From: "Juan carlos macias"
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 21:38:35 +0000

Dear Matthew,
I was wondering why has Piccolo the Trained been the personality
everyone has been using. I know he's good, but he's been out for over a
year and people now start playing him. Was it his errata? I don't see much
difference in him with the exception of gaining 2 anger each turn. It would
really help me out if you can answer me and I would really appreciated.
Juan Carlos M.


No it wasn't his errata. It is because of the amazing synergy that the Namekian Style has. Namekian's Strike and Energy Focus are just amazing, along with many Namekian and freestyle energies, you can easily set up and hit your foe with multiple energies in one combat. Piccolo shuts off powers, and that totally screws over decks since decks usually work off of the MP's power. The anger gain allows him to get to his amazing level 2 that sets up discard and is a big energy, not to mention power to full. He can safely Aura Clash and then Supreme Kai's Ki Push down levels, which makes him just plain good. Ki Push with the errata is just wrong.

He's always been good. The errata just allowed him to run Ki Push and do a lot more damage. Namekian is just a plain great style. Try him out with all the super expensive cards and you'll realize how good he is.

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