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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG
 Orange Aura SW

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Zwarrior4life
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 20:55:31 EDT

Orange Supreme West Kai Ally Assault

Orange Aura Mastery

North Kai Sensei(13)
Earth‚€™s Spirit Bomb
Majin Buu's Childish Taunt x2
Orange Reflex x2
Huh ???
Old School Beatdown
Sraning Destruction Move
Black Scout Maneuver x2
Stunned x2
Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill

>> Alright, well here I would consider making a couple changes. First off, Orange Reflex is restricted. If you want to get it easier, run Orange Intense Power.
I’d kill the Stunneds for 2 The True Face of Evil. Ball decks give ally decks a run for their money, in the sense that one must set up before the other, and Ball decks usually have better anti.
Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill isn’t necessary. You should be running 3 Memory Lane and 3 Orange Staredown, which should be more than enough anti-ally.
As for your choice of Sensei, I’d honestly switch to Vegeta Sensei. It allows you to reach your level 3, which is, first off, messed up broken. But what it also does is give you an additional 5 slots in the sensei, which can be used for a multitude of things, like more anti-DB. <<

Main Personality(3)
Supreme West Kai Lv 1
Supreme West Kai Lv 2
Supreme West Kai Lv 3

Arqua, the Water Champion Lv 1 – Horrible ally.
Videl Lv 1(BS)
Pan Lv 1 (SDS) – You should run the level 2.
Gohan Lv 1(baby saga)
Master Roshi Lv 1 (Broly)
Goten Lv 1 (BS) – He’s cool but that depends on your non-combats in play. I personally don’t run him because there are so many other options out there that seem better. But it is overall your call; he’s not terrible.
Trunks, the Quck Lv 2(CS) - Two weak physicals isn’t great unless you use Uub, and personally I think energy allies are much better than physical allies.
Vegeta, the Saiyan Lv 1(S17)
Uub Lv 1 (BS) - Again, great ally, but he’s great if you really abuse the phyiscal allies. I personally would run the level 2 instead because you can get the drill you want when you want it.
Sugoro Lv 1(BS)
Oolong Lv 1(BuS)
King Kai, Earth‚€™s Mentor Lv 1 (KBS)
Krillin, the Father Lv 1 (WGS)
Tien Lv 1 (SS) - Interesting combination with Uub.
Yajirobe, Retired Lv 1 (KBS)

>> Suggestions:
Piccolo the Trained Level 1 (AS) – Sensei deck him to beat Trunks Ball decks Trunks Level 1 (LES) – Focused = good Super Saiyan Goku Level 1 (BS) or Goku the Saiyan Level 2 (CS) – BS stands for Babidi Saga, just in case you didn’t know. He can destroy Ball decks, and CS Level 2 can combo with your card power.
Yamcha, the Single Level 2 (KBS) – Removal + Focused = good Elder Kai, Mentor of the Universe Level 2 (SDS) – Powering up all allies to full is like stupid good.
Android 18, the Wife Level 2 (S17) – Giving Remain to an energy is good.
I’m pretty sure there are a big handful of good ones out there that I’m forgetting right now. <<

Energy Attacks(22)
Kid Buu‚€™s Prepped Crash x3
Energy Lob
Orange Android 17‚€™s Personal Touch x3 Orange Proximity Blasts x3 Orange Stare Down x3 Krillin‚€™s Heat Seeking Blast x3 Orange Two Palm Woo x3 Orange Junction Energy Blast x3 Orange Distortion x2 Orange Desperation Beam x3

>> Orange Junction Energy Blast is one of my favorite cards, but it is
>> now horribly outdated. KHSB is not needed. Proximity Blasts is not
>> needed. I would run Majin Destruction for sure. Most of your energies
>> have me a bit… well, unsure. I like Staredown, Personal Touch, Lob,
>> maybe Prepped Crash. Thinking you could run a couple more, but you
>> don’t need too much more. <<

Physical Attacks(9)
Gohan‚€™s Kick x3
Earth Dragon Ball Capture x2
Hercule's Crescent Punch x2

>> Toss the EDBC and HCP into the Sensei. Run Orange Uppercut. <<

Combat Cards(12)
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Goku To The Rescue x2 - Cut
The Power Of The Dragon
Drills Are For The Weak – Maniacal Blinding Slash is better.
Pure Defense - Still don’t like the 50/50 thing.
Battle Pausing – Good, but you can just cycle stuff.
Orange Breakout x3
Gravity's Reminder – You can’t end combat kind sir.
Confrontation x3

>> Super Saiyan Effect, Mark of the Dragon, Gust of Wind, Big Man on
>> Campus <<

Non-Combat Drills
Caught Off Guard Drill x2
Orange Haulting Drill
Orange Lifting Drill
Orange Joint Restraint Drill x2
Orange Destruction Drill
Uub‚€™s Energy Drill
Orange Focusing Drill x3
Vegeta‚€™s Quickness Drill

>> Haulting Drill will need discretion when you use it. You forgot
>> Victorious Drill so you can Lob it off. I don’t think you need
>> Focusing Drill though. Your deck should be ally oriented and not
>> drill oriented. Joint Restraint needs to go too. <<

Z-Warrior‚€™s Gather x3
Don't You Just Hate That

>> And here you have a problem. Run Help/Energy Gathering. Run Memory
>> Lane. Trunks Reconstruction, Hero’s Lucky Break, WTLTH, Expectant
>> Trunks, Fatherly Advice. <<

Hero's Battleground

>> Run Protective Shelter/City In Turmoil. <<

matt right now this deck is 80 cards so take that in consideration when making a tech but if a cards doesn't need to be tell me and then can you rate it and tell me if this deck is top cut material ?

>> Nope, not top cut material. Still got a lot of work to do… don’t
>> forget to run a Dragon Ball too. Probably Namek 4. <<


---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: "Joe Coggin"
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 16:53:23 -0500

Hey, I emailed in a black buu deck a very, very long time ago, and I've torn it apart since then. But you helped out alot, and I've got a new deck. It's a SWK orange ally deck. I've never been to any large events, so all I have is local experience(like everyone else here), But I think the deck works pretty well (besides missing all of the overpriced cash cards score has come out with). To eplain what it does, pretty much, play allies and protect them with Jewel/orange safety drill+alt namek dragon ball 4(also gives me some ally tech). Mill with welcome home drills+ally wins+orange family. Use orange aura mastery to have allies take over and use their powers and stuff, and if I get the chance use ESB. I also have some combat enders, but I dont remeber if west kai can or cant use those, so if she cant, what would you suggest in their place.

>> I would cut the mill. While it is good, trying to make that means
>> your deck is Kotter, and that changes your build. Jewel also doesn’t
>> work anyway, so don’t run him. If you massive discard, Jewel goes
>> first and then everyone else does. <<

mp: 3
Supreme West Kai 1-3

Mastery: 1
Orange Aura Mastery

Sensei: 1
North Kai Sensei

Sensei deck: 13

orange reflex
orange intense power
startled x3
fond memories (thinking about taking out) black scout manuever x2 drills are for the weak huh??
kid buu's prepped crash x2

>> Take a look at the other deck for options. Startled is great. Fond
>> Memories isn’t necessary. <<

energy combat: 7

orange stare down x3
orange 17s personal touch x3
energy lob

>> Maybe a couple more like Majin Destruction, but overall ok.

Physicals? Kick, Uppercut.<<

event combat: 19

orange breakout x3
trunks energy shere x3
ally wins x3
confrontation x3
gust of wind
ki depletion x2
battle pausing(might take out)
the power of the dragon
super saiyan effect

>> You can take out Battle Pausing. I’d throw Ki Depletion into the
>> Sensei. Ally Wins needs to go in place of the list of Events I
>> mentioned in the first tech. <<

allies: 16

goku the champion lv2(sds)
gohan(baby lv1)
goten(baby lv1)
elder kai lv2(sds)
vegeta the rash ss lv2(sds)
suguro (baby lv1)
pan the kid lv2(sds)
dende the guardian lv1(s17s)
majuub (baby lv2)
a18 the wife lv2(s17s)
krillin the father
yajirob the retired
king kai earths mentor
piccolo the trained

>> Change Vegeta to S17 Level 1, cut Jewel, and run a bunch of the
>> allies I mentioned before. <<

non-combat/setups: 20

Z warriors gather x3
help of the earth x3
energy gathering x3
releasing the sword long journey
expectant trunks
piccolo and heroes gather
orange family x3
orange removal system x3

>> You can’t run Removal System. Family has tricks with Yajirobe, but
>> that’s about it. You can go drill, but that’s your call. Don’t forget
>> the key ones like Trunks Reconstruction and Hero’s Lucky Break. <<

non-combat/drills: 13

caught off guard drill x2
welcome home drill x3
bubbles drill
orange lifting drill
orange destruction drill
orange focusing drill x2
orange haulting drill(been thinking of maybe taking this out) – Probably should. Maybe Sensei Deck it.
orange safety drill x2

>> Bubbles Drill is Bubbles and Gregory Only. Victorious Drill needs a
>> place. Cut Safety Drill. Focusing Drill is a bit iffy. I dunno… it
>> seems odd to run drills with allies in ally beats but your call. <<

battleground/location: 3

the other world x3

>> I’d rather just cycle my allies to be honest. <<

dragon balls: 2

alt namek db 4
alt namek db 7

>> Alt Namek 4 is not good because you can lose your own allies. <<

total: 85

>> Hopefully both of you guys have gotten ideas from each other. Not too
>> horrible, but you’ve got a bit more work to do. Need to be more solid
>> in all areas, and not be loose in ally over drill. Good luck ^_^. <<

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan

"You are the light of the world - like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." - Matthew 5:14-16


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