Subject: Blue MBS Piccolo Energy


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From: "Matt Rhyner"

Date:  Mon, 19 Jan 2004 05:35:39 +0000


This is a blue deck it uses piccolo the puppet, its an energy deck and its very defensive, My main goal (although im shure you could figure all this out by glaceing at it anyway) is to absorb power stages of damage with my allies and take life cards of damage with my mastery. I have a couple of cards that raise all my personalities up to full so that helps alot with the physicals, I figure although everyone likes to use physicals and blue does make some very good ones, that an all energy deck kinda takes em off guard.

I did what I could with it, although no deck is perfect, Im stuck as far as what else you do to it.



Blue buu saga mastery



Mastery - Blue (Buu saga)


Sensei- South kai sensei


MP: Piccolo the puppet lvl1

    Piccolo the mentor lvl2

    Piccolo the former guardian lvl3



Physical attacks: 6


Blue betrayal x3

Blue right cross x2

Blue stomache eruption


Energy attacks: 27


Blue terror

Blue healing ray x3

Blue double blast x3

Blue impulse x3

Krillin's solar flare x3

Blue alliance x3

Krillin's heat seeking blast x3

Vegeta's jolting slash x3

Blue arm blast x2


Physcial defense: 13


Blue forearm block x3

Blue leverage x3

Blue wrist block x3

Blue weaving

Nappas physical resistance

Vegeta's physical stance

Super saiyan effect


Energy defense: 12


Blue sliding dodge

Blue round throw x3

Blue sidestep x3

Goku swiftly moveing x3

Blue energy guard

Nappa's energy aura


Omni defense: 5


Time is a warriors tool

Frieza smiles ( i usually dont start combat) Cell's defense Ultimate defense x2



Combats: 5


Trunks energy shpere x2

Gathering of hero's (going to get another one) Battle pausing Andriod 17 smirks


Non-combats- 6


Vegeta's quickness drill

Blue prevention drill

Uub's energy drill

Senzu effect

A burst of energy

Goku's ready


Allies- 6


Andriod 18 lvl1 (andriod saga)

jeice      lvl1 (frieza saga)

Andriod 19 lvl1 (cell saga)

Vineger    lvl1 (Trunks saga)

Vegeta     lvl1 (cell saga)

Andriod 20 lvl1 (cell saga)




Locations - 1


Z sword Plateau


Dragon balls- 1


Alt. Dende dragon ball 5



Agian I relize your really busy and may not get around to this deck in a week, I am totally cool with that and I am glad your even looking a it in the first place



Actually in reality it takes a couple months because of all the people ahead of you, but I'm making an exception...


First off, while you do have an interesting strategy, it wouldn't be one I would recommend. You could definitely prevent damage with the MBS Mastery, and just throw energy after energy out. Basic strategy yes, but in your case you will giving too much time for your opponent to setup to easily cream you in one combat. North Kai Sensei or something that forces your opponent's attacks to be unpreventable can easily destroy you. Discard pile removal also easily shuts you down.


I mean sure, you could redirect all physical damage to your allies, consistently power them up to full, and use your Mastery on most energy attacks. Thing is, what happens if your opponent shuts down your allies? Cell's Presence for example. Don't forget these things.


Alright, now in your case, if you really want to go energy with the MBS Mastery, you can. But I would not recommend making that your only plan of attack. If you don't ever plan to enter, you might want to consider switching to Majin Buu GFHT Defensive. Then throw in a set of Dragon Balls, and if you have it, The Eternal Dragon's Quest. That's a strategy employed by Gabe Abner who won GKI. See, the key is you can go for the beatdown against certain decks, and then stall with your Mastery against other decks while you pull out Dragon Ball after Dragon Ball.


First off, I wouldn't go with Piccolo. His upper levels do have pretty nice energy attacks, but outside the fact that he can run 4 Piccolo's Power Ball that's pretty much your only bonus. Puppet gives you an energy attack, nothing really that special. It does give your cards Endurance, but I think your Mastery does most of the work. If you remove everything to your power, you won't have things to remove to your Mastery. You might as well choose a better option instead of having two things that do nearly the exact same thing.


Now I'm thinking of turning this into some wacky energy/ally hybrid. You have a lot of options to go. Blue has Draining Blast and Double Blast, and you can always employ Piccolo's Power Ball if you have a weak Main Personality.


Anyway... let's see... first off, if you do run Piccolo, at least run his level 4. There are too many 1-3 anger decks out there. If you have his level 5 then great, but he's not necessary. Let's see... what options do you have for an MP... Vinegar HT, Android 18, uh... Cell possibly... well I guess you could go with Piccolo using the SS HT or something like that... heh for some odd reason I'm just sitting here and not thinking of any other good options for villian energy/ally...


Anyway, after all of that, I would run a collection of energy attacking allies. Not too many. You could run the allies from the Bojack subset, and maybe Jeice, Piccolo, Vegeta, Guldo, Android 18, some Androids... all depends on what you want.


Your allies are your support, so don't rely on them too much. In your case, I would use North Kai Sensei or Roshi. North Kai will give you the advantage against certain decks that rely on their Mastery. Roshi will really mess up beatdown decks with damage doing even less, while you'll be able to pump up vital attacks. Either way your options are pretty good.


Now your Sensei Deck... it is actually a big key. I would run HUH???, 2 Black Scout Maneuvers, and try out some Blue Energy Dives. No sensei deck = bad. Make sure you fill it up. You never know when something will come in handy.


Blue Betrayal is your key physical attack for removal. Blue Lunge is also really good for getting out certain non-combats that you need. If you are lacking in some anti-anger, you could try out Blue Head Charge. Your other options seem a bit odd; I think you could work without them. Blue Round Throw can be useful as well as a block. You might want to consider running Gohan's Kick or Majin Buu's Fury to lock other Dragon Ball decks into combat, enough for you to energy attack them to death. Since A Hero's Heart is Strong can't help you much, you might want to run some Majin Buu's Heel Kick if you don't want to try out Kid Buu's Prepped Crash.


Blue terror - This is of course a key card.

Blue healing ray x3 - For some reason I've never been a fan of this card. It could work though.

Blue double blast x3 - Two energies = good.

Blue impulse x3 - Useful mainly for the fact it can stop an energy. You don't really have too many non-combats to abuse it though.

Krillin's solar flare x3 - Could be very useful to combat Multiform decks.

Blue alliance x3 - I guess it could be somewhat useful. If it removed a Drill it would be a whole lot better.

Krillin's heat seeking blast x3 - This card's main use is to steal a Dragon Ball. Roshi Sensei would work nicely with this. You might consider running some sort of modifier with this so this can be your DB stealing tool as well.

Vegeta's jolting slash x3 - Nice for anti physicals.

Blue arm blast x2 - I'd run 3 just because it is a nice block as well. It is one of the few cards that can actually stop Gohan's Power Hit.


You've nailed some decent energy attacks. Don't forget some support ones as well. Piccolo's Power Ball is a nice attack, and Vegeta's Energy Focus could work, see you won't have any really nice way to fuel energy attacks. Blue Draining Blast is just plain good because you can drain to zero, or even just throw out a free energy. Good Advice might help out in the anti-anger area as well.


Now your blocks is where I would work. I never liked Blue Forearm Block. You've got your Arm Blasts, so maybe you could consider Blue Defensive Flight. It could be very useful if you want to access your allies. Pikkon's Leg Catch could be a nice alternative if you don't want to rely on your allies too much. I guess Leverage could work, but test if that's too many blocks. It seems to be. Don't run too many physical blocks because you do have your allies and Mastery, but don't run too little. You don't want to be stranded with physical blocks when they could be other things.


Energy Defense... well you do have Round Throw after all. What else... Sliding Dodge and Sidestep have to go. I like running Goku's Energy Absorption for the nice regeneration ability. For some odd reason I'm thinking of an Android 20 Absorbing Drill or two.


Omni-Defense - of course Time, Ultimate Defense is a funny card but if you like it then sure, and Cell's Defense is a faded card that does fit into some decks. Don't forget Cell's Defense stops your attacks as well, so it probably won't help too much in your case. Frieza Smiles... now that has to go. You should have a plan of attack against certain decks. Sometimes you go for the kill. Sometimes you play it safe. I wouldn't run Smiles, mainly because it is a dead card too often.


Combats... ick, here's your problem. You are missing most of the staples. Cards like Android 18's Staredown should be in here, and three of them. Trunks Energy Sphere is a staple, so run 3. Cell's Threatening Position stalls anger to no end. Android 17 Smirks helps clear Drill control. Dazed is just plain good, from both viewpoints. Battle Pausing is nice for hand advantage. Power of the Dragon stalls DB and gets an ally. After all of that, a few Gathering of Heroes can't hurt, and you might even consider running some Blue Leavings to get out of some messy jams. Only if necessary of course.


Your Nons... I can understand where you are going with most of them. Senzu Effect/A Burst of Energy are mainly used for Earth's Spirit Bomb decks. In your case, you should just go with Gathering of Heroes because it gets more done. Goku's Ready is way outdated; I wouldn't even consider it. Expectant Trunks is a really nice searcher, and if you can get a hold of the expensive cards, throw them in. You know, WTLTH, FA, VD, etc. I also really like Blue Mental Drill for some odd reason, but that's probably because I really like looking at my opponent's hand. Also, Foreboding Evidence is a nice card for some regeneration.


Location... nah. You should probably go with a City in Turmoil or two for tech against certain decks. Winter Countryside is nice to stall against anger and keep your control on a certain level. You aren't running any Aura Clashes, which I would recommend running if you can. Clash screws up a lot of different archtypes. Z Sword Plateau is interesting, but it does keep your MP very high and lowers access to your allies. It can work though; I wouldn't run any lower than 2 Location/Battlegrounds though. In your case, I would run at least 3, and even consider Gohan's Nimbus Cloud.


As for your Dragon Ball... either Namek 4 or Earth 7. Earth 7 has the ability to change the game with a simple reset and choosing any three cards, while Namek 4 can destroy a non-combat deck's setup. You don't run too many nons, so Namek 4 shouldn't hurt too much if it actually does get stolen. If you run a whole set, you could probably run any of the three. Dende might a bit of a problem though.


I think I nailed everything. Hopefully I helped a bit. You've got the right track in many areas; your big weakness is the lack of combat staples, and your choice of MP. Some cards are weak, but you've got some places that are really well thought out. Good luck and have fun.



"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan