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Dude I just did your deck like two days ago... I need to put a limit so other people can get their decks teched.


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From: Jacob I Ames

Date:  Mon, 12 Jul 2004 23:41:16 -0600


Hi. I was hoping you could look over my deck and tell me what cards I needed and maybe what saga they are from. My deck is an anger deck, and against local people down in this hick place Idaho (where I am regretably forced to live. Never, ever move here.), it does good, but not really with super good people. So if you could help, that would be great. I would appreciate it. Also, I know it may be hard for you, but I would prefer no promo suggestions if possible. Thanks again.


>> That's not going to happen. I live in CA... that and dude, if you

>> want a GOOD deck, then you need to find ANY card (well outside of a

>> handful) to make your deck work. If not, I really have no business

>> helping you. Because I would be making you a mediocre deck, and

>> anyone can help you do that. <<


Main Personality


1. Cell Stage One

2. Cell Stage Two

3. Cell, the Perfect Warrior

4. Cell, the Destroyer

5. Cell, the Master


>> I was going to say consider the new Cells from GT but then again the

>> HT 1 does go first more often than not. That's the HT right? <<




Red Style Mastery (TS)


I plan on adding a North Kai Sensai, but I still haven't decided what should be in my sensai deck.


>> Don't tell me you're adding it, just put it in. And make your Sensei

>> Deck, it doesn't make sense for me to tech an uncompleted deck. <<


Physical Combat (Attack)


x1 Red Eye Laser Assault

x1 Red Flying Attack

x1 Red Face Strike

x2 Red Palm Heel Stike

x2 Red Power Rush

x3 Red Overhand Slash

x3 Red Face Upheaval

x3 Red Power Stike

x3 Red Reverse Punch

x3 Red Flight


>> Yep you're missing it. You're running some of the worst cards ever

>> made (Reverse Punch, Flight, Flying Attack, FAce Strike, Palm Heel

>> Strike), and you're trying to go anger. If you want to, you really

>> need to try out Overbearing Attacks and stuff that actually gives you

>> 2 anger at a time. And stuff that have amazing effects like Red

>> Lightning Slash. Oh, and what's with this 1x Red Eye Laser Assault...

>> 3 sir. <<


Physical Combat (Defense)


x1 Red Energy Defensive Stance

x1 Red Defensive Jump

x1 Red Knee Strike

x2 Red Side Step

x3 Red Shifty Manuever


>> Ugh... Blocking Hand, Goku's Flight, and maybe Passive Block. You're

>> done for physicals. <<


Energy Combat (Attacks)


x2 Red Energy Charge

x3 Red Energy Blast

x3 Red Energy Surprise


>> Ginyu Energy, Energy Blast, Trunks Makes Himself Clear... <<


Energy Combat (Defense)


x1 Red Energy Shield

x1 Red Physical Fortifcation


>> Energy Ricochet, Red Energy Defensive Stance, Goku's Flight, stop

>> alls... <<




x1 Super Saiyan Effect

x1 Time Is A Warrior's Tool

x1 Trunk's Energy Sphere

x1 Dazed

x1 Cell's Threatening Position

x1 Cell's Defense

x3 Red Blazing Aura


>> Menacing/Staredown, 3 TES (because if you don't you like auto lose to

>> villian), probably 17 Smirks, Red King Cold Observation... probably

>> DBs with Cell's Evil Plans thrown in... Double Strikes... Mark of the

>> Dragon, tons of good stuff... <<




x1 Expectant Trunks

x1 Goku's Heart Disease


>> Cut the Heart Disease, not needed. <<


Total: 57


As you can see, it's pretty much all from Cell Games on down, because I didn't think anything good came from the rest, but I also never bought any packs after the Cell Games.


>> Well sir you're missing out. <<


It's also low on cards, so I can add most likely whatever you suggest. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate this, especially since your doing it for free. I also really like your quotes from the bible. I have a few questions about your religion though, if you don't mind. I'm Christian myself, and you could probably guess that because I live in Idaho, but I was wondering if in your religion, are you allowed to swear, watch "R" rated movies, and, I know this is a little weird I guess, but I'm just curious, whats your church's view or opinion on political issues and homosexuality.


>> What do you mean by "allowed" to swear? I'm allowed to do whatever I want. But thing is... I CHOOSE not to. I don't want to swear. I don't want to watch "R" rated movies. Dude I don't even watch "PG13" rated movies. It's... not about what my church views. It is what I view. It is what God wants me to do. I strive to live as Christ wants me to, and I try to keep myself as pure as I can. I know the PG13 thing is a bit extreme, but that's actually something about myself... that I can't watch violence... because I just can't. I'm 19 BTW so... believe what you want to.


So you want to know my own personal views... let's see.


1. I don't swear, nor do I want to. It isn't something that I have the urge to ever do.

2. I don't watch rated "R" movies mainly because they're too violent for me. That and I'm sure I'm better off not and I don't think I'm missing much anyway.

3. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, and therefore I'm going to follow that. BUT (big misconception of Christians here, listen before you overreact) I don't hate anyone. If you're a homosexual then fine. That's not any different than the person over there who is stealing or hurting or committing some other kind of sin. Your actions are what God hates, and those actions are what I hate as well. I don't hate you as a person. I'm just sad that you're deep in such sin. I know what you need, and I'm just said you're turning away from it. Remember God loves everyone, sinners included. Then again we're all sinners so... remember that. Jesus came into this world to teach the sinners and bring us eternal life. He loves everyone, regardless of who you are. If I hated every sinner, what would that make me? I would be hating every single person on this Earth. I would be a hypocrite because Christ told us to "love your neighbor as yourself" and I wouldn't be doing that. I wouldn't be a good witness to share God's love if I couldn't love sinners like God loves me.

4. Political issues... well, to be honest, I don't care much for politics. I honestly believe that God is taking care of us, and He will ultimately win in the end. I really have nothing to worry about. He will take care of us and steer us in the right direction.



I know they don't have

anything to do with cards, and you don't have to answer, because they are kind of weird I guess. But I would appreciate it. Once again, thanks for your time.



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