Before You Email Matthew Low a Question Read This!

Yes, read this. It is the least you can do.

I will be taking a leave of absence from July 18 until August 5. Do not expect any email from me during that time. In other words, if you email me anything, do not expect a response. I wonít even be doing COTDs either, unless someone gives me them early. I just wonít have access to a computer, unless the hotels I stop off at magically have internet access and I somehow have hours and hours of time on my hand.

I will be attending ComicCon International in San Diego, California, for the Big 4 event for DBZ CCG. Hope to see you there. If you recognize me, say hi. If I have some time, I can give you tips on your deck. This trip lasts from July 18 until July 20, where I will be flying. I will get back somewhat late on the 20, but early enough that I might have a tiny bit of time to get on before Worlds.

I will be leaving bright and early the next morning for GenCon Indianapolis, Indiana, or in other words Worlds. For this my family and I will be taking a road trip to go to, so yes we are driving. This does mean a long trip, so thatís where those days are gone to. I will arrive on late on Thursday the 24 and stay from the 25 to the 27. After that, I will be heading home on a long cut, traveling though many landmarks and states. Thus, I wonít be around. And yes, if you are going, say hi.

And thus, if you email me during this time, do not expect a response back. The reason for this is because I expect to come back to about a hundred email, being gone for 19 days. I still have over 25 decks I havenít touched in my inbox, some from last May. No, Iím not ignoring youÖ I just havenít gotten the urge or time to do them all. In other words, I still am having a tough time keeping up with the current email flow, let alone go back and do the old ones. I know I wonít be able to keep up if I have to do 19 days worth. Thus, I will pick ones that are sent, but not many, since I will still have to cope with post Worlds wrap, Fusion Saga, and the current email flow.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all understand. These tournaments mean a lot to me, and I would like to do my very best. I am working with preparations with just a little over a week to go. If you were in my shoes, you would know. Thus, I am not ignoring you, but am having a well deserved time to myself to bask in the awesome game of Dragon Ball Z CCG.


See you all when I get back.