Subject: Re: A Supreme West Kai Black Energetic DBGT Expanded Deck



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From: Joseph

Date:  Tue, 27 Jul 2004 10:58:09 -0700 (PDT)



Hello, This is the deck im currently running:




Supreme West Kai Black Energetic Deck


>> Wow. I’ve never seen one of these before. Should prove to be

>> interesting. <<




Mp and Mastery: 4


Supreme West Kai level 1-3


Black Energetic Mastery




Sensei Deck:


North Kai Sensei


3x black front punch


3x black energy swirl


1x huh?????


(I need some advice on more things to put in it)


>> Try out Breakthrough Drill, Black Pivot Kick, Black Backbreaker,

>> Black Scout Maneuver, list goes on and on. <<




Non-Combats: 5


1x piccolo and heros gather


1x vegeta’s quickness drill


3x black searching technique


>> I guess on the Gather; are there really that many key Combat cards you need? Maybe Krillin’s Concentration?

I’d run Black Geezer Patrol with Searching Technique to mix things up a bit.


Consider Expectant Trunks, Fatherly Advice, and maybe WTLTH. <<




Dragonballs: 2


Alt. Namek Dragonballs 3 and 7


>> Run Namek 4 because you’ll need it. Possibly Namek 2 if anger beats

>> you a lot. Maybe even alt 6. <<




Combats: 14


1x super saiyan effect


1x dazed


3x champions of earth


3x confrontation


3x black scout maneuver


3x black command


>> There’s your Scout Maneuvers. Move them to the Sensei Deck because they’re Sensei Deck only.

Consider stuff like Mark of the Dragon, Power of the Dragon and Battle Pausing.

Wait… you don’t run Trunks Energy Sphere… *faints* <<




Physical combat: 38


3x gohan’s kick


3x black interruption – This makes your deck illegal.


3x black drop kick


2x black swerve


3x black side thrust – Kind of iffy


3x black diving elbow strike


3x black swivel attack


3x black clash


3x black leg drop


3x black frieza’s left chop


3x black deadly crush


3x black robot wallop – SWK tech eh?


3x black defensive burst – Could theoretically work to some extent


 >> Some of the cards you picked are a bit random IMO. I can see Robot Wallop being SWK tech. You do have interesting choices that could possibly work.


 Try out Black Flying Kick. Your options are extremely limited because a lot of Black’s good cards are also blocks, which subtracts from your card pool.





Energy Combat: 17


3x black full force impact


3x black frieza’s fierce detonation


3x black chaos detonation


2x black exertion


3x black energy web


3x black uber blast


 >> I don’t like Uber Blast in this deck for some reason. Your other options are nice ones. Black Broly Blast is a great card to run instead. <<


It’s a total of 80 cards including the mastery and mp, if you even tech this, pleez suggest some changes and cards I can add for the final five, I also need help with the sensei deck. Thank you for your time!


>> You’re missing Locations/Battlegrounds. Also, I’d run a whole lot more anger tech because 1-3 anger is going to run you ragged. Even with the possibility of first turn Command, I’d run some more DB tech too. And even consider running stuff like Black Domination for those special combats where there are problem cards in your opponent’s hand.

When in doubt, expanded your Events. Event cards are the most powerful in the game. Try out stuff like Big Man on Campus or some removal like Drills are for the Weak.


Good luck. <<

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