From:: Corey Sacrey
A question about which personality I should use

I'm fairly new to DBZ CCG(been collecting for 2 months) and have
collected 3 different 1-3 Personality stages. Which one should I use?

Goku 1-3(SSJ Saga)
Kid Trunks 1-3(World Games Saga)
Krillen 1-3(1,3 from Cell, 2 from World Games)


Well... let's see what I can do for you.

With three personalities to choose from, you don't have many options, but I'll do my best.

Goku from the Saiyan Saga? There is no SSJ saga so I'm not sure which one you are talking about. The Saiyan Saga Goku is way outdated and generally useless. I'd go with the CS Goku set over this one by far. Of course, it all depends which set you are talking about, seeing that I don't know what you mean.

Kid Trunks 1-3 World Games is a nice personality set, but he's way overshadowed. His level 1 is really nice as an ally, and as an MP he probably can get annoying with either 4-5 life cards or going to full. The problem is Piccolo shutting off your power of course. His level 2 is really nice if you ask me, a stronger Krillin HT 2 CS. The raising of anger can be a good or bad thing, but that all depends on if you want to abuse your level 3 instead. I can see Kid Trunks in some fun decks like Blue WGS to level quickly, and of course Orange Energy and maybe even Black energy. But with Piccolo around, Kid Trunks will take a backseat because his powers are inferior to Piccolo's higher levels and his powers can be shut off. If he had a Level 4, he'd be much better.

As for Krillin... he's just good. But with your selection, it all depends. A good start would be to go with CS 1, HT CS 2, and WGS 3. If you can, switch the Level 1 with the CCPP2 Level 1, only if you have a lot of good Krillin named cards, preferably energy attacks. If you can't get the HT 2, just use the one you have now (WGS Level 2). Krillin's Level 3 WGS is really good, take a look at it and try it out. If you can get your hands on one, I'd make a Krillin deck that attempts to get there (Aura Clashes/Are You Tuff Enuff??? come to mind), or something like that. Krillin is almost like Kid Trunks with his energy, but Krillin has a lot of better support cards.

Right now, I'd go with Kid Trunks, but Krillin is very good in my opinion. If you can, try to get those Krillin Levels. Experiment a bit. You'd be going energy for sure; I see Blue or Orange energy being a good start with what you have. Good luck and let me know if I can help you any more.