The Ultimate Green Blob

Hmm... well, I'll see what I can do!

Without GBS and NS, Namekian is well, not very good. I mean, it is good, just loses A LOT of steam. I don't know if I can make it good without them, but I'll try.

If you can get your hands on his level 5, it would be nice.

You should run South Kai Sensei to pull Android 14. That said, you can take out the Cheering Drill (Heroes only...) and the Splash Damage Drill. I'd go with 2 Breakthrough Drill, 1 HUH???, and 2 Knee Strike.

As for your Locations/Battlegrounds, I'd go with 2 City In Turmoil to help shutdown DB and 2 Winter Countryside to help shutdown anger/being boosted a level when you don't need to.

I would toss in Cell's Defense to help defensively and Power of the Dragon for anti-DB while pulling A14 back to protect against Stunned. I wouldn't run cards like Restoration, Scouting, and Regeneration, they aren't that great. You should by all means run 3 18's Stare Downs and the staple Time Is A Warriors Tool.

As for your allies, Jeice is a nice choice, but personally I would run Android 14 to South Kai for, and Frieza the Master just in case of DB. I assume you don't have him, so you can go with Jeice, or even Guldo. Android 19 is also a good ally, but keep in mind you don't want to run too many as Namekian decks don't get to zero very often (A14 is the exception).

With the exception of Vegeta's Quickness Drill, your Non-Combats need work. I would run the standard Frieza is Ready and Foreboding Evidence, and throw in a bunch of Piccolo and Heroes Gather/Krillin's Concentration to help in the pulling what you want when you want it. I won't advise URs as I assume you don't have them.

Physical Combats... well, you need to run 3 Gohan's Kick for DB tech, and one more Dash. Defensively, I would run 3 Ducking Technique, 3 Pikkon's Leg Catch, and maybe the standard Stance and Resistance, but probably not (depends if you have anything better). Fist Dodge is nice as well. The others should go.

Now the meat of your deck is unfocused... sorta.

>Gohans Braced Energy Beam - Nice focused energy, but I'd go with Nimbus
>Cloud instead. Good Advice - Anti anger, big damage, not a bad option.
>Teamwork Kamehameha - Um... MAYBE 1 if you use South Kai, but that's a
>maybe. Namekian Piercing Beam - If you like the tech, it is ok.
>Namekian Energy Beam x2 - Uh, no. Namekian Eye Beam x2 - Run 3.
>Namekian Double Blast x3 - This can be a haphahazard as it can discard yours as well. You probably should just run Stupid Tricks instead.
>Namekian Focused Blast x3 - By all means yes.
>Namekian Destruction Blast x3 - Costs too much, doesn't help much.
>Namekian Quick Blast x3 - By all means yes.
>Namekian Final Flash x3 - Kinda weak, if you have nothing else you can. I wouldn't though.
>Namekian Heat Seeking Blast x3 - Same here, but better than Destruction Blast.
>Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x3 - If you have to... it does only 4 so it is kinda weak. If it did 5, it would be nice DB tech.

Now that's not many energies left. Ones that would be nice are Vegeta's Energy Focus and Piccolo's Power Ball, if you can get them. You should run some Android 19's Energy Burst for Drill control, and Vegeta's Jolting Slash as it helps shutdown Saiyan. If you don't have any other good energies to run, cards like Jeice Flash Attack and Supreme Kai's Power Hold have nice secondary effects.

Well there is Time. LOL. Other than 3 Energy Deflections and 3 Energy Catches, and NEA, the rest should probably go. You could run FFB if desperate. Goku's Energy Absorption is a nice block but probably not needed, otherwise try some Yamcha's Skillful Defense and Goku's Super Saiyan Blasts.

Make sure you have 90 cards as well.

Good luck man, I don't know if this will be the best possible, but it will be pretty good without any URs or Ubers. Try some of those changes and it should be more focused. I hope I helped.

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>Dear Matthew low,
> I have been working on this Namekian Deck for the past year or 2. I
>would like to give me some advice andsadly I dont have GBS or NS so
>don't teel me to put them in! Well here's the Ultimate Green Blob Deck:
>namekian style mastery TS
>Piccolo The Trained
>Piccolo lv 2-3 WS
>Piccolo the Namek
>West Kai Sensei:
>CHi-Chi's Cheering Drill
>Breakthrough Drill
>Splash Damage Drill
>Namekian Knee Strike x3
>Winter countryside
>Protective Shelter
>Combat Cards
>Namekian Restoration
>Cell's Threatining Position
>Battle Pausing
>Super Saiyan Effect
>Namekian Friendship
>Namekian Energy Focus
>Namekian Scouting x2
>Namekian Regeneration x2
>Android 18's Staredown x2
>TES x3
>Jiece the Avenger
>Android 19 lv 1 CS
>Don't You Just Hate That?
>Namekian Knowledge Drill
>Goku's Heart Disease
>Severe Bruises
>Vegeta's Quickness Drill
>Physical Attacks
>Namekian Dash x2
>Energy Attacks
>Gohans Braced Energy Beam
>Good Advice
>Teamwork Kamehameha
>Namekian Piercing Beam
>Namekian Energy Beam x2
>Namekian Eye Beam x2
>Namekian Double Blast x3
>Namekian Focused Blast x3
>Namekian Destruction Blast x3
>Namekian Quick Blast x3
>Namekian Final Flash x3
>Namekian Heat Seeking Blast x3
>Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast x3
>Physical Defense
>Namekian Physical Stance
>Namekian Fist Dodge x3
>Namekian Fist Block x3
>Namekian Halting Stance x3
>Namekian Ducking Technique x3
>Energy Defense
>Frieza's Force Bubble
>Namekian Energy Defelection x2
>Namekian Energy Catch x3
>Namekian Defensive Stance x6
>Plz reply back and thanx a bunch
>--{A DBZ Fan