Subject: The oddest deck ever looking to get competitive!

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From: Zwarrior4life
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 23:33:45 EDT

This is a Expanded deck i am looking to run at diecon!
Rate this deck and let me know what you think before Sat at 3:00 am (if
Tell me what i should remove and add please

Main Personalitie
Gohan, the Bookworm (KBS)
Gohan, the Swift (CS)
Gohan, Super Saiyah (ht) (CS)
Gohan, Ascendant (CS)
Gohan, the Winner (CS)

North Kai - Fill the Sensei deck sir. Black has so many broken SDO cards.
Black Pivot Kick x2

Black Science Mastery (BS)(gt)

Jeice's Style Drill x1 - cut
Watching From Afar x1 - probably cut
Dont you Just Hate That x1
Red Kai Ken Drill x2
Black Searching Technique x3
Black Morbid Cuisine Drill x1
Accelerated Agility Drill x1

Dazed x1
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Black Energy Dodge x2 - cut
Black Combat Defense x2 - cut
Hercules Nibble x2 - cut
Black Command x2
Frieza Smiles x2 - cut
Arua Clash x2 - run Are You Tuff Enuff???
Black Magic x3 - maybe, but then you should try out Apocalyptic Battle to get to the Buu Saga Preview level 4 (Gohan, Mystic) and try out random Gohan named cards for kicks. That's for kicks only though.
Black Energy Stance x1 - cut
Are You Tuff Enough x1 - see above
Super Saiyan Effect x1
Black Opposition x1
Time Is A Warriors Tool x1
Battle Pausing x1
Epic Battle Of Saiyans x1

Battle Ground/ Locations
City In Turmoil x2

Sugoro x1
Run ChiChi cause she's good.

Pysical Combat
Black Upward Dodge x1 - cut
Majin Buu's Heel Kick x3
Black Buffer x2 - cut
Black Shift Kick x1 - cut
Goku's Flight x2
Black Parry x2
Gohan's Energy Deflection x1 - cut
Energy Pouch x1 - leaning toward cut
Goku's Super Saiyan Catch x1 - cut
Vegeta's Physical Stance x1 - maybe
Mean Squeeze x1 - cut
Nappa's Physical Resistance x1 - maybe
Black Restraint x1 - cut
Black Wrist Block x1 - cut
Black Side Block x1 - cut
Black Forearm Block x1 - cut
Black Dodge x1 - cut
>> Black Body Destruction, Black Precise Aim, Black Turning Kick,
>> Pikkon's Leg Catch, Gohan's Kick, Majin Buu's Fury, etc. <<
Energy Combats
Empowered Kamehameha x2 - nah
Krillins Heat Seaking Blast x3 - maybe
Piccolos Power Blast x1 - cut
Piccolos Power Ball x1 - random
Black Laser Dodge x3 - cut
Black Flight x1
Super Android 17's Dark Ki x1 - cut
Black Recovery x1 - Flight better
Super Android 17's Areial Defense x1
Black Protecetion Orb x1
Goku's Energy Absorbtion x1
Nappa's Energy Aura x1

can you rate my deck 1-10 and reply back to me please!


Robert Turner

You're not giving me much time are you?

I'm extremely busy right now but I hear your call for urgency so this will be nice, short, and sweet.

Looking at the deck I'm thinking that it isn't want I would say something that I would think is going to win. Now what do I mean by this?

Black Science Mastery is good, but I honestly only see it played a lot in Focused. Now it isn't terrible in Expanded, but comboing it with Gohan makes me go... *I'm really lost*

Seeing I have no time I will put the word "cut" next to anything that should be cut.

With that in mind I'd have to give your deck a 2.5 out of 10, with 10 being the best. I'm trying to be totally honest. You've got some really really good cards, but you're honestly missing the point on a lot of these cards. In my honest opinion, you're better off trying a different Mastery (Energetic or TS or even CS) and go straight beats/disruption/deck manip. You're also missing a really big handful of staples which takes away from the rating. That and you're running a whole lot of really bad cards.

Good luck sir and hopefully this helps. Next time get me earlier -_-. But thanks for letting me know when you need this by because otherwise I would of left it sitting here for a while. ;). <<