Hi. My name is Joseph, and I've recently started playing DBZ. I only started about three weeks ago.

I currently can only get Cell-Fusion saga cards, since I haven't found any card shops with any other sagas, so please keep that in mind with my questions.

1. Can Cell run an effective Saiyan style deck?

>> Yes, but you need the Cell 1 HT, and obviously play physical
>> lockdown. That's generally the best way to go with him. The major
>> problem is his PL went down on the chart, so you'll want to Aura
>> Clash, or even toss some Cell Jrs into the mix.

2. What, in your opinion, would be the more effective persona to run, Hero Majin Vegeta, Gohan(Buu-Fusion), or Cell?

>> Cell. Cell's still good in Namekian, and he's still decent in many
>> other styles. More or less he's the all purpose character for
>> beatdown. Gohan is decent; you can easily abuse the Buu Saga Level 1
>> with Freestyle Mastery MBS and many other Masteries as well (Cell
>> Saga Black). His powers are nice for major card advantage in the
>> right deck. As for MV Hero... you can try random physical beats with
>> the WGS level 1, but that's it.

3. Just how good is Hercule's ability to use Villans Only cards?

>> Decent, nothing too gamebreaking. The major problem is his power
>> being turned off. When Piccolo the Trained was the rage, Hercule
>> wasn't even worth touching because half of your games you wouldn't be
>> able to use part of your deck. Now with the new Hercule in Kid Buu
>> Saga, I can see him being played to a certain extent. There are a lot
>> of Villians Only cards that are extremely useful. Try out having
>> Heroic Drill and Broly's Evil Drill in play at the same time. Having
>> Confrontation and Android 18's Staredown in the same hand is just
>> wrong.

Oh, and Piccolo the Trained still screws over Hercule to a certain extent, but no where as bad as he used to. And now PTT isn't played as much, so Hercule has an advantage. <<

Thanks for any help.

>> No problem. <<

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan