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From: "Jon Esquivel" Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:32:04 +0000

Piccolo lvl 1 HT WGS
Piccolo lvl 2 MBS
Piccolo, Earth's Protector
Piccolo, the Namek
Piccolo, the Defender

Namekian Style Mastery TS

Sense/Sensei Deck
Master Roshi Sensei
     Black Scout Maneuver X2
     A Hero's Heart Is Strong X2
     Heroic Head Kick X2
     Losing Battle X3

Earth Dragonball 7

Non Combats
Nail Combat Drill X2
Android 20?s Absorbing Drill X2
Namkian Focusing Effort X2
Watching From Afar X2
Goku's Defensive Drill X2
Where There's Life There's Hope X1
Vegeta's Quickness Drill X1
Expectant Trunks X1

Trunks Energy Sphere X3
Pure Defense X3
Android 18's Staredown X1
Time Is A Warriors Tool X1
Super Saiyan Effect X1
Cell?s Defense X1
Namekian Energy Focus X1
Android 17 Smirks X1
Dazed X1

Physical Attacks
Namekian Dash X3
Namekian Shield Destruction X3
Namekian Shuto X3

Physical Combat
Ultimate Defense X3

Physical Defense
Namekian Halting Stance X3
Namekian Ducking Technique X3
Namekian Charging Stance X2
Goku's Quick Dodge X2
Vegeta's Physical Stance X1
Nappa's Physical Resistance X1

Energy Attacks
Namekian Quick Blast X3
Vegeta?s Jolting Slash X3
Piccolo's Power Ball X3
Namekian Eye Beam X3
Android 19's Energy Burst X3

Energy Defense
Namekian Energy Deflection X3
Namekian Energy Catch X3
Krillin Is Ready X3
Goku Swiftly Moving X3
Goku?s Energy Absorption X1
Nappa?s Energy Aura X1
Frieza?s Force Bubble X1

Kami's Floating Island X2


Explanation: This is my Namekian defensive deck. Not many o' these out there but I definatley like mine. Anyway, you've seen defensive decks at work(good ones I hope) and I take it you know how they work. A few things to point out though

I dont have 3 18's staredown*sniff* so I put the only one I do have in here. I am still looking for another Piccolo's powerball and more namekian charging stances, goku's quick dodges, and Pikkon's leg catch.

Now I have a few questions about my deck that I would like advice on. Firs of which has to be, should I use the lvl 5 in my deck. Other than *BLING* and sentimental value, as welll as a few occasional advantages, I cant see much else for it. What lvl 2 do you think I should run? The WGS lvl 2 or the MBS lvl 2? When I do get NS, what do you think should come out for it(I have my own ideas, but I want your advice as well).

I think thats about it, thank you for your time.

************* Alright... This deck scares me but whatever floats your boat. Also, next time mention it is TE before I start wondering where is your DB tech and whatnot ok? There's something wrong with that Sensei deck but I can't put my finger on it right now. Only one Dragon Ball... alright then. I'd assume since you are all out defensive you ran a back up victory seeing just sitting a regenerating is a good way to just patiently wait until your opponent gets a good combat and easily cream you. Add FA, VD... I'd probably cut the Defensive Drills, but you probably block so often they help you I bet. Another Watching from Afar would probably help. You should get 3 Namekian Strike and 2 more 18's Staredown. No Aura Clashes O_O. Your physicals... well, alright. No Kicks for some odd reason, but then again in TE and the decktype you are playing probably doesn't really need them. Majin Buu's Heel Kick might help a bit. Halting Stance, what... Pikkon's Leg Catch, VJS, Goku's Quick Dodge, and Namekian Ducking Technique are more than enough. Energies look fine, might be something missing. Cut Energy Catch for Energy Ricochet. Krillin is Ready isn't really worth it, and well... Goku Swiftly Moving is random, but sure. Consider running Android 14 because you can. Kami's Floating Island doesn't help you regenerate, but if you insist. You are probably fine with your current level 2 right now. Thing is... I don't see too many Defensive decks like yours. The ones I see are like this... Blue Goku - 3 blocks. Chi-Chi, WGS HT, Mastery. Free Goku - Absorbing Drill, WGS HT, Chi-Chi. Orange Buu - Defensive HT, MRS, Haulting Drill, Absorbing Drill. Blue Buu - MBS Mastery, MRS, Defensive HT. If you didn't notice none of the decks listed rely on drawing cards to work. If you have a setup in defensive decks, then it works. If you rely on random drawing, there will be a time you don't get enough blocks in your 3 card draw and get pummeled one combat where you aren't able to come back. Keep that in mind. I dunno, strange deck, might be fun, but... key is, while it might be frustrating to play against, a good player can easily break through a weak barrier if they are playing beatdown. And if they are playing anything else, they can easily get around you because that's all you generally deal with. -- "You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan --