> Which personality do you think is best in Dragon Ball Z?


Well... this is a question you cannot really answer. It is an opinion.

Right now, the best character is Piccolo the Trained from Androids Saga because he can shut off opposing personality powers. The fact that he is a Namekian and Rogue adds to the problem. About 90% of the decks out there play with a deck that revolves a lot around the character's power. Without the power, decks often have to scramble to work correctly. Piccolo Namekian is already based to work soley on the deck alone, which will go for a quick win before many decks and figure out how to cope without a power... Piccolo also has a good level 2 and 3, so there's really no escape from him.

Other than that, Master Roshi is a very good character. He has the power to pick a hand out of 10 cards, which generally means he won't have very many bad hands. He can get out of a ton of messes as well. This deck manipulation allows him to run a lot of non-combats and not get hurt. But, on the other hand, Piccolo messes up his power and he gets bads hands all the time. Also, his level 2 is terrible, which is bad if he gets Aura Clashed.

Cell is also not very bad as he can declare any of the styles. A physical attack doing +3 twice can be very deadly if set up correctly. As a Namekian and with a great level 2, he can work very nicely when it comes to getting the right attack or block at the right time.

I could stay here all day and type up a lot about every character in the game but I can't because I need to do COTDs and lots of other stuff. Good luck... but honestly, you really can't answer something like this because it is opinion.