Subject: Re: I beg for your assistance on my Gohan Orange deck.

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From: Anakin16
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 00:18:52 EDT

Hey Matt! You have my name! Haha! That aside I beg for your assistance
on my Orange Gohan Energy Deck.. I seem to be losing my touch after the
introduction of Majin Buu. He’s just too powerful for my lil old Gohan. The only
deck around me is a Red Buu anger. When my friend used to play Gohan in his
red deck we had close games, but for any deck its tough trying to live through a
deck full of physicals with Buu at level 3, at 5,990,000 and a Red Gambit
attached to it. Is there anything you can do to help me beat this Buu deck? Once
again I beg for your assistance. Here it is:

Main Personality

1 Gohan Hitek (WGS) - strange choice, but it can work.

2 Gohan, the Swift (CS) - good

3 Gohan, the Righteous (WGS) - Dunno about this... and where are your level 4 and 5 (try Fusion)


Trunks Saga Orange - MBS is so good. TS is ok.

Sensei and Sensei Deck

Grand Kai Sensei (WGS) - Nope. North is infinitely better. And you need to make a Sensei deck.


2x Orange Burning Aura Drill (CGS) - nah

1x Android 20 Absorbing Drill (TS) - sure

1x Orange Aura Drill (AS) - ok

1x Awful Abrasions (CS) - maybe

1x Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill (TS) - I'd rather not, if you want.

1x Severe Bruises (AS) - ok

1x Goku’s Heart Disease (AS) - maybe

1x Orange Focusing Drill (SS) - you need 3

Energy Combats

1x Orange Mouth Shot (MBS) - maybe

2x Orange Energy Setup (CGS) - ok

1x Krillin’s Heat Seeking Blast (TS) - more

3x Orange Resistance (TS) - ok

3x Orange Energy Guard (MBS) - need more Drills

1x Orange Power Blast (CS) - terrible

1x Orange Taunting Attack (FS) - not worth the paper it is printed on

1x Orange 5-Finger Focus (MBS Preview 3) - run 3, combo with Energy Empowerment Drill

1x Orange Sneak Attack (MBS) - sure, 3 sounds good

3x Orange Palm Blast (AS) - nope

1x Orange Neck Restraints (SS) - never

1x Orange Focused Attack (CGS) - nope

3x Orange Trick Shot (MBS) - maybe

1x Orange Eye Beam (AS) - nah

1x Orange Energy Smash (CGS) - I have like 9 of these doing NOTHING because it is so useless except in CS Mastery with Bardock or something like that.

2x Orange Goku’s Kamehameha (CS) - nah

1x Orange Energy Discharge (CS) - sure

1x Good Advice (FS) - sure

1x Orange Kamehameha Attack (FS) - nah

1x The Luck of Trunks (FS) - nah

Physical Combats

1x Orange Close Call - probably some bad card in WGS

1x Orange Fist Catch - run 3

1x Orange Dodge (BS) - heck no

1x Orange Deflection (CS) - just no

3x Orange Head Butt (BS Preview) - I don't see the point

2x Orange Surprise Reaction (BS) - ditto

3x Orange Wrist Flex Takedown (SS) - no

2x Orange Palm Block (WGS) - no

3x Orange High Block (BS) - has uses, don't see enough endurance in your deck

1x Orange Uppercut - run 3

3x Orange Sidestep (CS) - no

3x Orange Shoulder Throw (SS) - no


1x Smokescreen (CS) - no

1x Reserves (CCPP2) - maybe

Dragon Balls

1x Alternate Dende Dragon Ball 5 - run a better DB please


1x Majin Buu’s House (MBS) - Random...

Well if your friend actually plays Red Gambit, you should laugh at him since he'll have a dead card in his hand quite often.

The thing is Majin Buu Red Anger is really good now, packing Unlocked Potential, comboing it with Majin Buu's Energy Spray and Piccolo Absorbed Level 3 to go... Unlocked, then Spray for 3 (draw 2x Spray), Mastery to level, Spray for 3 (draw 4th Spray), random raise anger 1 card to level, Spray for 3, Red Double Strike to level, Spray for 3, and Double Strike for the game.

I highly doubt any random Orange Gohan will even stand a chance. Yours runs a whole lot of really bad cards... that's why I'm not surprised that you can't beat him.

Orange is much better off playing Drill control with the MBS Mastery. There are quite a few characters that would be better; Goku, Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, etc.

I'm going to comment beside many of the cards. The problem with teching this kind of deck is that it isn't possible, since all it seems to be is a mass of nothingness.

Ick. That was bad. This is not really a deck; you've just a bunch of random Orange cards that... well, I don't really know what you are trying to achieve.

You need a point to the deck, and a major strategy. I don't see one anywhere. You've got a long way to go. If the Buu Red gives you close games... I really hate to see what it does. I hope it has the combo above to win in just one turn. Good luck. After you've got some idea of what you are trying to do in this game, then make a deck based on it. Like some common goal. If your goal is to throw random energies and have random blocks, it won't work in this game. Trust me.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan