Wrom: HGSWZIDREXCAXZO Subject: Re: Hello My deck Has Arrived

What the heck... I'll do your deck now.

I'm assuming you are running the CS Levels 1-4, Level 4 being the promo.

You need to fill that Sensei Deck. With something. ANYTHING. It is better than nothing. I would start off with some Breakthrough Drills, and if you can manage to get them, Goku's Blinding Strike. There are a lot of options you can explore here.

I would run another Orange Uppercut because of its sheer power to pick out whatever you need. You might want to consider running a third Gohan's Kick. With DB decks around, you might need it. Also, think about running Aura Clash over Straining Jump Kick Move. It might not be better because you lose your drills, but you do get an advantage over many characters if you get to your level 2 or higher. Experiment to see.

Ditch the Deadly Attacks for more Android 19's Dodge. Cards like Android 19 is Stoic and Android 16 Smiles are also good possibilities, as well as maybe bringing back Nappa's Physical Resistance and Vegeta's Physical Stance.

You have some nice choices for energy attacks, but personally I think you might want to consider running Android 13's Prepared Stance and some beefy Android energies like Destruction Bomb. The main reason is you'll be able to chain your energies with almost the same efficiency that Piccolo has. That and Prepared Stance can get you Dodge to mess with your opponent's physical and pull a Scatter Shot, doing all sorts of weird tricks. I also prefer Orange Energy Shot and Energy Setup over Discharge. Player preference, that's all.

I would consider some more energy defense. I know you run Absorbing Drill with major protection, but you'll need some before it hits the table. You might consider the omni-blocks Yamcha's Skillful Defense and Goku's Super Saiyan Blast to help against Backlash as well, or 19 is Stoic because it can be searched with 19's Dodge.

I would say maybe ditch the Aura Drill and Spontaneous Drill... you might not need Releasing the Sword either.

Most of everything else looks pretty good. I would add Foreboding Evidence, and possibly work on taking out Drills are for the Weak, only if you think 17 Smirks is enough. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, but if you get all of that to work, you might be set (outside of URs).

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Wrom: WCONEUQZAAFXISHJEXXI Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 18:39:22 -0500

>Android 19 lvl 1
>Android 19 lvl 2
>Android 19 lvl 3
>Android 19 lvl 4
>Orange Style Mastery (Trunks Saga)
>North Kai Sensei
>Physical Combats(8)
>Gohans Kickx2
>Straining Jump Kick Movex2
>Orange Searching Manueverx2(Need 1 more)
>Orange UpperCutx2
>Physical Defense(11)
>Orange Fist Catchx3
>Android 19 Dodgex2
>Pikkon Leg Catchx3
>Deadly Attackx3
>Energy Combat(22)
>Orange Scatter Shotx3
>Krillin's Heat Seeking BlastX3
>Tiens Tri-Beamx3
>Android 19 Energy Burstx3
>Vegeta's Jolting Slashx3
>Orange Energy Dischargex3
>Orange StareDownx3
>Gohans Nimbus Cloud
>Energy blocks(4)
>Orange Resistancex3
>Nappas Energy Aura
>Android Attack Drillx3
>Orange Halting Drill
>Releasing The Sword
>Orange Focusing Drillx2
>Vegeta's Quickness Drill
>Orange Destruction Drill
>Freiza Is Ready
>Orange Aura Drill
>Android 20's Absorbing Drillx2
>Orange Spontaneous Drill
>Winter CountrySidex2
>Trunks Energy SphereX3
>Bros in Trainingx3
>Super Saiyan Effect
>Drills are For the Weak
>Android 17 Smirks
>Time is a Warriors Tool
>Android 18 Stare Downx3
>Land in Pain
>Cell's Threatening Position
>Battle Pausing
>Earth Dragonball 7