Subject: Re: Standard & Tuff Enuff with the Son Family - Goku MBS
Saiyan/Gohan CS Red

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From: "Donny Knowles"
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 17:39:12 -0400

Hello. I need help with two decks I use against my friends. Now, there's absolutely no convenient tournament located in my area, and I know about five people who play, but we still alternate between Standard and Tuff Enuff. So, could you help?

Tuff Enuff Deck: 85 Cards

|| Level 1 || Goku MBS

|| Level 2 || Goku MBS

|| Level 3 || Goku, Super Saiyan 2

|| Level 4 || Goku CS

|| Level 5 || Goku, the Legendary

||Buu Saga|| Saiyan Style Mastery

Grand Kai Sensei (1 Saiyan Headshot)

Earth Dragon Ball 1

Earth Dragon Ball 3

Earth Dragon Ball 5

Physical Attack Cards: 26

3 Gohan's Physical Attack - ick... don't run this.

3 Saiyan Prepared Smash - Never been a fan.

3 Saiyan Direct Strike - Decent Endurance, ok card.

3 Saiyan Left Hook - Terrible

2 Saiyan Assault - if you run this throw it in the Sensei

2 Goku's Physical Attack - sweet

2 Gohan's Sword Thrust - In a non-sword deck?

2 Saiyan Hurricane Kick - decent card, Destiny better.

2 Goku's Battle Ready - you shouldn't need too much anti anger here, but hey you can run stuff like Goku's Dashing Punch.

1 Saiyan Power Rush - no...

1 Saiyan Power Kick - decent

1 Cell's Backslap - sure

1 Saiyan Escape - dunno, never really liked it, especially with no hand advantage.

Physical Defense Cards: 8

2 Saiyan Defensive Stance - Like the worst card ever made.

2 Saiyan Sweeping Defense - Decent, personally I like Power Block, Wrist Block, Pikkon's Leg Catch, Goku's Quick Dodge, Goku's Flight, and Blocking Technique for my blocks.

1 Nappa's Physical Resistance

1 Vegeta's Physical Stance

1 Saiyan Power Block

1 Saiyan Blocking Technique

Energy Attack Cards: 27

3 Saiyan Might - decent for anger, but that's what your Mastery does

3 Saiyan Triple Blast - Maybe

3 Saiyan Energy Rupture - Doesn't impress me.

3 Saiyan Energy Attack - One word. Terrible.

3 Saiyan Palm Blast - Ditto.

2 Saiyan Rapid Deflection - Ditto.

2 Saiyan Power - Not enough Drills to warrant this

2 Saiyan Kamehameha - Dunno, doesn't seem fit.

2 Goku's Escape - no...

2 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast - There's no point to an unstoppable energy with no modifiers to steal DBs in Saiyan.

1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear - maybe

1 Good Advice - nice anti anger

Energy Defense Cards: 7

3 Goku Swiftly Moving - maybe, honestly you should just try out Saiyan Planet Explosion, NEA, FFB, Goku's Running Defense, Energy Absorption... maybe some of the Saiyan ones like Focus and Neutralization.

2 Saiyan Neutralization

1 Goku's Energy Absorption

1 Nappa's Energy Aura

Non Combat Cards: 3 - Ditch them all and run Expectant Trunks if anything.

2 Goku Honor Duel!

1 Roshi's Calming

Drill Cards: 2 - Cut these both, not worth it.

1 Saiyan Energy Drill

1 Saiyan Power Drill

Combat Cards: 1 - O_O how can you only run one. Run all the staples like TES, Confrontation, POTD, SSE, BP, Dazed... and the uber broke Saiyan Truce Card.

1 Time is a Warrior's Tool

Allies: 1

1 Grand Kai

Obviously my problem would be Severe Bruises. Though, Severe Bruises around level 3 or 4 wouldn't be much of a problem. Heh. But who's gonna use it then? I have a lack of stops, and I'm just now getting a budget ($14 a week. Allowance. ^_^) again. So, do you have any suggestions?

Yeah. But to be honest, I have to say you are missing the point.

Saiyan MBS isn't really all that good. But hey, if you want to use it in TE, go for it. You are just missing the point of the Mastery.

It allows you to jump levels like a mad man, and get to a powerful high level. While yes the Babidi Goku 5 is great, I would go with this: Goku the Hero Level 1 Goku the Saiyan Level 2 Goku Earth's Hero Level 3 Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended Level 4/King's Pupil (if you run drills) Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Level 5

This is because you jump levels, and the SS3 is worth getting to. Sure you can still use the Babidi one if you want though. But my point is... you are running the Buu Saga levels 1 and 2, which level fairly quickly. Your Mastery does that. Why would you want to waste those personality levels if you will level anyway? You should run those levels in CS Saiyan anger to level quick and easily win by anger in standard... And the HT 3 is just so much better than SS2 level 3.

I would take Chi-Chi Level 1 SS over Grand Kai any day. Grand Kai is ok, but run Chi-Chi first.

For your Sensei... Grand Kai... what... he's probably the second worst Sensei. Run North or South or Roshi or something better. North probably if you can't think. Then make a broke Sensei deck with Headshot, Pressure Technique, Scout Maneuver, and lots of whatnot and you'll be fine.

If you run Earth Balls you gotta run #7, and I would also run Alt Earth 3 over normal Earth 3.

Read comments above on other cards.

If Severe Bruises gives you problems, you should run some non-combat defense like Stupid Tricks. Saiyan Cliff Slam works too. Try out some of the really good tech energies like Saiyan Power Beam, Ki Ball, and Strength Blast, as well as the Broly subset that has a wealth of good Saiyan cards.


Standard Deck: 85 Cards

|| Level 1 || Gohan, the Champion

|| Level 2 || Gohan, the Swift

|| Level 3 || Gohan, the Mighty

|| Level 4 || Gohan, Mystic Empowered

|| Level 5 || Gohan, Earth's Protector

||Cell Saga|| Red Style Mastery

Grand Kai Sensei

Earth Dragon Ball 1

Earth Dragon Ball 3

Earth Dragon Ball 5

Physical Attack Cards: 32

4 Gohan's Physical Attack - Don't run this.

3 Red Knife Hand - terrible

3 Red Reverse Punch - terrible

3 Gohan's Strike - terrible

3 Red Flight - terrible

3 Red Pulverize - only if used in the right deck, and this isn't it.

3 Tien's Physical Attack - doesn't fit theme

2 Goku's Physical Attack - You aren't Goku though... Goku's Training / Cell's Backslap would be better.

2 Red Eye Laser Assault - I run 3

2 Gohan's Sword Thrust - dunno... doesn't seem right but if you wish

2 Red Overbearing Attack - I run 3

1 Red Double Strike - I run 3

1 Red Power Rush - In CS anger/physical beats you should run 3

There are a lot of options like Red Lightning Slash, MV Frantic Attack, Gohan's Power Hit, Red Whiplash, and so forth that would be a great asset to this deck.

Physical Block Cards: 11 - I personally like Blocking Hand, Passive Block, Goku's Flight, and maybe PLC/GQD. That's usually enough to please me.

3 Red Fist Catch

3 Red Passive Block

3 Red Forearm Block

2 Red Power Block

Energy Attack Cards: 12

3 Red Energy Blast - good choice

3 Red Fastball - cut this

2 Red Vigor Orb - good choice

2 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack - in anger you need 3

1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear - sure

1 Good Advice - if room permits, I like running Mouth Cannon

Energy Block Cards: 11

3 Red Energy Shield

3 Red Slide - I'd rather go with Goku's Flight and Energy Defensive Stance. Anger is more prevalent.

2 Red Energy Defensive Stance - run 3

2 Goku Swiftly Moving - not necessary

1 Goku's Energy Absorption

Combat Cards: 2 - Go read comments on your other deck

1 Time is a Warrior's Tool

1 Red Gambit - cut this

Non Combat Cards: 5 - cut them all. If you want anti anger you probably could run an attacher, but I just run Mouth Cannons searched out with my level 2 power and whatnot.

1 Vegeta Scan's the City

1 Terrible Wounds

1 Burning Rage!

1 Blazing Anger!

1 Hero Enraged!

Drills: 2 - cut them both

2 Red Striking Drill

I'd have the same problem as the deck above with Severe Bruises. There's not much else to say, really. Gohan's level 1 and 2 give me a hand advantage, and I'll try and get a Trunks saga Red Mastery, which will help me level up faster.

Thanks in Advance,

Donny Knowles

I personally play Gohan Red TS anger myself, and I really like it. It is my first deck. If Severe Bruises is that much of a pain run the HT 3. You shouldn't get nailed on the level 1 but if you do pray for a non-combat destruction card. Anyway on level 2 you can search out something to get rid of it, or even go get Red Escape to jump up to level 2 and remove it. I personally run City In Turmoil, Red King Cold Observation, Stupid Tricks, and other stuff to keep those cards at bay.

Run... IR 1, CS 2, CSHT 3, FUS 4, either 5.
Run West Kai if you are playing anger to nuke Victorious Drill. Otherwise, run North Kai. Chi-Chi is a great ally. I for some reason run Icarus as an ally. I'm messed up.

If you want to run Earth Balls at least run the #7. I run all 7 with alt 3 in my anger. In my CS physical beats, I like alt Dende 2 and 4. That's just me.

I would run some good nons like Expectant Trunks, and by all means a Location/Battleground. You need to decide to go physical beats or anger. That's your biggest thing. Your Mastery will do a lot of deciding. You can do hybrid, but one will be stronger via Mastery. That's for you to decide.

BTW Red Shattering Leap is broke in physical.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan