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Date:Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:50:17 -0600




I know this is a terrible deck.


>> I have two Ts in my name sir.

And youíre correct. <<


I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what cards to take out and to put in.It's an orange energy deck.What saga has the best cards for this type of deck.This is pathetic, but I have a pretty small budget so I'm looking for more of the Cheap Decks.


>> Thing is I donít think thatís possible. I donít think I can help you honestly. While we would love to make cheap decks, you canít sink this low. There are lots of commons and commons in Baby Saga and Super 17 Saga that are much more superior than what you have in here. Those donít cost more than a cent or two.

I'd have to make you a brand new deck to make it better. I don't think it is possible to actually repair this. <<


Main Personality

Krillin TS

Krillin, Enraged TS

Krillin, the warrior TS


I chose him because of his built in energy attacks and high PUR, but is there a better MP for this deck?


>> Bascially anyone. Almost. His PUR is terrible nowadays, and well, thereís nothing good about him at all except of the anger he can gain/lower as an ally.

Just like find a newer Krillin or use Yajirobe or Rilldo or someone. Anyone. <<



Orange mastery CS


>> MBS for Drill control, TS for straight energy beats (but no one uses it anymore), Technique for board control, Aura for ally. Not CS.




Combat (9)

1 Frieza smiles FS

1 super saiyan effect TS

1 time is a warriors tool FS

2 trunks energy sphere TS

2 mothers touch SS

2 vegetas suprise defense SS


>> Donít run these Event omnis that are weak. Theyíll get Sphered and donít serve any purpose.

Youíre missing most of the staples too. Canít help you there except to tell you to get them. <<


Allies (4)

kid trunks MS

Maraikoh, the vicious WGS

majin vegeta MS

gohan, the champion CS


>> Majin Vegeta makes your deck illegal. These are generally poor

>> choices for allies as well. <<


Non-combats (10)

1 orange energy dan drill TS

1 orange energy phasing drill RRS

1 orange aura drill RRS

1 teaching the unteachable forces observation SS

1 vegeta's quickness drill SS

1 orange haulting drill CS

2 focusing CS

2 breakthrough drill TS


>> Some good choices like Haulting and Quickness. Iíd build up some sort

>> of Drill control with Focusing Drill and then control the board with

>> Lifting and Destruction. Then boost your attacks with Uubís Energy

>> Drill use defensive ones like A20 Absorbing Drill. <<


Physical Combat (17)

1 vegeta's physical stance SS

1 orange holding after takedown SS

1 orange fist catch RRS

1 Nappa's physical resistance SS

2 orange wrist flex takedown SS

2 hidden power level SS

3 orange shoulder throw SS

3 orange deflection CS

3 orange left kick CS


>> Youíre running terrible blocks. Some of the worst cards in the game.

Youíre better off maxing out on good cards like Fist Catch and then run some key omni blocks like Orange Juke. <<


Energy combat (41)

1 good advice FS

1 the luck of trunks FS

1 trunks makes himself clear FS

1 yamcha's skillful defense FS

1 orange city desturction CS

1 orange energy shot CGS

1 Heroic effort FS

1 orange goku's kamehameha CS

1 Nappa's energy aura SS

1 orange stare down RRS

1 cell's last strike CGS

1 orange kamehemeha attack FS

2 Krillin's heat seeking blast TS

2 orange energy discharge CS

2 orange junction energy blast TS

2 orange focused blastCS

2 orange strikeCS

3 orange deflection†† CS

3 Orange special beam cannon TS

3 orange suprise blast TS

3 orange energy focus CS

3 orange planet destruction FS

4 krillin's kamehameha outburst TS


>> When your deck is full of 1x and 2x of attacks, usually thatís not a good sign. Well when most of them are bad cards that is. What you need to do is take a look at GT cards and actually see good ones that can actually do damage. Choose a better MP. I donít know if I can really help. You need to support your focus with cards that actually support it. Thatís the thing.


Good luck. Research on Deck-Zone to find the best cards, not what you own. If you do that, your deck will always be inferior to other ones out there. <<



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