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Hi, I was just wondering if you could look over this deck. It's not many cards, I know, but it has worked well in testing. The idea is to level up and remove my opponents discard pile from the game to do a lot of damage with Pui Pui's level 3. Also, I don't have any Red Overbearing Attacks or Red Blocking Hands, but if I did, they'd go in.



Majin Pui Pui

Majin Pui Pui, the Henchman

Majin Pui Pui, the Flashy



Red Style Mastery (TS)


Physical Combat

3 Red Feint

3 Red Overhead Smack

3 Red Face Strike

3 Red Power Strike

3 Red Flight

3 Red Power Rush

3 Red Eye Laser Assault

3 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack

3 Red Dodge

1 Red Energy Deflection

1 Vegeta's Physical Stance

1 Nappa's Physical Resistance


Energy Combat

3 Red Surprise Attack - Is this even a card?

3 Red Static Shot - maybe

3 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack

1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear

1 Red Physical Fortification

1 Nappa's Energy Aura



3 Red Double Strike

3 Trunks Energy Sphere

1 Super Saiyan Effect

1 Cell's Defense

1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool



1 Gohan's Anger

1 Enraged

1 Blazing Anger

3 Burning Rage

2 Awful Abrasions

1 Black Water Confusion Drill

1 Guru Fades

1 Kami Fades

1 Expectant Trunks

3 A Hero's Heart Is Strong



3 Dying Planet



Second Red PuiPui of the day...


You've got the idea down, which is great. Now of course you need those ROAs and RBHs, lol.


You've got some weak cards that are just phys +3 raise anger 1, which need to go. You are missing out on cards like Red Whiplash and Red Arm Swipe that could help. Majin Buu's Heel Kick is quite good too.


You need some more energy blocks. Try out Goku's Flight, Red Energy DEfensive Stance, and Energy Ricochet.


Still missing some staples like CTP, Dazed, and 17 Smirks. You also need non-combat removal as well.


I dunno if it is just me or do you not have a Sensei?


Now your major problem is your nons. This needs work. I wouldn't run those mainly anger +2 nons because if you draw them when defending... ick. Try out cards that remove discard like A hero's Heart is Strong (you already got them, lol), and add in the other attacks/blocks to take up the space.


Also run EDB7.


Good luck, remember this deck needs to be anger oriented, and you should be able to easily remove your opponent's discard, then eat their hand apart to hit with your power.



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan