Subject: Re: More questions - Cell Saiyan Take 2

Note to reader: This is a continuation from the first email on the Cell Saiyan deck I teched a couple days ago. As before, I'll write my comments between >> and <<.

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From: JY
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 06:22:32 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Matthew Low,

You`re e-mail was the best source of information that I have ever recieved. Thanks for the write-back. Espicialy so fast. Anyway, I have a few more questions for you. Sorry I didn`t write them in the other message. If you could answer these to thata would rock. Thanks a lot,

>> No problem. Right now I'm trying to just keep up with the current
>> email. The past emails that I never got to... I kinda feel bad for
>> putting them off, but doing them will probably net me nothing since
>> they are so outdated.

Trunks Reforged

I have seen this in some stores before. I didn`t understand fully what it was. Now I found out that it had 3 personality cards along with 2 other rares. I am guessing that these cards in the starter are in the trunks saga. Is everthing in it trunks? What personalities can I get from it? Thanks.

>> I once typed a list of all the cards that came in each Trunks
>> Reforged pack and I will paste it at the bottom of this email (if I
>> remember). If I don't, email me back because I'm really bad at
>> remembering these things. It is a Microsoft Word document as well, I
>> can attach you a copy if you wish. Just ask if you want that.

Cell Jr.`s as allie`s :

Your previous message about cell jr.`s taking the power stage gaining`s from my saiyan styled attacks seemed pretty cool. So i am now curious about them. Well, i am first guessing like all regular allies that you can only have 1 copy of each different cell jr. in play right? Can you have 3 of each different cell jr. in you`re deck? Are these the same rules as saiba-men? In the rule book it answers yes to all of these questions,n there-fore, how many would you recomend in a deck? I think that all 3 with 3 copies of each is too much. Not including if I draw my other non-combats and cell jr.`s in a combat.

>> Cell Jrs and Saibaimen are special allies. You can have multiples in
>> play. I believe Majin Buu's Kamikaze Ghost is this way too. You may have three copies of each Cell Jr in your deck, and also 3 copies out. But remember, if your opponent plays Cell Jrs as well, there may only be 3 of each total between you. So if your opponent has 2 Cell Jr 1 Level 1 and you have 1 Cell Jr 1 Level 1, no more Cell Jr 1 Level 1s can come out.
If you wish to play a Cell Jr deck, running all 9 isn't a big risk. This is because of the "Cell Jr Chain." Once you get one out and somehow get to zero, you can do this: Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to get another Cell Jr 1 Level 1. Use the new Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to get another Cell Jr 1 Level 1. Use the new Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to get a Cell Jr 2 Level 1. Next Combat: Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to get another Cell Jr 2 Level 1. Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to get another Cell Jr 2 Level 1. Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to level to become a Cell Jr 1 Level 2 (or place it out seperate if you somehow leveled to level 2). Next Combat: Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to level to become a Cell Jr 1 Level 2. Cell Jr 1 Level 1's Power to level to become a Cell Jr 1 Level 2.

All nine come out in just three turns. South Kai works the best with this since you can pull one early game and not draw into them, most likely. But, only do this if you want to play Cell Jr to win. If you want them as backup, a few Cell Jr 2 Level 1s is enough. <<

Saiyan inspection

Recently, this card has helped me out a lot before. If the other person runs only onme dragonball then this card can hurt. Can this card also shut down constant combat combat powers? And does it get discarded if the opponent increases a level? Thanks a lot.

>> Yes, this card is a pain. That's why I run it. But remember, cards
>> that discard and remove non-combats, like Blue Betrayal and Orange
>> Stare Down, can remove Saiyan Inspection as well. Also, cards like
>> Release will get rid of it since it attaches. And yes, it can shut
>> down Constant Combat Powers, but it is not discarded when one levels,
>> since it is not a drill.

It seems the card that you suggested me to get were mainly in the android saga. Do you think at the tournies I go to I should get mainly those to catch up or just fusion and buu? The only packs they have are androids, buu, fusion, saiyan, and cell games, and I think they`ve got world games to. Along with that android`s has 18`s stare down and since no-one has TES it would be awesome.

>> Android 18's Stare Down is a staple, so of course you run 3. Androids
>> is the best set with neat cards like Destiny, Wrist Block, Face
>> Stomp, and 18's Stare Down in it. There's a lot of Saiyan in Buu Saga
>> as well. From my look at Cell Games, most of the good Saiyan cards
>> are just commons, so they should be easy to get. Saiyan Saga has the
>> all powerful Saiyan Truce Card and many of the staples in the game.
>> This set should be a lot cheaper than other sets, but if not I
>> wouldn't spend all your money on that set. It has terrible sorting
>> (you can windup with a ton of duplicates, even the rares, in just a
>> few packs) for some reason. World Games is pretty much the worst set,
>> and in your case you aren't really missing much if you avoid that
>> set. Oh, and since Fusion is just out, I don't see any reason why
>> you'd not get some packs of it.

