Subject: Re: Capsule Corp power pack. & Questions

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From: JY

Dear matthew low,

Hey, I have a couple of questions for you.

Do you know where I can get capsule corp. power packes anywhere like in local stores? I am really interested in them seeing as they`ve got stuff like saiyan cross punch and reserves. Also, do they contain the whole set?

>> You yes get the whole set. CCPP 1 comes with Saiyan Cross Punch and
>> CCPP 2 comes with Reserves. You are much better off finding it at a
>> Hobby/card store than Target or Walmart or a place like that, even
>> though the retail one comes with extra promos (get your Frieza's
>> Force Bubble in CCPP1). You can always get the retain one from Score
>> at conventions. Anyway, if you can't find one at your local hobby
>> shop or they can't order one, you can always use the internet. There
>> are quite a few really good places to order from on Pojo; ads are
>> everywhere. They aren't there to annoy you; honestly, if you need
>> something like a CCPP, I bet a couple places with ads have them. But
>> just so you know... a CCPP is definitely worth the cost. I will never
>> regret buying one of those; so many broken cards for such a tiny
>> cost.

I was playing someone at my shop and I used cell`s instant transmission for a battleground. The battleground happened to be dying planet. Now here`s the question:
Can you use endurance with dying planet out? I asked someone and they said that you could.

>> As far as I know, you can still use Endurance. You might as well
>> seeing if you don't the card gets removed anyway.

Another question is : Can you use saiyan truce card as a block to end colmbat? I didn`t think you could.

>> Saiyan Truce Card does not say "Stop a physical attack" or "Stop an
>> energy attack." So your answer is no. Back in Saiyan, Frieza, and
>> Trunks Saga days you could, which is why Combat enders were so broken
>> back then. Score changed the ruling for the better.

Again, thanks for the previous deck-help. Now I run 3 saiyan destiny, 2 lightening dodge, and 3 saiyan face smash, and 3 gohan`s kick.

>> Sweet. Lightning Dodge is getting weaker as cards like Pikkon's Leg
>> Catch, Goku's Quick Dodge, and Goku's Flight are coming out, but it
>> is still decent if you ask me.

Thanks yet again for your help, I am sure that my questions are rather annoying to you. {}.

>> LOL, no prob. Glad to be of assistance. <<