Subject: Re: black ts hercule deck

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From: stuart hayden
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:52:31 -0700 (PDT)

hello, my name is stuart hayden and i sent you a blue mbs deck but just scratch that deck i tore it apart (it got beaten to much) so i made a black hercule deck cause well yeah hercule is coolio =D so any feedback will be most great full i can get pretty much any card (except for like the ultra :-\) so if you could make a new deck list for this deck i would be most thankful

~stuart hayden~


Hercule, the puppet

Hercule the world champion



Black style mastery (trunks)


East kai

Physical combat=26

4 Hercules drop kick

4 Hercules power stance

3 black quick strike

3 black defensive burst

3 underdog kick

3 black off balancing punch

3 black swift kick

3 black jump kick

Physical stoppers=10

3 black defensive stance

3 trunks swiftly moving

Vegeta?s physical stance

3 black side kick

Energy attacks=9

3 black energy web

3 black preparation

3 black knife hand strike

Energy stoppers=7

3 Goku swiftly moving

Goku?s energy absorption

3 black recovery


3 smoke screen

3 black defensive aura

3 black taunting attack

Time is a warriors tool

Super saiyan effect

Drills are for the weak

2 trunks energy sphere

Cells defense


Its all about time

Hercules close save


Hero enraged

Burning rage

Blazing anger

A hospital stay

Expectant trunks


Black erasing drill

3 black smoothness drill

2 android 20 absorbing drill

I deleted the Blue Buu deck... and you want me to tech this eh? Lucky you that I pick your deck over all the others...

I don't generally make new deck lists. I just give you tips... and your job is to change it and go from there.

Hercule is just... ick. If he loses his power you get screwed. There are only a few merits I'd say Hercule has, and mainly it is the ability to use both 18's Staredown and Confrontation, as well as cards like Cell's Threatening Position.

Your Mastery is fine, but your Sensei is terrible. I would never recommend East Kai for anything right now. Try North Kai and actually have a Sensei deck. Your Sensei deck is a vital part of your deck, especially in black seeing there are so many broke Black Sensei Deck only cards.

Many of your black cards are weak like Jump Kick and off Balancing Punch. Black's strength are in the cards that discard like Black Body Destruction, Black Right Kick, and Black Face Slap. The Hercule cards aren't really that great if you ask me. Just because they say Hercule on it don't mean they need to be Hercule based.

For physical stops, I would run 3 Turning Kick, 3 Body Destruction, a mix of Defensive Stance/Wrist Block, and maybe some Pikkon's Leg Catch/Goku's Quick Dodge. That will be enough.

Your first 9 Combat cards should all be ditched. There are the staples you are missing. Confrontation, Staredown, 3 TES, Dazed, POTD, CTP, 17 Smirks, BP, and so forth... run those...

Your nons... run only Expectant Trunks. I would probably consider maybe trying out some villian only ones like Broly's Evil Drill and Frieza is Ready, and hero ones like Heroic Drill and Caught Off Guard Drill. Good Drills include Black Weakness Drill and Black Smoothness Drill... Drills don't stick around too long, remember that.

Good luck. This has a long way to go to become really good... don't be too reliant on your villian cards because things can go wrong. I think if you turned this into discard to combo w/ Evil Drill/Heroic Drill to get Staredown/Confrontation/attacks, you can make this deal big damage via no hands.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan