Subject: Pan Orange Aura Ally Deck Focused

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From: BASSRUS4444
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:30:06 EDT

This is my deck and your advice and comments would be greatly appreciated.
This is an ally deck that has good energy attacks and a decent amount of board control with my allies and drills. Please help me fix this deck up, thanks.

>> I must admit that when I first took a look at this I had to say "Not
>> bad." Definitely could use work, but you're also definitely going in
>> the right direction. I actually considered running Orange Pan Aura
>> for San Diego Regionals until I finally settled on Goku to use level
>> 3 allies. <<

This is a focused deck

Orange Aura Mastery
Main Personality
Pan level 1 HT Orange Amazing Rescue as backer Pan level 2 HT Pan level 3 HT Pan level 4

>> Good. <<

Orange Two Palm Woo x3
Orange Coalition x3
Hercule’s Crescent Punch x3
Orange Double Shot x3
Orange Android 17’s Personal Touch x3 Orange Android 17’s Electric Shot x2 Orange Menacing Attack x2 Orange Revenge Death Ball x2 Orange Fierce Discharge x2

>> Bunch of cards here need to go. I'd get rid of the Double Shots seeing you should be around zero or at least try to be. Fierce Discharce/Menacing Attack are big key cards, and consider running 3 because they're good tech. Coalition might be cut along with Electric Shot and Death Ball. I'd replace them with Super Gallic Gun (anti Trunks/Baby/Energetic decks).

Unexpected Arrival x3
Champions of Earth x3
Mark of the Dragon x1

>> Way more Events. Events are like messed up good in Focused. I'd say
>> Goku to the Rescue for sure. Remembering the Good Times is good for
>> regen/removal. Gravity's Reminder can get out of sticky situations.
>> Circle of Power allows you to ascend levels, which can help in timed
>> games. <<

Orange Juke x3
Orange Shift x2
Orange Drift x2
Orange Soaring Evasion x2 - Nah... actually it's possible with the drills you run.
Masterful Defense x1
General Rilldo’s Force Field x1
Epic Battle of Saiyans x1

>> Aerial Elusion is a key card. Stop any attack, and basically your
>> opponent won't be able to hurt you for the rest of combat unless he
>> wants 10 allies to smash him in the face. <<

Orange Family x3 - maybe
Orange Removal System x3
Black Smoke Dragon x3
Orange Internal Efflux x3
Trunks Reconstruction x1
Final Breath x1

>> Interesting. 2 Smokes is usually enough, but you want 3, go for it. I'd put in a Run LIke a Madman and Dragon Radar seeing Radar is broken good. All good focused decks run all 7 Balls anyway unless they're Rush. I would also consider running 2-3 Orange Power Transfer because scooping your opponent's setup is good, and Orange Instant Transmission to get all those allies you just discarded back. Remember you can always use your allies, discard them to Power Transfer, and Instant Transmission them back to use again ;).
2-3 Nightmares are a necessity to deal with Baby decks. <<

Orange safety drill x2
Orange Absorbing Drill x2
Orange Focusing Drill x2
Orange Fishing Drill x2
Orange Conference Drill x2
Orange Gameshow Drill x2
Vegeta’s Quickness Drill x1

>> That's a lot of Drills. Hmm... Fishing Drill is good but I don't
>> think it is necessary. Conference Drill is decent. I'd consider
>> running 1 Escaping Drill if you really want to go the drill route.
>> You could slim down a bit here remembering that you can only have one
>> copy of each out at a time, and Majuub will pull them. <<

Krillin level 1
Gohan level 1
Elder Kai level 1
Valese level 1 - She has to be Piccolo Knowledge Drilled to be of any use.
Hercule level 2
Goten level 2
Android 18 level 2
Majuub level 2
Sugoro level 2
Trunks level 2 super 17 saga
Videl level 2 - I'd run the level 1.

>> Other good allies:
Dende Guardian for regeneration.
Buu for regen/damage/everything good.
Vegeta the Saiyan for adding damage to all your happy allies.
Sugoro Level 1 (yes, with running the 2) because discard manip is good.
Piccolo Level 2 because using your Mastery on him to see your opponent's hand is fun. <<

>> Hmm... you must of forgotten to type the 7 Black Star Dragon Balls.
>> <<

Once again i would really appreciate you helping me out and help me make this deck as good as possible.Thanks.

>> See what those changes do. You'll have problems with Black Baby
>> regardless, but see what you can do with this. Decide whether to be
>> stronger in Drill or ally. Your call. Good luck. <<
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