You said, I believe in you`re previous message that 18 would be a great ally if used correctly. How do you use 18 as an ally if she has a constant combat power? Thanks again.

>> Her Androids Saga Power is:
Stops the first unstopped attack performed against you this Combat.

Get to zero, and you'll have a block every turn. She doesn't stop focused attacks, but she's quite nice when played in a well played ally deck. I should know, I use her a lot to annoy a lot of people where I play. Often, I can survive a combat without blocks and just having Trunks, A18, Oolong, and Froug in play. <<

I also, have some questions about west kai. In the review 2 or 3 different people gave it a 5 and said that it was the best and that you should play it. Yet, in you`re other reviews I have seen you more lenient to north kai or even south with some decks (like ally or for maybe even mine cell jr.). I am afraid that if I change my sensei I may not have enough non-combat removal. You see the thing is, that every one except like 3 or 4 people out of like 15 play don`t play saiyan at my store so how will north kai effect that? Do nyou think that I should use arua clash even though it will give both players an advantage with the decks that everyone is currently playing? I could probably get 3 and one mabye even holo to.

>> That's because West Kai was broken before his errata. I bet the
>> review was before his errata.
He now discards two Drills instead of remove two non-combats. That makes him a whole lot different. He's only used in Anger decks (to discard Victorious Drill) and Dragon Ball decks (to discard Black Water Confusion Drill, Goku's Capturing Drill, Breakthrough Drill, Caught Off Guard Drill, and the like). I actually like Master Roshi Sensei the best, but seeing that it is extremely hard to get, I recommend North Kai to almost everyone, seeing he's about as good as Roshi. North Kai has the potential to mess up Blue CS and MBS decks, Freestyle MBS, and major stall against a ton of other decks. He doesn't do anything in decks that don't attack (hence DB decks), and is useless against colorless DB or Backlash decks. But overall he's a great Sensei. As for Aura Clash, use it wisely. You don't have to use every card in your deck if you have it. Use it when you know it will help you more than your opponent. If not, you can always discard it or feed it to Android 14, assuming you run him. <<

My next question is about sensie deck only cards. I recently got a black scout manuveur in my fusion saga pack. I want to use it but the rule book says that it must be brought in through a switch in the sensie deck (?) or something weird like that. Would you mind explaining? thanks. And do you think that I should try to get another black scout manuveur? Because every one said that it was awesome on some of the site`s that I`ve been to.

>> Black Scout Maneuver has been changed, so all Androids Saga ones
>> should look like this one. You must start it in your Sensei deck and
>> if you wish to put it in your deck, Sensei it in by at the beginning
>> of the game, tell your opponent you are Senseing these two cards, and
>> take the top two cards of your deck and put them in your Sensei deck.
>> Then shuffle the two Black Scout Maneuvers into your deck and you are
>> good to go. And yes, go get another one.

Now t is time for the dumb question. I am sure that I will learn a lot from this just like the trunks` energy sphere . ( I really liked it the reply that is to it )

The deal with the combat blocks like somescreen and goku`s flight and prepared dodge> Why do they suck? with prepared dodge people gave it like a 1.2 and such. Is it because tes can stop it? But why should you be agfraid of only one card? Is it because they can stop they block they want if you run too many combat blocks and hurt you when they want? Thanks again. ( sorry for the lack of interesting questions ).

>> That's the reason. No one wants to have their block hit with Trunks
>> Energy Sphere. Honestly I hate getting my Time is a Warriors Tool
>> TESed and then I have to take this giant attack (since you can't
>> double block an attack, except with a defense shield). I'd rather run
>> Yamcha's Skillful Defense or Goku's Super Saiyan Blast and not run
>> the risk of getting my block Sphered. It just doesn't make sense
>> otherwise. Oh, and Goku's Flight is not a Combat block; it is
>> Physical Combat.

On the pojo site, where can I find some of you`re articles? Is it under you`re help desk or what?

>> When Pojo posts that I'm at my help desk on the DBZ site, he posts a
>> link on my name. Click that. That's as much as I know, lol.

Do you think that some cell games packs would get me some good cell styled cards? Since that along with the andrid saga is the best that I could do along those lines, it seems clear to me to only get those packs. What do you think?

>> Cell Games has a little, and has the interesting card Cell's Instant
>> Transmission. And of course the Cell Jrs. But Androids has sweet
>> cards period. Get some of each if you want a variety.

Thanks again, I`m sorry i didn`t enclude this with the other letter it`s just that I thought it would be too much.

>> No problem. I'm here to help regardless, as long as I'm not too busy
>> with the rest of my life, lol.

Trunks Reforged Spoiler

Here's some notes:
The foils (MP, Promos, Rares, Uncommons, and Commons) are limited. All non foil cards are unlimited. There are two different precon decks. You have no idea which you are getting. The foils are the same for each character. For example, Gohan will always come with Confrontation, and has a 50% chance of getting either starter (I think). The rares and foils do not have the foil Score Stamp. The Trunks Swiftly Movings have a strange Black Stripe on one of them at top (border is thicker) and other one has a little black box on upper top corner. If you want to play Red, and need good Red cards, BUY ONE OF THESE. They are random, but two columns of my Trunks Reforged were in the same order: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks. These were the right two columns. The first in the first column had Piccolo, and I didn't open the last 3 in the column. My Piccolo and Vegeta came with Starter #2, both my Gohans, Goku, and Trunks came with Starter #1. Should be random though. You get 3 CCC on each.

The cards: (This order also)
Starter #1
2x Black Defensive Aura
2x Black Finger Block
2x Red Blazing Aura
2x Red Energy Shield
1x Namek Dragon Ball 1
1x Spice Prepares an Energy Blast
1x Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
2x Black Hug Maneuver
2x Black Driving Palm Strike
2x Captain Ginyu Moves to Attack!
2x Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
2x Frieza's Irritations Grows
2x Red Face Upheaval
2x Orange Resistance
2x Red Power Rush
2x Red Lightning Slash
2x Red Energy Blast
2x Red Eye Laser Assault
1x Trunks Energy Sphere (Yes!!!)
2x Trunks Planning Drill
2x Trunks Sword Position 1
2x Trunks Draws Steel
2x Blue Awakening
2x Blue Leaving
2x Trunks Swiftly Moving
1x Piccolo and Heroes Gather (Rare)
1x King Kai's Thoughts (Rare)
1x Black Physical Focus (Rare)
1x Krillin Level 1 TS (Rare)
2x Android 20's Absorbing Drill
1x Super Saiyan Effect
1x Red Kienzan Discs
1x Krillin's Kamehameha Outburst

Starter #2
1x Red Kienzan Discs
2x Krillin's Kamehameha Outburst
3x Namekian Glare Attack
2x Black Defensive Aura
2x Black Finger Block
2x Black Defensive Burst
2x Red Energy Shield
1x Spice Prepares an Energy Blast
1x Vinegar's Revenge
1x Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique
2x King Cold Smiles
1x Goku's Ready
2x Blue Driving Face Off
1x Breakthrough Drill
2x Red Shattering Leap
1x Orange Special Beam Cannon
2x Orange Resistance
2x Black Energy Web
1x Red Energy Blast
1x Namek Dragon Ball 3
2x Trunks Slash
1x Trunks Cuts Down
1x Trunks Energy Sphere (Yes!!!!)
2x Trunks Sword Position 1
2x Trunks Sword Position 4
2x Trunks Draws Steel
2x Blue Softening Stance
2x Blue Awakening
2x Trunks Swiftly Moving
1x Goku's Battle Ready (Rare)
1x Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (Rare)
1x King Kai's Thoughts (Rare)
2x Android 20's Absorbing Drill
1x Super Saiyan Effect
1x Trunks Finds the Answer (Rare)

What do you think of that?

Now for the foil decks.

Piccolo the Avenger Level 1
Piccolo, Revived Level 2
Piccolo, the Hero Level 3
Nail Combat Drill (Rare)
Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill (Rare)
Concentration Drill (promo) P3
Trunks Power Strike (promo) P8
Red Power Rush
Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
Captain Ginyu Frog
Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist (awesome looking foil with the girl's eyes)

Gohan, the Furious Level 1
Gohan, the Fighter Level 2
Gohan, the Warrior Level 3
Frieza's Featherlight Touch (Rare)
Hero's Lucky Break (Rare)
Confrontation (promo) P2 (Yup, you asked for it, you got it) King Cold's Sword Trick (promo) P6 (Only fit that the worst and best promo come together) Trunks Sword Position 3 Blue Leaving Namek Dragon Ball 2 Black Water Confusion Drill (Can someone tell me why this drill unlike other Drills from TS looks like the FS and SS Drills?)

Trunks Level 1 (Looks sweet with the outline)
Trunks, the Swordsman Level 2 (same as level 1, sweet)
Super Saiyan Trunks Level 3
Goku's Battle Ready (Rare)
Black Smoothness Drill (Rare) (note nothing is behind Krillin in this pic) Tien Stands Ready (Promo) P5 Garlic Jr's Revenge (Promo) P7 (Finally released) Expectant Trunks (nothing is behind Trunks in this pic either) Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill Vinegar's Revenge Black Water Confusion Drill

Vegeta, the Determined Level 1
Vegeta, the Powerful Level 2
Vegeta, In Training Level 3
Don't You Just Hate That (Rare)
Orange Junction Energy Blast (Rare)
Blue Battle Drill (promo) P4
Surprise! (promo) P9
Breakthrough Drill
Black Energy Deflection Drill
Garlic Jr's Energy Blast
Red Gravity Drill

Goku, the Leader Level 1
Goku, the Defender Level 2
Goku, the Protector Level 3
What Was I Thinking (rare)
Guru Fades (rare)
Trunks Defensive Crouch (promo) P1
Showdown (promo) P10
Saiyan Knee Strike
Namek Dragon Ball 4
Orange Power Shifting Drill
Black Overpowering Attack

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan