As always you are allot of help. Thanks again Matt. I saw your picture on Pojo the other day and was wondering how old you are? And how long you've been with Pojo? (If you don't mind answering that) Also which personailities do you use in your deck? (or decks) and do you you mostly make a deck around energy attacks or physical attacks? (or both) If I'm getting too out of hand with all these questions please tell me, I don't
want to bother you with anything. Oh, one last question ( : ) ) Can we
play 2 or more gambit cards at once? Thanks again Matt.

I will be 18 on Monday... so literally I'm 17.
I haven't been with Pojo that long... go on the COTDs... my first COTDs were Heroic Force and some other bad card... that will tell you around when I started. Honestly I don't know... but it has only been a few months. I actually have already answered your question on what decks I use... go check the top article on Pojo. I use mostly hybrid decks, but you can see for yourself.

You may use as many Gambits as you wish.

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