Subject: Re: Krillin Orange Energy Barrage

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From: "Zach Brockway"
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 11:59:44 -0600

I have an Orange energy deck that I have been trying to create, however I live nowhere close to tournament areas, and second I don't have that much money so I don't think I would ever collect all these cards. I will explain the cards as I go(it's probably obvious though). This deck is made for league or with minor adjustments tuff enuff. (Android 19 is also a fine choice) Lv.1 Krillin(Trunks)(Rare)(Can Help you achieve a higher level, and also minutely fights anger decks) Lv.2 Krillin(HT-Redemption)(with Orange style mastery this is very powerful) Lv.3 Krillin(The Great)(World Games)(Phenominal power, that's all I have to say)

Orange Style Mastery(Trunks)(This is probably the best energy mastery made, it can reduce the cost of multiple use cards like Tien's Tri-Beam, Orange Scattershot, and Krillin's Energy Attack. It also lessens the energy cost by an additional 1 and adds +1 life cards of damage to all Orange Energy Attacks.)

North Kai Sensei
3 Goku's Blinding Strike(Self Explanatory)
1 Huh??(for the Nasty Dragonball Decks)
3 Breakthrough Drill( For the Nasty Dragon Ball Decks, and this can cripple some ally decks in the early game)

1 Orange Haulting Drill ( An exetremely useful defense card)
1 Orange Destruction Drill( This is essential, that's all there is to say) 3 Orange Energy Dan Drill(Essential, especially in conjunction with Daughter's Joy to get rid of cards like Namekian's Strike & Dragon's Victory) 3 A Helping Hand(If Android 19 is personality these can be replaced) 3 Energy Empowerment Drill( With rapid fire cards like Tiens-Tribeam& Krillin's Energy Attack this is almost broken) 3 Orange Focusing Drill (This is almost broken in Orange Decks as well) 1 Goku's Heart Disease( Or Severe Bruises, of course) 1 Awful Abrasions ( Or Severe Bruises, or course) 2 Daughter's Joy( This is not here because it's a great card, not at all, but it can help foil your opponents plans of recycling Combat cards, such as Namekian's Strike, Cell's Presence, Majin Quickness,Evil's True Face, & Time is a Warrior's Tool) 1 Hero's Lucky Break(Note that it's the only Non-Combat Search Card, and you must also know the deck since you have to name a card) Vegeta's Quickness Drill(Self-Explanatory) 2 Caught off Guard Drill 1 Expectant Trunks

Physical Combat
3 Orange Searching Manuever(get drill combos in play quickly)
2 Orange Uppercut(one of few search cards)
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance(duh)
1 Hidden Power Level(Power Stages)
2 Tien's Block(drill combos)

Energy Combat
2 Orange Eye Beam(with OSM this is even better)
3 Orange Energy Discharge(close to Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast)

3 Smokin Barrels(These are almost broken when used with Trunks Sword Position 3, they are still good otherwise) 1 Good Advice(Anger management & powerful Energy attack) 4 Krillins Solar Flare( Energy attack & high power block in one) 3 Tiens Tri-Beam( Rapid Fire Energy attack that is thrice as powerful with Energy Empowerment Drill) 4 Krillin's Energy Attack( as above) 4 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast(requirement, or course) 3 Orange Scatter Shot( as Tien's Tri-beam & Krillin's Energy Attack, but does 6 life cards even without Energy Empowerment Drill) 1 Nappa's Energy Aura(duh) 3 Trunks Sword Position 3(great card, especially with Smokin Barrels) 2 Orange Stare Down 1 Gohan's Nimbus Cloud

3 Trunks Energy Sphere(required in every deck, of course)
2 Aura Clash(Not so much as to gain anger, as to level up an annoying Lv.1 personality like HT trunks or Piccolo the Trained. It also serves well to replenish powerstages. You must use with caution since this deck is based on drills, also powers up opponents main personality so they can't use allies) 1 Time is a Warriors Tool(requirement) 1 Battle Pausing(Combo card) 3 Brothers in Training(Drill fetcher in middle of combat)

Location & BattleGround
3 Aurqua's Arena ( helps keeps needed powerstages.)
2 Protective Shelter ( since CIT can ruin this deck severely I figured there needs to be at least 5 Battleground/Locations, this seemed to be the most beneficial other than Aurqua's Arena)

I just wanted to present this deck idea(like it's not already out there) and see what you thought of it. The main weekness I see is that there might not be enough powerup cards to keep krillin at good stages especially against physical attack deck & There is not much to cope with ally decks here. I mainly chose krillin because his lv. 1 has a high power up rating, his lvl. two can waste your opponents defenses, his lv. 3 can deal great amounts of damage especially with multiple use energy attacks.

I'd go with either the SS or CCPP2 Level 1. Maybe even the CS level 1. I dunno about the TS; you should be able to level with the help of an Aura Clash ASAP if you want to do good.

The TS Mastery is great, and if you like it, keep using it. The reduction in cost is what makes it great. Since you level, this will probably be your best bet.

Your North Kai is fine, but you should try to fill that Sensei deck. There are a lot of cards out there that work. Breakthrough Drill is meant to hurt DB decks; I run a total of two combat enders in my ally. Goku's Blinding Strike is extremely good, but if you want to use that level 3 power, removing your discard is something you don't want to do.

You don't need 3 Orange Energy Dan Drills. One at the most. I probably wouldn't run any; much better drills out there. You also will level to 3 since that's the point of Krillin, and then you won't have your Drills around. Energy Empowerment Drill doesn't work with the TS Mastery very well; MBS Mastery. A Helping Hand needs to go; just Caught Off Guard Stunned or Black Scout it. Daughter's Joy, although it is a decent card when you look at it, it is very situational. I wouldn't run it in this deck though. That's just me. Do what you want. Orange Focusing Drill... yeah, but remember, you are Krillin.

Run 3 Uppercut, ditch the Hidden Power Level for maybe Pikkon's Leg Catch, and I would run some more Leg Catches or Tien's Blocks. Orange Fist Catch is nice too. Maybe drop Vegeta's Physical Stance.

Interesting Combo with Smokin Barrels and Trunks Sword Position 3. Honestly I never thought of it. Broke... Now I see it... you want to play Orange Drill. Why didn't you say so? In this case, I'd switch MPs. Krillin is really good, but he needs to level to gain his best potential. I'd try out Android 18, 19 or even Roshi. They can use the MBS Mastery and abuse Energy Empowerment Drill. Krillin can still work of course, but then you'd change the deck a bit, like add a few more drills and stuff like that. Orange Eye Beam isn't that good in my eyes. You definitely need 3 Orange Stare Downs. Nice... looks quite solid. You might seriously consider the CCPP2 level 1 and run a few more Krillin Named cards. Oh, and if you like Energy Empowerment Drill and multiple attack cards, try out Orange 5 Finger Focus. Broke...

As for Combats, you still need some of the staples like Super Saiyan Effect and Confrontation. There are also a few cards I'd try out like Power of the Dragon and Krillin's Search. Unlocked Potential with the level 3 can be quite nasty. The problem with Aura Clash for you is it becomes a double edged sword. I'd just run stuff to kill ally like Cell's Presence and kill drill with Drills are for the Weak. Try out Straining Jump Kick Move with Trunks Effortless Drill.

Winter Countryside would be the location of choice for me. You need to save your Drills, and this is the best way. Run a few Dende balls like Alt 3 so you can get around City and you can level your opponent with Straining Jump Kick Move.

With what I'm seeing, the Majin Buu Saga Mastery would work best with a little tweaking. Good luck. I see a lot of potential with this kind of deck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan