Subject: What kind of deck do you run?

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From: "Brando Comando"
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 15:09:07 +0000

What kind of deck do you run? Im just curious to be honest. Where I come
from (Oxford Mass.) My cardshop is FINALLY starting a dbz Leauge. Now I have
only made TE decks, so what are some of the MUST HAVE cards in a good Leauge
deck? I need to know, if im going to win any tournaments around here. If you
have any help, thanks I appreciate it.

Go read one of my articles that is about what decks I run. That should help you since I've already said it once before.

Lucky you to have league.

For league decks? Well, there aren't any must haves in my opinion. Just run a normal deck and tweak it to have the best cards possible for your deck. There are a lot of possibilities; and no you don't need League cards to win. Trust me on this; I win all the time with my wacked out decks. Just look at the league cards and see if they fit the theme of the deck.

Here's a quick summary of what I have:
Low Roshi Ally Backlash, which is now Low Roshi Colorless Ally, due to the moving of Backlash to Tuff Enuff. This is my tournament deck that I use to place at all the big events. Black CS Roshi Carpet - Read Carpet Attack Technique, no joke. Worlds TE of course. Red TS Gohan Anger Red CS Chi-Chi Physical Red TS Android 20 Android Ally Freestyle MBS Tien Energy Flight and random others, go check the post I did a while back.

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