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From: Drew Massingill Date:  Tue, 13 Apr 2004 11:43:36 -0700 (PDT)


Hey.. I read your deck fixes and card reviews on Pojo and I've come to respect your opinion. As a fellow colelge student, I'll understand if it takes some time for you to get to my email, so whenever you get around to it is cool. Lemme know what you would change/improve. Thanks. Actually, let me preface this with the knowledge that the following cards would be very helpful, but aren't in my meager college budget right now: Pikkon's Leg Catch x3, Eternal Dragon's Quest, Piccolo Sensei.


>> You're lucky, I randomly decided to tech your deck out of order ;). And yes, I'm a very busy college student. I have about 50 unteched decks in my mailbox, and tons of HW to do. As for meager college budget; heh, I don't even have a job and somehow manage to keep up with going to multiple premier events and buy cards I need. It's all in how you spend your money ;). Then again playing this game is in a sense my job at the same time as it is fun...



MP: (5)

Goku WG HI-TECH ( I alternate between this and his other WG lvl 1)


Goku, Super Saiyan (Buu #157)

Goku, the Proud (WG #172)

Goku, the King's Pupil (WG #131)

Goku, the Legendary (Babidi #99)


>> Hmm... what's wrong with this picture...

Your cookie cutter Goku Freestyle DB deck eh? Not Freestyle beats but straight ball. In that case, I'd go with this layout:

Goku Level 1 HT WGS (or possibly GT HT for higher PL/more stages/PUR, similar power better in end game than beginning... probably lean toward WGS) Goku the Saiyan Level 2 CS (I can understand the Buu one for the prevention of 2 life though, your call) Goku, Earth's Hero Level 3 CS HT (Proud doesn't excite me; rather have card draw) Goku, King's Pupil Level 4 (works for me) Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Level 5 (ability to choose level 4 allows for massive control if you get up here, then choose what you need for stability) <<


Mastery: (1)

Freestyle Mastery (Buu Saga)


Sensei: (1)

North Kai


>> Since you lack Piccolo Sensei, you could try out South Kai to pull

>> Chi-Chi the Grandmother Level 1 GT. This allows you to control

>> physical attacks (you can take a few and stop two each combat),

>> effectively allowing you to focus on other things with your top 6.

>> That is, of course, your call. North Kai works best when you are an

>> attacking deck, and I can only see you needing to do that once you

>> are ready with the GDBQ loop. <<


Sensei Deck: (13)

(Garbage.. DB Deck. Full of junk for Red Aerial


Paused Pose x3

Hercule's Immunity x3

Heroic Shoulder Slam x3

Straining Counterstrike Move x3

Heroic Quick Kick


>> That's no good. I would still make your Sensei Deck halfway decent. I mean, you could go with the standard Goku Freestyle Beatdown Sensei Deck, show your opponent, and attempt to bluff them into believing you are Freestyle beats. I mean sure, you could load it up with junk so Red Power Slam won't hurt you, but still I think that's kind of silly. Against other DB decks, you'll want to have your own HUH??? I've seen DB decks sensei it in, even with the slim chance of losing one of your own balls. It really helps in the mirror match, and if you do get it off and lose one of your own, you can just play smart and stall your opponent to death.

If you ever obtain Piccolo Sensei, I'd recommend some Black Scout Maneuvers and AHHIS.



Non-Combats: (34)

Caught Off Guard Drill x3 - This is limit 2 per deck as of a really long time ago.

Piccolo and Heroes Gather

Goku's Capturing Drill x3 (2 is usually enough) Gohan Spots the Imposter Drill (ESB = OUCH)

>> Very true, but with the restriction of Sugoro Shapeshifter to only

>> Focused, ESB is no longer first turn material. It allows you to be

>> able to get rid of those Energy Gatherings/Help of Earths in time for

>> your own setup. This isn't a bad idea though. <<

Energy Gathering x2 - Hmm... you can shy away from this.

Android 20 Absorbing Drill x2

Recoome's Vogue Drill (ESB again..) - And Black Thought Focus.

Bulma Finds a Drill (sometimes dead, sometimes sweet) - No, it is dead, cut it.

Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball (see above) - If you are desperate to need a DB capture tool that is a setup, go with Krillin's Trick. I'd still go with Earth DB Capture myself.

Bulma's Scouter - Looks like you only have 3 of the 5 freestyle setup any DB searchers. Dragon Radar and Vegeta's Smirk round out the 5.

Goku's Lucky Break

Don't You Just Hate That

Vegeta's Plans

Namek Dragon Ball Wish

Expectant Trunks

Krillin's Concentration

Black Groveling Drill (Helps soak a little damage) Hero's Lucky Break Android 20's Search Pattern x2 (A17 Smirk, Huh?!) - Well you are supposed to use this to nuke HUH??? in the first place.

Goku's Heart Disease (Pesky anger) - Also a great card to Piccolo Sensei out.

Goku's Quickness Drill (Black manip.) - Interesting.

Ingrain in the Membrane (I like it on GCD) - I like it on Where There's Life There's Hope for the suicide ball trick if worst comes to worst.

Eyes of the Dragon - Don't think you run enough energies to warrant this.

Goku's Ready (dated, but Goku named and useful) - Actually it really isn't that useful, but if you like it then fine.

Taunting Drill - Not worth it.

King Kai Training - Heh, way too old.


>> A couple extremely broken cards for DB decks...

Releasing the Sword

Long Journey

Where There's Life There's Hope


I'd throw in Victorious Drill if you have it because it can't hurt, and Fatherly Advice over Goku's Ready.



Physical Combat: (10)

Earth Dragon Ball Capture x3 - Sure.

Goku's Flight x4 - Yep.

Vegeta's Physical Stance - If you like them, you have NPR and Masterful Defense you are forgetting.

Raditz Total Defense x2 (I know. PLC.) - I'd run NPR and MD over this random bad card -_-.


>> You could try out a few attacks like Goku's Power Strike if you want

>> to pull drills. Your setup is fine though, just a little suggestion.

>> <<


Energy Combat: (4)

Energy Lob

Nappa's Energy Aura

Android 18's Effect x2 - I'd pass on this. If I really needed an energy ball stealer, I'd use KHSB with some way to bump it to 5 life, like Master Roshi Sensei. In your case, that isn't quite possible.


>> Remember you cannot Lob your drills. As for blocks, you've also got

>> Goku's Running Defense (Goku named!) and General Rilldo's Force

>> Field. <<


Combat: (17)

Time is a Warrior's Tool

Super Saiyan Effect

Jawbreaker Hailstorm x2 - what...


Battle Pausing

Goku's Dragon Ball Quest

Trunks Energy Sphere x3

Goku's Instant Teleportation x2

Braced for Impact x2 (Energy control, Endurance) - Check out energy blocks.

Vegeta's Surprised (GT Physical decks are nasty) - Sure are, but this card isn't going to last long for it to be really worth it.

Dream Fighting

Brothers in Training - Could run a few more of these if necessary.


>> Event cards are the most powerful cards in the game, and that goes without saying. In your case, you aren't running a plethora of Combat enders, so I'd question why you aren't running 3 Champions of Earth and 3 Confrontation, IMO staples. Epic Battle of Saiyans should be in here, and Power of the Dragon should stall in mirror matches. You could try your own Drills are for the Weak. Bet there are some other good cards that are eluding me now...

Maybe some good old Are You Tuff Enuffs... happy endurance, sweep Orange drill decks but you stay intact... <<


Allies: (4)

Bulma (SS #87)

Bulma, the Wife (KBS #45)

Yajirobe, Retired

Giru Lv. 1(Baby Saga, #131)


>> Um... no. Bulma has to go. She's not worth it in this situation. I'd go with both Chi-Chis (SS and GT) if you want to double up on allies because of her potential. Yajirobe is ok but I don't see too many non-limit 1 setups in your deck. In fact, after you take out the extraneous ones, I only see one (Ingraine in the Membrane) sticking around...

Giru is interesting though. <<


Location: (2)

Goku's House

Winter Countryside (pesky anger)


>> Sure, could work. <<



Dragon Balls: (7)

Dende Dragon Ball 1-5, 7

Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6


>> Intersting options, all understandable. <<


There are a few floating cards (RTD, Bulma, Vegeta's

Surpised) that I'm considering tossing for some Tien's Blocks. With GT drawing, the locations, COGD and GIT, CIT is usually not effective for more than a turn.

Thanks for your time, and good luck on finals.


>> Tien's Block is a decent card for sure.

CIT still still a threat to you regardless. It isn't as hard as you think to get around GIT and COGD. I mean, in some situations.


Finals... lol, I just started a new quarter. Week 3 in a 10 week quarter that is. Spring 04...



-Drew Massingill

Grand Valley State University




Anyway I better sum this up so I get some HW done. I can see your goal is to get GDBQ going to get out multiple balls, along with the other searchers to complement it. You've got most of the major searchers; KC, PAHG, ET, etc. Now what you lack...

You lack a lot in regeneration, which you might not need with House. That's up to you though. But you one thing you can't live without is removal. I see very very little removal in your deck, and a mirror match deck with their own can control you. North Kai Namek 4 or AYTE will be your downfall. Once that first turn ZWG hits the table, allies are going to swarm you. Speed decks are very prevalent right now. Non-Combat decks are all over, prompting people to run massive non-combat removal. I only recall one in your deck (DYJHT) but then again I don't have that good of a memory. That won't be enough. Sure a deck that ran next to no non-combat removal T2 Portland, but that was a fluke. He even admits it. Right ElvishCrackPiper... ;) (COTD staff of course) That's the basic problem with Freestyle. There isn't too much to turn to, so you'll have to get creative. Stupid Tricks. Focusing is Everything. The like. Startled... you need to run these to ward off HUH???


I bet if I sat here and thought a bit more I could come up with some other ideas, but if I kept doing that I would be here more than the hour+ I alloted to do this tech (wow I took that long -_-). So with that I bid you farewell, and good luck. <<



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan