Hey Matt,
I wanted to right back to you, but I formatted my computer and lost your emails and your site. I just found it again today. I just wanted to say, that what you wrote put me in awe! It's crazy to think how much some people love this game. Myabe one day I'll get that way! lol You never know. It's good to know that the answers I'm getting are from cool pros, that love the game. Well I have a couple of questions to shoot at ya again.

1 - Since all secondary effect like raising anger and such happen before you count the damage in an attack, what if your anger reaches 5 and you still want to make an attack with your character? For example, Majin Vegeta level 1 says "Doing +4 power stages of damage. If performed against a rouge personailty or Majin raise your anger 2 levels." So what if I reach level 5 on that turn, can I still do the +4 damage or do I move up a level right away?

2 - For the new Saiyan, Blue, Red... Gambit cards, it says you need to show 3 of your styled cards from your hand to your opponent. Do you count the gambit card as well, or must it be 3 other cards?

3 - When you reach a new level, and you have combat cards attached to your MP(like Red Gambit), do those cards get discarded as well? Or only non-combat cards?

Thanks as always Matt!


Okie dokie... this reminds me, I have some Pojo stuff to do...

1. If I was Majin Vegeta Level 1 (Babidi Saga UC) and I used my power against Android 18, and I was at three anger, I would first gain the 2 anger. I would immediately level. If the physical attack is now successful, then you would use the new power level (on level 2 that is) to determine the base damage. Then you should add the +4 power stages of damage. So yes, you still get the attack if you level (with that power of course).

2. For the Gambits, the Gambit is already played, and thus it will be on the table and not in your hand. Thus it cannot be one of the three cards you must show with the Gambit.

3. When you level, you only lose your Drills. With this said, Gambits are, at the moment, more or less permanent. There are two cards that remove them, but you have to use them yourself... and anyone smart wouldn't remove their own Gambits (unless they really know what they are doing). That said, they are generally there to stay.

Now that you have my email address, feel free to email me directly!

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