Subject: Blue CS Vinegar Energy


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From: "Matt Rhyner"


Yes, another deck to look at, another test to grade, I hope you really like looking at other people's sloppy deck work becasue I really wouldnt bother you with them if you didnt enjoy reviewing others decks.


But, anyway, in case you have forgotton me, you talked to me about a week back about my MBS blue piccolo the puppet deck, and you told me to do a few things. Well I did more than a few things, I went to pojo and read alot of card reviews and I even read your entire tounement log for 2003 I think, brilliant, you are brilliant, sure you may have lost a few but I envy the skill and versitility of your decks. anyway, I know now how "off" my deck my deck (and my friends decks) are once I saw yours and your competitions. I changed my blue deck to a Blue CS Trunks the teenager deck and it was running smooth, but just a little while ago I wanted to see if I couldnt do more with Vineger lvl 1 HT, so I threw it all togather and here is what I came out with, I only played it once against my black majin buu deck, and my blue won very easily, but I know there were some things that could have been improved on.

Here is goes...





Mastery: Blue (cs)


Sensei: South Kai


Sensei Deck:


Blue gut implosion x2

Blue upward block x2

Black scout manuver x1 (all I have)





Vineger lvl 1 HT promo

Vineger lvl 2

Vineger lvl 3


I know I should run a lvl 4, just looking for somthing to take out.


Physical attacks: 4


Blue Betrayal x3

Blue knockdown


Energy attacks: 22


krillins heat seeking blast x3

blue double blast x3

Vegeta's jolting slash x3

Blue draining blast x2

blue impulse x3

blue arm blast x 2 (getting another one) Andriod 19's energy burst x2 Supreme Kai's ki push x2 (need another one) blue terror Blue healing ray



Physical defense: 9


blue wrist block x 3

piccolo's physical defense x 3 (is this better than blue forearm block?) super saiyan effect vegetas physical stance nappa's physical resistance


Energy defense: 9


Goku swiftly moveing x3

Blue round throw x 3

blue energy guard

Straining focuseing move (my power cant be stopped hahaha) Nappa's energy aura


Omni-defense: 5


time is a warriors tool

ultimate defence x2

Underdog drop kick (need more)

cell's defence


Non-combats: 9


andriod 20 absorbing drill x2

uub's energy drill

vegeta's quickness drill

Piccolo and hero's gather

A burst of energy

Earth dragon ball 7

Alt. dende dragon ball 5

Expectant Trunks


combats: 14


Trunks energy sphere x3

Gathering of heros x2

Nappa's blinding stance (going to put in dazed for it when I get it) Andriod 17 smirks Battle pausing Strength training x2 Ki catalyst x2 Overturned Captain ginyu the frog



Allies: 5


lvl 1 Vegeta the powerful CS

lvl 1 piccolo the avenger TS

lvl 1 Andriod 19 CS

lvl 1 andriod 18 the mom KBS

lvl 1 Jeice


Locations: 3


Z sword plateau

Winter countryside

City in turmoil (going to take out for another winter country side whenever i get one)



Now I know it isnt the best stratagy to hide behind lvl 1 vineger's HT

without dishing out any damage other than his power, but I have employed a

few anti-leveling componets but Im not shure if that is enough, endurance

could still kill me, but I just dont know.


 thanks again Matt, I mean.....Sensei....



First off, one thing I recommend is not to make a deck with cards you "have" when you are trying to get the best deck teched by me. I'm only going to toss out your replacements and tell you to go get the cards that are good, and hence defeats the purpose. I normally look for decks that are teched out to the best of your ability, with you already knowing what you need to get otherwise. Sure in real life you have to deal with what you have, but in an email we can deal with anything.


Vinegar with Blue CS is fine, but you do need to run the level 4. South Kai I would not recommend. Go with Roshi or North. Roshi would work great with the added life card to your power, giving you a DB steal each turn. Complement it with some A Hero's Heart is Strong, and you'll be able to take down EDQ DB decks using Blue MBS.


With that in mind, add in HUH???, and yes you should run 2 Black Scouts. In Blue I like Energy Dives, and you can always run fun stuff like Breakthrough Drill, Majin Buu's Loogie, and so forth.


Blue Betrayal is fine for physicals... Knockdown could work.


Looks like you've got a decent selection of energies. Some seem a bit odd like Healing Ray, but I see your point in it. I think you've figured out the changes on your own. You might want to consider some Power Boosts... might, depending on your power and how much you want to rely on it.


SSE isn't a defense card, but oh well. PLC is much better than Piccolo's Physical Defense. Goku's Quick Dodge as well. You've got VJS and Arm Blasts as well, so keep that in mind.


Straining Focusing Move isn't as good as FFB. While yes stopping all energies can be good, in your case you might not want to do that. You do have Impulse and could run Round Throw if you want.


Ultimate Defense is decent. Cell's Defense is iffy. Yeah you do need 3 Underdog Drop Kicks seeing there's really no reason not to.


Non-Combats... here we go. First off... EDB7 with alt DDB5... you do know that you can only run one set of DBs in your deck right? Go with Earth 7. And it isn't a non-combat either. A Burst of Energy is mainly used in ESB decks; if you are desperate you could run it, but I'd lean away from the dead cards that can be made with something as cool as Gathering of Heroes instead. Foreboding Evidence and maybe Freiza is Ready would be nice additions. PAHG is fun, but make sure you have enough Combats to make it worth it.


You can do away with the Strength Trainings. Ki Catalyst is quite interesting with your card power. Put Dazed in... and I'm not quite sure what Overturned is. You also might consider combat enders for decks that you need to pop in, use your power, and then get out. Frog is funny... you could Ki Push instead but Frog gives you fun options when you use it on yourself. And you can't run without your Android 18's Staredowns...


Interesting choices for allies. I'd throw in Frieza the Master and Android 14 as well. Android 20 has a big energy too. Frieza has the DB Capture rule.


And yes you should run 3x Winter Countryside. Vinegar is just plain bad on any other level than 1.


Have fun. Vinegar is still fun to play as, but don't get yourself locked down because his only asset is his card power.



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan