From: SavageWolf083

My main deck of the moment is a Mariakoh Red physical beatdown using
the Cell Saga Mastery. I never did get the the High Tech Cell, so the lvl 1
high tech Mariakoh is a god send with being able to perform two decent
But I've noticed one little problem working this style. I generally have
very few chances of drawing more than the usual 3-4 card hands. I remember
before using Mariakoh it was an Android 17 deck that could get to his level 3
High Tech quickly which allowed me to draw two extra cards each combat.
Unfortunately, Mariakoh doesn't have a level of that sort. I have Cell's Backslap in
the deck already, and have thought off and on about putting Protective
Shelter in, but then again I'd run the chance of my opponent drawing an extra
physical block or some other card that can put a lockdown on making physical
I just want to know what cards I should put in to give me more hand size.
I run City in Turmoil so I do not wish to stack it with too many non-combats
and I don't wish to fill my deck with too many non red style cards.

Thanks for the help, Brian

P.S. I just bought my first real handful of cards from the Buu Saga and
received the Majin Dabura set and the new Buu Saga Red Style Mastery, not to
mention the Master Roshi Sensei card (My first ultra rare Yay!). And have thought
that a Dabura deck using the new Red style could actually be fairly decent. I
guess I do have a second question, should I take time thinking about switching
to Dabura and the new Mastery? Or just stick with Mariakoh (Hoping to get
Majin Buu soon.) with the Cell Saga Mastery?

Again any/all comments you have would be appreciated.


Lockdown your opponent with Cell's Arena. If they can't pay the one stage, they can't perform any attacks.

I would still take Cell over Mariakoh, but then there's silly me and I use Chi-Chi over Cell. I know, I know. Mariakoh still isn't bad. He's just a haphahazard.

Red doesn't get hand advantage. This means you need to run omni-attacks, starting with your power, and including cards that are used twice like Red Shattering Leap and Red Double Strike (if you don't mind anger). Try out big modifiers. I run allies who can count as card advantage. That's your only way. Make each attack count. I use stuff like Krillin's Overhead Smack (since ChiChi is so weak) and Red Smackdown (for Tuff Enuff). Evil Presence Drill helps out Overhead Smack. There are strange ways to make it work. Get the right way and you'll be fine. That and a well placed Gohan's Kick.

The Buu Red Mastery is bad. Yeah, you could combo it with Dabura and make any if successful Red attack effect double, but that's like it. I can't think of too many where that would be very gamebreaking. That's all. So like no, bad Red Mastery.

Master Roshi Sensei!?! *drools* *is very jealous* That's like THE UR I want right now, am offering an arm (one UR) and a leg (another UR) and more (lots of stuff) for it on Fanatics (trading site) and still not getting results. Maybe time will tell... just think of it this way. You are very lucky.

Good luck with what you do. I'd stick with Red CS for now... Buu would work with higher PLs, and you can even go up some levels since he gets better as well.

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