Oct. 27, 2005

From: Akoolkid4
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 23:06:16 EDT

I was Googling "dbz card game", wanted to see what some cards do. Friend thinks he can finally beat me once he gets Broly :P (damn that crazy saiyan style mastery with the anger and power stage gains)

>> Watch the language.
The Mastery you're talking about is one of the worst Saiyan Masterys you could possibly play with. Broly is extremely good with the CS Mastery because he can get some monster hands and totally ruin people quickly. With Supreme Mastery, he can go control with the Broly 2nd Coming DVD promo or the KBS insert. TS isn't horrible but pales in comparison to the CS in most circumstances, and WGS is used in some ball variations. But the MBS just isn't used, and don't use it -_-. It's horrible.

Broly is a great character, but only if used with the right personality levels.

So anyway, I ended up at Pojo, then clicked the DBZ part up top, and then saw a custom DBZ card that's apparently you. Says you're a top 8 and top 16 in tournaments, and gave your email at bottom. So, I decided, I'ma write you an email!

>> Actually that's extremely outdated. I've top cut way more tournaments than that. I honestly don't remember how many.

But enough of that boring crap.

Few things I wanna ask ya. My friend and I were playing, and I was like, "we should enter tournaments." He said yeah, except he didn't think they had tournaments anymore with the cards we play with. Then he told me about some kinda Arrival and Showdown set, and how it's different rules, and yada yada. Sure enough, just now today when I Googled, it appears the official site completely ditched the card sets before this new nonsense.

>> Yes, the old cards are basically useless. Keep them around for sentimental reasons and pick-up games, but the game has changed. There's a new age called the Dragon Ball Z TCG. This was called "Re-Z" at the beginning to give people the idea of something new.
The rules aren't totally tossed out though. If you learn the new game, you'll see that a lot of the old rules are the same. They added new stuff to make the game better for the most part. Try it out. You should like it. Don't make judgments before you try it out.
The new game came out back in July, while Showdown releases November 2.

What's the deal with that? Cuz I completely destroy all of my friends in the game, and my deck isn't even finished, and if I can't enter any tournaments to strut my stuff cuz they ditched the old DBZ card game, I'd be kinda ticked, y'know?

>> From what it sounds like your friends aren't exactly high calibur players in the first place. I'm decent but not amazing. I destroyed most of my "local" crowd, but in the big events I had to struggle along with everyone else.
If you've taken this long to complete your deck then... well that's your fault ;). The game was cancelled WAY back in May... something like that. I completed my deck 3 times because I got bored. But anyway, point is even though my deck was good, it never won any big tournament. Sure I was upset with that, but you have to take advantage of the time you're given, and if you don't, then don't complain when opportunity passes you. Sometimes you only have one chance.

Give the new game a chance. If you're really that good, it will translate a good amount into the new game.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

P.S. If you have AIM, we could play some DBZ over that! We'd hafta trust eachother not to cheat, of course, but you have my word and I'd believe yours. Me & my friend do it a lot that way. Akoolkid4 is my AIM if you have AIM & wanna do that.

>> I do have AIM but I refuse to play over it. Reason is it's nearly impossible to keep track of things in play and whatnot, and if you've ever played against a high calibur DBZ player you'd know. We use everything to our advantage; deck count, hand size, stages, things in play, cards on top and bottom of discard, and so forth. It wouldn't be worth the time to type out the cards that way. Even with someone who types as fast as I do, it's not worth it. And I've had plenty of discrepancies as well.

Playing over the internet is supposed to be a playtesting issue, as in practice. If you cheat over the internet, you're only cheating yourself. You'll make yourself THINK you're awesome, but when you play the real game against real people, you'll be crushed. And you're wasting precious time of the other person.

I play via a program called Apprentice for the old Z game. The new game I use Magic Workstation. The programs are still on the honor system, but you can see what's in play and all that fun stuff at the movement and click of the mouse. It's much better if you ask me.

Well... I read:
10.24.05 - Old DBZ Card Game Question
05.17.05 - Out with the Old, In with the New
04.22.05 - Trunks Saga Starter Decks


What's Re-Z? From what I gather, it's the old DBZ TCG? And then you said that you hope to see that Trunks Saga kid at a Re-Z tournament.

(and sorry if this is answered somewhere else...)

>> Yeah, the new game was dubbed "Re-Z". It's called the Dragon Ball Z TCG [Trading Card Game]. The old game was the Dragon Ball Z CCG [Collectible Card Game]. There's a difference. So no, there's no old DBZ TCG.

Have fun and good luck with the new game!

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