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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 14:12:04 EDT

Hey, Matt! Me again, sorry to be a bother, but I was thinkering with my ally deck and could use a hand.

1. Goten lvl 1 HT WGS
2. Goten, the Brother WGS
3. Goten, MBS
4. Goten, MBS

>> The problem with Goten is that he¡¦s a terrible MP. I mean you could
>> try some random Carpet variation with his GT 1, but other than that I
>> dunno. I honestly think if you want to do fusion you should use Kid
>> Trunks because he can actually have decent levels (like using
>> Teenager 1, then GT 2, GT 3, CS 4, CGS 5). <<


Sensei-South Kai
2 Spirit Bomb
2 Black Scout
-Gotenks 1

>> You NEED HUH???. Take out one Bomb. Two Bombs is preferred, but when
>> you look at HUH??? or the second Bomb, it is a no brainer which goes
>> in. <<

2 Heroes Battleground

>> IMO too old and useless. I bet there are other random options out
>> there that could possibly work better, like¡K Korin¡¦s Tower or
>> something like that. Personally I like to stick to the power
>> locations like City In Turmoil, Protective Shelter, Winter
>> Countryside, Tree of Might, Majin Buu¡¦s New House, and Goku¡¦s
>> House, or something like those. None really jumps out at me, but I¡¦d
>> tech in at least 1 CIT, and probably go with WC and tech something
>> else in. <<

Saiyans (Seperate count for Pan)
-Goku, the Puppet ¡V If you want to run Goku as an ally¡K don¡¦t. Wait until the S17 promo Goku the Martial Artist comes out because he will actually finally become a decent ally then.
-Future Gohan ¡V Remember all defensive allies are next to useless now that you have to attack with them in order to defend with them.
-Pan, Grandaughter of Goku ¡V Sure.
-Kid Trunks, Teenager ¡V Only one Kid Trunks ally in a Fusion deck. Real sane¡K -Gohan, the Furious ¡V Even in a physical deck, I still don¡¦t understand how you¡¦d take this over the GT 1 because 12 life is good sir.
-Super Saiyan Trunks (Woot! Double defense!) ¡V See Future Gohan.

>> Someone doesn¡¦t run Vegeta the Saiyan with his big physical and
>> tacking on 2 life to each of your happy allies¡K
Someone doesn¡¦t run Bardock, the most useful ally.

Non Saiyans
-Yajirobe, Retired
-Tien (SS)
-Arqua, the Water Champion
-Chi-Chi (WGS P2)
-Chi-Chi, the Defender
-Videl (Baby Saga)
-Master Roshi (Broly)
-Piccolo, the Warrior
-Kibito Kai
-Elder Kai

>> Tien¡K sure I guess. Arqua is like terrible. Two ChiChi levels¡K no comment. I thought you didn¡¦t like VQD.
Now it is beyond me how you don¡¦t run Krillin the Father. Even if you don¡¦t run 3 ZWG which you should, you can still pull Yajirobe/Krillin/Kid Trunks and pull off Fusion Dance that turn. It¡¦s simple¡K Krillin, discard Fusion Dance, then Yajirobe it up, and fuse. Way too simple. Much better when you pull ZWG though. I like 14 allies first turn.
I don¡¦t like Piccolo the Warrior; rather use Piccolo the Trained.
Irregardless, I don¡¦t think it is wise to avoid running energy allies. Android 18 for 9 life? Gohan for 12? King Kai for 5 and set your opponent¡¦s hand to 2? Nail either 5 or 3?
Sugoro should be in this deck because discard pile removal is very important.

3 Hero's way ¡V Switch for Orange Instant Transmission. Note that you can make an infinite combo with Instant Transmission, Orange Power Transfer, Yajirobe, and Oolong. Throw another ally that can do life cards of damage and you¡¦ll win assuming that ally always hits.
3 Energy Gathering
3 Help of Earth
3 Fusion Dance
2 Namekian Teamwork
1 Unexpected Company (Replace with ZWG, I know. Have to get one) ¡V Then type ZWG not Unexpected but I know I need to get ZWG. And you need 3 not 1.
-Fond Memories
-Senzu Effect - You have Teamwork; that¡¦s good enough. Burst of Energy > Senzu Effect.

>> FA, Trunks Reconstruction, Hero¡¦s Lucky Break, Expectant Trunks,
>> WTLTH? <<

-Orange Lifting Drill
-Orand Haulting Drill
2 Orange Joint Restraint Drill ¡V Two :/ (I have a VQD that I could put in, but Goten eats his discard pile and drawing non-combats and allies never helps, either)

>> Run Orange Destruction Drill and of course 2 COGDs. Haulting Drill
>> isn¡¦t necessary since you want to take physicals. And VQD is just
>> plain good but if you don¡¦t like it then whatever. Regen those
>> allies with Dende and Pan or something. <<

2 Confrontation ¡V I¡¦d go at least 5-6 of the Confrontation/Champions of Earth
2 Unexpected Allies ¡V Unnecessary as soon as you get ZWGs.
3 Ally's Sacrifice ¡V Um ok. Interesting.
3 Trunks Energy Sphere
1 Gathering of Heroes ¡V IMO unnecessary with Teamwork/Bursts, your call. Replace with POTD because that card is a staple and even better in ally.
-Super Saiyan Effect
-Sraining Destruction Move ¡V Lose the discard ƒ¼ -Saiyan Truce Card -Namekian Friendship -Dazed -Time is a Warrior's Tool

>> Epic? Mark? Startled? Battle Pausing? <<

Physical Combat

3 Gohan's Kick
1 Double Strike ¡V IMO not that great, but if you are truly physical then try it. But a lone copy is random.
3 Namekian Shield Destruction
3 Black Physical Focus (I wish they weren't all reforged) ¡V Then get foily ones; they look cool ;)
3 Blue Defensive Flight
1 Trunks Swiftly Moving ¡V Heck no.
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance ¡V Unnecessary, but if you want.
1 Nappa's Physical Resistance - Ditto

Energy Combat
2 Red Energy Shield ¡V I¡¦d run massive energy stop alls like General Rilldo¡¦s Force Field, Goku¡¦s Running Defense, and well you are a Saiyan, so you could try out Saiyan Planet Explosion if you¡¦re desperate.
3 Blue Draining Blast
-Energy Lob
-Nappa's Energy Aura

>> Someone doesn¡¦t run enough blocks.
I hear Orange Android 17¡¦s Personal Touch is a very fair drainer ;). Consider Black Broly Blasts and Red Vigor Orbs. <<

That's all that's in the deck right now. As you can see, I really haven't upgraded it to GT yet... So that's the main thing I'd like help with, figuring out what GT cards to put in and what cards to take out. Also, I know you're not a big fan of fusion dance, but the main purpose of this deck was to figure out a way to play Goten(ks).

>> Then go update it. <<

Point is, what do I need for it, specifically, what in GT?

>> Already mentioned, now go and get cards. <<

Thanks again

PS. I think they should change the rules so ESB can grant overkills. The other day, I did a 112 pt. spirit bomb to an opponent who had one life card in his deck... How isn't that an overkill?

>> There is no more TE in the game so who cares? <<

Note 2: It's not an impersonation. For one, it's physical based, not energy.
Second, an impersonation implies it was derived by looking at your decklist and copying it, wheras this is mostly my own creation.

>> Hey man chill¡K I joke around too ya know. ;) I just like to say stuff like that when someone tries NonTW ally because that¡¦s my area.

And to be honest, looking at it I seriously think making it physical based subtracts a lot. Your characters are mostly weak (due to them being Z characters), so chaining attacks together often doesn¡¦t lead to much damage compared to what energies could do. But whatever you want. <<

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