Subject: Re: Goku Saiyan MBS - A tourney deck?

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From: Charlie Boy
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 22:30:35 -0700 (PDT)

Not a regional deck this time, but hopefully it could be a good tourney deck, I've learned a lot and you don't have to say a lot just give me your rating and your say if thats fine by you. Do you think I should run that many blocks, or you think I should lighten down and do you think I should run more attacks and more combats? Which ones? Thanks again.

Mastery (1) : Saiyan Style Mastery (Majin Buu Saga)

Sensei (1): North Kai Sensei (13):
Hero Drill x1
Saiyan Onslaught x2
Saiyan Assualt x2
Saiyan Duck x3 (against my friends majin pui pui deck)
Saiyan Headshot
Saiyan Overpressured Technique
Saiyan Overcharged Blast
Breakthrough Drill

Main Personality (5):

Goku Lv. 1 (Cell)
Goku Lv. 2 (Cell)
Goku Lv. 3 (Cell) HT
Goku Lv. 4 (Buu)
Goku Lv. 5 (Babidi)

Non-Combats/Dragonballs/Battleground/Ally (10):
Alt. Earth Dragonball 3
Earth Dragonball 5
Earth Dragonball 7
Don't You Just Hate That
Time Chamber Training
Expectant Trunks
Saiyan Inspection x2
Cell's Arena

Note: Still have yet gottena city in turmoil

Combats (12) :
Dragon's Victory
Power of the Dragons
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Time Is A Warrior's Tool
Battle Pausing
Saiyan Truce Card
Confrontation x2
Super Saiyan Effect

Note: Still getting the Confrontation, I'll give a call to my neighbor for it.

Physical Combats (41):
Attacks ->
Goku's Physical Attack x2
Gohan's Kick x3
Saiyan Destiny x3
Saiyan Flying Tackle x3
Saiyan Face Stomp x3
Saiyan Charge
Saiyan Triple Kick x3
Saiyan Flying Kick
Saiyan Gut Kick x2
Saiyan Fist Attack

Blocks ->
Saiyan Hand Swipe x2
Goku's Flight x2
Saiyan Blocking Technique x3
Saiyan Defensive Sphere
Trunks Swiftly Moving x3
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Saiyan Elusion
Saiyan Lightning Dodge x3
Saiyan Wrist Block x3

Energy Combats (15):
Supreme Kai's Ki Push
Saiyan Power Beam x3
Saiyan Energy Bomb x2
Saiyan Might
Saiyan Power Blast
Yamcha's Skillful Defense
Saiyan Planet Explosion x3
Saiyan Focus x2
Nappa's Energy Aura

These are using most of my best cards I own, if you mention another card that might be better I'l double check to see if I can get it or if I have it and didn't put it in by accident. Do you think I should put in Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast for any of these cards?


Sure, a couple tips and I'll be off. I've been slacking lately on Pojo stuff seeing I've been working all week and trying to spend some time with myself and some of my friends on the net as well. That and working hard on some trading to strengthen my deck up to par for GKI and the now upcoming Big 5 in Las Vegas which I'm going to try to attend. People, give me shiny cards... lol...

Anyway... let's see. One thing you might want to do now is add Black Scout Maneuver and even A Hero's Heart is Strong because they are now are Sensei Deck Only/Sensei Deck respectively.

Good, working on the City. Definite improvement. Same with the Combat area; dropping probably Dragon's Victory for that third Confrontation makes it top notch. I don't think I could make that section any better myself.

Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast does not need a place in this deck, so don't worry about it.

I would attempt to get Frieza's Force Bubble/Goku's Running Defense only if you think they will strengthen the energy block area.

And you by all means still have too many of them physical blocks. I'm doing the bad english on purpose. One thing I think you haven't done is look into the Broly Subset enough. There are a whole bunch of really really good cards in that subset that you are overlooking. That will probably allow you to look at many cards that can probably replace Flying Tackle/Triple Kick/Fist Attack (Direct Strike is better).

Oh, and you might want to look into Face Off. It is a pretty nice if you ask me.

Good Luck! This a definite improvement - 6.1 out of 10. Remind yourself that 5.0 means you've got nearly all the staples and everything running. Your Sensei Deck can be a bit more focused, cut some blocks, and add some bigger physicals. Cross Punch... yeah, try it out. Hurt bad.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan