Subject: Re: Tourney Coming Please Boost up my Blue Krillin Deck

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From: GenkiOfTheAir23
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:37:00 EDT

Blue Krillin Deck

Blue Style Mastery (MBS Saga)

North Kai Sensei (WGS)

Krillin, the Friend
Krillin, the Husband
Krillin, the Champion
Krillin, the Mighty

Kid Trunks (MBS)

Physical Combat:
3 Blue Right Cross - maybe
1 Blue Elbow Drop - nah
1 Trunks Cuts Down - nah
3 Blue Round Throw - Sure
2 Blue Lunge - Nice card
1 Blue Straight Jab - nah
3 Blue Knockdown - maybe
3 Blue Forward Foot Sweep - nah
1 Blue Smirk - nah
1 Blue Flight - nah
1 Majin Buu's Heel Kick - nice card
1 Blue Stomach Smash - what does this do again -_-
1 Blue Back Kick - nah
1 Blue Betrayal - run 3
1 Earth Dragonball Capture - nice tech card
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance - maybe
3 Blue Leverage - interesting
2 Blue Wrist Block - could work
1 Blue Weaving - sure
1 Blue Forearm Block - probably not
1 Blue Stopping Technique - maybe
2 Blue Sidestep - nah

>> Blue's best physicals are Lunge, Betrayal, Head Charge, and Round
>> Throw. I bet there are a couple more but I can't think of them now.
>> Thing is, Blue doesn't have many cards to support the theme. That's
>> your problem. <<

Energy Combat: - Wait I thought this was a physical deck...
1 Good Advice - nice for tech
3 Blue Energy Flight - Eh... probably not
1 Blue Energy Outburst - probably not
2 Blue Thrusted Blast - nah
1 Blue Forceful Explosion - nah
1 Blue Destruction Beam - nah
1 Blue Energy Transformation - maybe
3 Blue Draining Blast - for ally decks
1 Blue Longshot - nah
1 Krillin's Solar Flare - fun card
1 Blue Terror - of course
1 Nappa's Energy Aura - of course
1 Goku Swiftly Moving - Hmm... you could live without it
1 Blue Energy Guard - sure
1 Blue Sliding Dodge - cut this

>> Well... you've chosen a bunch of wrong choices. Thing is, Blue has
>> some decent cards, but there aren't too many really outstanding ones.
>> I would try out Arm Blast, maybe Stance if you want to level, but
>> more or less you might want to think about this a lot. If your deck
>> is a physical deck then how would it benefit from random energy
>> attacks that aren't even good? <<

2 Confrontation - run 3
1 Super Saiyan Effect - good
1 Trunks Energy Sphere - run 3
1 Battle Pausing - good
1 Dazed - good
1 Taking Cover - nah
1 Krillin's Physical Defense - maybe. In a sense I'd rather not though. Then again it could work.
2 Blue Shifting Maneuver - Nah

>> You've nailed some staples, but are missing Time is A Warriors Tool
>> and Power of the Dragon. Aura Clash might help against some decks as
>> well. Don't forget your much needed tech. <<

1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
1 Blue Mental Drill
1 Blue Stamina Drill - nah
2 Blue Prevention Drill
1 Android 20 Absorbing Drill
1 Blue Reversal Drill - maybe
1 Expectant Trunks

>> Decent choices. <<

Earth Dragonball 1
Earth Dragonball 3
Earth Dragonball 4
Earth Dragonball 6
Earth Dragonball 7

>> You might as well run all 7 and EDQ while you are at it. <<

My stratergy is to deck my opponent while surviing and hit them hard with all my Blue Pysicals, and then I have an added defense with my mastery, so I can'
t be decked out so easily, but there are so many flaws in this deck I was wondering if you could point them out and help me prevent them. Any advice is needed thank you for your time.

Your biggest problem is trying to win by Blue Physical. Not to mention having Krillin being your Main Personality. I'll admit you are being very brave, but nonetheless I think you would be better off either going with Krillin Blue Energy or Buu Blue Physical. Krillin and physical really doesn't match... well it can work in Freestyle, but in Blue I don't see it.

Krillin will also get beaten to a pulp very easily. He's not very strong, and since you are relying on your Mastery for defense, you will be a sitting duck at zero a lot.

With that in mind, I will do my best, but honestly if I were you I'd debate what archtype you'd really want to try. What makes Krillin good are the Level 2 HT (two energies) and Level 3 WGS (making energy attacks do like +40 power stages). He doesn't generally go toward physical, and thus it will very hard to tech this. I'm going to have to be very general on your cards, as it seems you just threw in card after card that you own, and not looking at what's really really good and using multiple copies.

First off, you need a Sensei Deck. Of some sort. I dunno. Something. HUH???. Black Scout Maneuver. Blue Energy Dive. Something. Anything.

Odd choice for an ally. That's all I have to say.

Thing is, after looking at your deck, your deck is just a random mass of random cards. Some of your elements are well thought out, but many of your attacks/blocks aren't. See, you can't expect random cards put together to work. My recommendation to you is to really decide on a theme that will work. Krillin's powers are mostly based on energy, and you've chosen a physical archtype. Prevention is great, but what happens if your discard pile gets removed or Mastery gets shutoff? You can easily be defeated once that occurs.

With that, good luck. Think about what you want to do, and take the elements from this deck and go from there.

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