Subject: Re: Krillin Buu Saga Freestyle

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From: UrzaP555
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 22:35:11 EDT

I started playing DBZ when it came out and then quit around frieza Cuz my
local tournament stopped hosting. Then i got back into it Sunday at GenCon. I
have been working hard at getting cards, and building decks. I bought the Pojo
Book and i reread that Videl deck twice! Amazing, just Amazing. Anyway i have
this Krillin deck that i would like you to look over. Oh, and another thing what
would you suggest to someone who doesn't really have a local playing area.
The place i last went to is an hour and a half away, and my parents wont take me
but once a month, im 14 and cant drive yet anyway?

Here's the deck:


Krillin Lvl. 1 CCPP2
Krillin Lvl. 2 WGS (dont have that HT one)
Krillin Lvl. 3 WGS


Freestyle Buu Saga


West Kai


Narrow Escape x1
Cooler's Escape x1
Reserves x1
Super Saiyan Effect x1
Prepared Dodge x1
Time Is A Warrior's Tool x1
Trunks Energy Sphere x3
Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist x1
Aura Clash x3
Krillin's Physical Defense x1
Krillins Search x1
Vegeta's Surprise Defense x1


Power Up the Most! x2
Energy Gathering x3
Goku's Ready x1
Chi-Chi's Cheering Drill x3
Blazing Anger x1
Android 20 Absorbing Drill x3
Entering The Arena x3
Caught Off Guard Drill x1

Tree of Might x2


Alt. Dende Dragonball 1
Alt. Dende Dragonball 4

Energy Combat:

Krillin's Solar Flare x3
Tien's Surprise Technique x2
Krillin's Kamehameha Outburst x4
Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x3
Goku Swiftly Moving x3
Trunks Makes Himself Clear x1
Kid Trunks Palm Blast x1
Goku's Energy Absorption x1
Vegito's Charged Blast x1
Yamcha's Skillful Defense x2
Nappa's Energy Aura x1

Physical Combat:

Goku's Flight x3
Tien's Block x1
Krillin's Sacrifice x1
Majin Buu's Stomach Throw x3
__________ 's Guard Crush x2
Vegeta's Physical Stance x1
Nappa's Physical Resistance x1
Gohan's Kick x3
Trunks Swiftly Moving x1
Piccolo's Physical Defense x2
Krillin's Power Block x3

I use the Tree of Might to deal with any Decks that use Location/battleground
Control, esepecially Dying Planet.
I use Majin Buu's Stomach Throw because it can either do 5 life cards or
deal with a pesky ally, like Android 14.
I use some rejuvination so i can get Krillins Search and reuse it.

Thanks For Everything, Mitch Burns

Well, I was at GenCon, and boy was it a blast!

^_^ Read the Videl deck eh? Fun Fun. Just a fun deck of course. Dedicated to my sister who was walking around GenCon on Friday as Videl of course.

If you don't have a playing area, make one! I did, and we are still in the works of getting sanctioned. I'm going to miss that occuring seeing I will be moving to college, but hey, a couple years in the making and things happen. You can always play on the internet via Apprentice. Download it at

Hour and a half away... and I thought my friend had it bad. He drives over an hour to get to my place. I'm 18 and I don't drive yet (I spend all my money on DBZCCG, ^_^), so my parents take me places.

Anyway... to the deck.

Well, you need the HT, so try to get it.
A Level 4 is recommended against those 1-3 anger decks that are coming out. Trust me.

You have a Sensei with no deck. You need one. Black Scout Maneuver x2 and HUH??? will get you started. I would use North Kai Sensei in this one.

I don't even recall Cooler's Escape being a card...
You've got a few bad cards like Prepared Dodge and Vegeta's Surprise Defense (sphereable) and Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist (pretty much does nothing if your opponent plays no allies). I probably wouldn't run Reserves in a Krillin Freestyle deck either. You should run predominately Krillin named cards and other named ones.

You are a bit off on those non-combats. Three Cheering Drills is too much; you should be using KHSB and not worrying about endurance. Goku's Ready isn't very good anymore. The only nons I'd keep are Absorbing Drill and Caught Off Guard Drill. Maybe 1 Cheering Drill. That's it. There are a bunch of better drills and nons out there.

Krillin's Sacrifice is bad, and Majin Buu's Stomach Throw is terrible. Why Stomach Throw the ally when you can just remove the ally from the game? Piccolo's Physical Defense is terrible (Try Pikkon's Leg Catch) and you don't need Trunks Swiftly Moving. Try some Krillin's Quick Kicks.

You've got some bad energies like Kid Trunks Palm Blast. You need to run energies that you can use more than once like Tien's Tribeam and Krillin's Energy Attack. 4 KHSB and 4 KSF is key. You should run Unlocked Potential to make those energies hurt on your lower levels. Tien's Surprise Technique should really only be in Tien decks.

You've got some things running but still a bit to go. Take a look at the Krillin deck in the Pojo book. The Freestyle deck isn't too much different from that one.

Good luck. You've got some key cards but some missing. You are missing staples like Confrontation, and I would also attempt to run Transformation to level. Also, Tree of Might will probably hurt you more than it helps due to your opponent getting better drills than you. Arqua's Arena is one I would use. That's just me.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan