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Hello. I'm rather new to the Dragonball Card Game, starting about a month before Kid Buu was released. I've finally gotten my collection size up, and ran across a few things that I thought you might be able to help me with.


1. I have a copy of the GT Vegeta's Quickness Drill, and I saw the new CRD for both Dragonball Z and GT. The GT set says that no cards are removed from the restricted list, but the Dragonball Z CRD says that it was removed from the restricted list. This confused me a bit. Does this mean it's still restricted in focused, but not expanded, not restricted at all, or am I missing something?


>> In Z, the Saiyan Saga version was not limit 1 per deck. Once people abused how broken having 3-4 our was, Score restricted it. It has been that way for a while.

Now VQD was reprinted in Baby Saga with Limit 1 per deck on it. Due to the Most Recent Printing Rule, with the restricted rule, VQD read:


When entering combat, draw the bottom card of your discard pile. Limit 1 per deck. Limit 1 per deck.


Unrestricting it takes off one of the Limit 1 per deck sentences, but due to the MRP, it is still limit 1 per deck in all formats.



2. I recently pulled a Vegeta's Surprised(Card 118 from Cell Games Saga), that reads 'Attach this card to a Main Personality. Remove it from the game when that personality performs an energy attack. This personaliy does a maximum of 5 power stages of damage with each physical attack.'  Does that mean, while attached, he does a maximum of 5 power stages and 0 life cards, or simply 5 power stages, normal life cards? And how would it effect cards such as Majin Buu's Stomach Throw, which is a physical attack that deals life cards?


>> 5 power stages, normal life cards. If an attack like Straining Jump Kick Move does 7 life cards, it will do all 7 life cards.



3. Regarding the 'Special Rule' Drills from Kid Buu Saga, such as Namekian Remedy Drill and Red Kaio-Ken Drill, can you have more than one copy of each in play at one time? I was under the assumption you could, since the cards read 'This Drill can be placed in play even if it conflicts with a Styled Drill already in play.' Shouldn't this include any copies of the drill already in play? I ask due to a disagreement I got into at a friendly tournament on if I could play it with another copy of it already in play.


>> No you cannot. The rule about the special drills is they are still styled but you can have all the special colored ones out. The rule on styled drills is you can only have one out at a time. Don't confuse styled drills with freestyle drills. These drills are not freestyle, so don't treat them as such. So what it means is you can have Namekian Remedy Drill, Orange Discharge Drill, Black Groveling Drill, Saiyan Aggression Drill, and Red Kaioken Drill all out at once with Orange Focusing Drill, but you cannot have two copies of Black Groveling Drill out.



4. In your opinion, how much of a disadvantage are DBZ personalities at to the GT personalities? I ask because most of my strategies and techniques that I've developed count on certain DBZ personas(mainly Gohan and Bojack), and I haven't really had time to playtest them against the new GT personalities.


>> In my experience, most of the Z personalities are played over GT ones in Expanded tournaments. Come to think of it, almost every single one of the top tier decks use Z personalities for the MP. Broly Supreme uses the new GT level 3-5, and Black Energetic Buu I think uses one of the GT levels. Hercule Orange ally runs the new Hercule. There are probably a couple others, but for the most part, I see Z MPs all over.



Thanks for any help you can offer, since I need all I can get. You rule.


>> No problem. I'm glad I can help. <<




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