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Matthew Low on Score's Dragon Ball TCG

G'day - Hercule Orange Aura Spirit Bomb

From: "Anthony Cook"
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005

Hey my name is Anthony Cook, I'm Pierce Hunter's friend. He showed me that you were giving him advice on his deck (something frankly I'm no good at...) and i was wondering if you minded having a look at mine.

>>Heh, your friend got lucky because if you look at my track record, I
>>haven't teched very many decks in the past month. He caught me on a
>>good wind or something. Or a time I was getting distracted from my
>>schoolwork. Like now. <<

I have a fairly
unique deck, recently dubbed the Blitz Bomb :P, and i remembered a reveiw you did on the card Universe Spirit Bomb and i thought it might interest you to see a built one and hopefully give me some advice on it.

>> Universe Spirit Bomb takes 12 GT allies + your MP to perform. If you
>> ask me, that's a bit much. <<


Lvl 1 Hercule - Baby Saga
Lvl 2 Hercule - Baby Saga
Lvl 3 hercule - Shadow Dragon Saga

Mastery: Orange Aura Mastery

Sensei: North Kai Sensei
-Goten's Straight Beam - Great card, Orange probably doesn't need it.
-The True Face of Evil - Good.
-Hercule's Crescent Punch - Good.
-Gohan's Kick - Can argue both ways for Sensei/Main.
-Strength of the Dragon - Ditch.
-Orange Android 17's Personal Touch - Main.
-Orange Proximity Blasts - Ditch.
-Cell's Backslap - Ditch.
-Android 18's Right Cross - Ditch.
-Old School Beatdown - Always Sensei.
-Orange Uppercut - Main.
-DELETED! - I dunno about this.
-Earth's Spirit Bomb - Obvious.

>> That's a big selection of choices in the Sensei. I dunno about that. Honestly, half of those I'd actually maindeck because you'd want them every game. Sure HAT, but that's usually for one attack you MUST have like Orange Vegeta's Assault that you don't want Black Scout Maneuvered.

-Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7
>> I would have expected to see Namek 4 or Earth 7 or something like that. Alt Namek 7 is great, but what will you do if your opponent captures it when you haven't put out your allies.
Then again you could just not put it out until you get your allies out... if that's your plan, then I can see it working. Might want to throw it into the Sensei in that sense. <<

-Victorious Drill
-Caught Off Guard Drill
-Orange Destruction Drill
-Orange Waiting Drill
-Orange Defensive Drill

>> I'd run 2 COGD and take out the Defensive Drill. Waiting Drill is
>> great, better with SWK. <<

-Fatherly Advice
-Z Warriors Gather
-Z Warriors Gather
-Trunks Reconstruction
-Hercule's Dream Sequence
-Hercule's Dream Sequence
-Hero's Lucky Break
-Orange Instant Transmission

>> I'd go with 3 ZWG. What about Helps/Energy Gatherings for Earth's
>> Spirit Bomb? Personally like ESB much better than USB. Orange Instant
>> Transmission is great if you don't overload on the level 2 allies.
>> Also, consider Memory Lane, the uber board clearing card for ally
>> decks. <<

-Mark of the Dragon
-Orange Breakout
-Orange Breakout
-Trunks Energy Sphere
-Trunks Energy Sphere
-Time is a Warrior's Tool
-Pure Defense
-Hercule's Amazing Techniques

>> 3 Sphere, 3 Breakout. Thinking you're still missing something outside
>> of Super Saiyan Effect. Power of the Dragon. And 3
>> Confrontation/Champions of Earth. <<

Energy Combat:
-Universe Spirit Bomb
-Universe Spirit Bomb
-Orange Android 17's Personal Touch
-Orange Android 17's Personal Touch
-Energy Lob
-Frieza's Force Bubble

>> FFB stops your own energies. 3 Personal Touches. Majin Destruction. I
>> don't personally like Universe Spirit Bomb but if you can get it to
>> work, all the power to you. I'd consider running some other solid
>> ways to get to zero, like some multiattack cards. But at least
>> consider 3 Orange Staredown. <<

Physical Combat:
-Masterful Defense

>> Uppercut for sure. 2-3 Gohan's Kicks against Ball decks. <<

-Lvl 1 Yajirobe, Retired - Kid Buu Saga
-Lvl 1 Krillin, The Father - World Games Saga -Lvl 1 Piccolo, The Trained - Android Saga >> Throw him into the Sensei. << -Lvl 1 Dende, Guardian - Super Seventeen Saga -Lvl 1 King Kai, Earth's Mentor - Kid Buu Saga -Lvl 1 Pan, Juvenile Saiyan - Super Seventeen Saga >> Personally like SDS, but if you don't mind doing stages, then sure. The defense is great though. << -Lvl 1 Trunks - Shadow Dragon Saga >> He can stop your own attack. << -Lvl 1 Mr. Popo - Collosal Redemption >> In USB, you want to go mainly GT alies, and Popo isn't that great of a Z ally either, unless he hits. << -Lvl 1 Bulla - Baby Saga >> She's too situational for my good. << -Lvl 1 Gohan - Baby Saga >> ^_^ << -Lvl 1 Vegeta - Baby Saga >> Super 17 Saga Vegeta is broken. << -Lvl 1 Valese - OP promo Baby Saga >> She's horrible because you just remove her then everyone else if you get Cell's Presenced. << -Lvl 1 Oolong - Buu Saga >> ^_^ << -Lvl 2 Majuub - Baby Saga >> ^_^ << -Lvl 2 Videl, Super Hero - Super Seventeen Saga >> Too situational << -Lvl 2 Android 18, the Wife - Super Seventeen Saga >> Sure. << -Lvl 2 Chi-Chi, the Defender - Super Seventeen Saga >> Too situational << -Lvl 2 Goten, Super Saiyan - Super Seventeen Saga -Lvl 2 Elder Kai, Mentor of the Universe - Shadow Dragon Saga >> He's just awesome. <<

>> Consider: Yamcha 2 KBS, Tien 2 KBS, Nail 1 FS, Sugoro 1 Baby, Bardock
>> 1/2, Roshi 1 Broly subset, Videl 1 Baby. I bet there are a few more
>> good level 2 allies out there I forgot to mention as well. <<

Well this deck is pretty straight foward as you can see, get 14 allies with mutiple ways of pulling z warriors and then elder kai them to full powerstages and universal first turn :P... hopefully.

>> Keep dreaming... Let's see... 1 card for ZWG. Power on Krillin,
>> Yajirobe, Mastery on Elder Kai. 1 card for Universe Spirit Bomb. It
>> COULD work... assuming you don't sensei out one key ally and
>> something doesn't go wrong. Personally, I would instead focus on just
>> killing your opponent with the 14 allies. You should be able to come
>> pretty close if you use Vegeta, Oolong on Vegeta, and Roshi, to give
>> your allies a +5 life +1 stage bonus. <<

If there is anything
im missing please point it out because its pretty fast at the moment. I usually get some way to get a z warriors first turn then enter after north kai and search for 7 allies. i use hercules power to use krillin then yajirobe to pull a second z warriors and search for more allies. I then use elder kai and hopefully have a bomb in my hand or some way to get it to win the game. Tell me your thoughts cos its running fairly powerful atm. Btw Earths spirit bomb can come out with old school beatdown discarding it then rejuve it to the top with elder kai and drawing it with bulla. :P

>> I got the ESB thing because I run it myself, just I use SWK's power
>> the following turn on it (remove 6 to level, draw with level 2 or 3
>> power). Yours is not as reliable, and I still don't like Bulla.
>> That's just me I guess. <<

Thanks for your time,

Anthony Cook.

>> You still need solidarity in the removal area. I see you've got the basic first turn win thing down, but it's no where as fast as how my build is (I'm nonTW so it is naturally that way). And I don't get it first turn every time. My point is you're going to need to have a solid all around deck, not one that relies on pulling the right hand. Because you won't. There are a ton of ways to disrupt first turn win, like Cell's Presence, non-combat destruction, ally removal, hand disruption, blocks on Krillin, discard removal, and so forth. You don't have good CP tech other than COGD, and you don't have discard removal. These are keys to a solid ally deck. Also, board removal is necessary. Memory Lane and Orange Staredown will help. But you've got NO Battleground/Location tech. City In Turmoil will eat you alive. Heck, you should run that as tech too. Consider something like Winter Countryside or Buu's New House as your Location of choice.

Good luck. <<

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan


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