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Hi. I've collected a whole lot of Personalities from the Cell Saga and
I was wondering which of the following Main and Ally Personality Sets
would work well (?):

Main Personality for Set #1:

Piccolo, the Warrior (Personality Level 1)
Piccolo, the Champion (Personality Level 2)
Piccolo, the Destroyer (Personality Level 3)
Piccolo, the Namek (Personality Level 4)

Ally Personality for Set #1:

Trunks, the Swift (Personality Level 1)
Trunks, the Quick (Personality Level 2)
Main Personality for Set #2:

Piccolo, the Warrior (Personality Level 1)
Piccolo, the Champion (Personality Level 2)
Piccolo, the Destroyer (Personality Level 3)
Piccolo, the Namek (Personality Level 4)

Ally Personality for Set #2:

Gohan, the Champion (Personality Level 1)
Gohan, the Swift (Personality Level 2)
Main Personality for Set #3:

Goku, the Hero (Personality Level 1)
Goku, the Saiyan (Personality Level 2)
Goku, the Perfect Warrior (Personality Level 3)
Goku (Personality Level 4)
Goku, the All Powerful (Personality Level 5)

Ally Personality for Set #3:

Yamcha, the Friend (Personality Level 1)
Yamcha, the Battler (Personality Level 2)
Yamcha, the Powerful (Personality Level 3)
Main Personality for Set #4:

Android 18 (Personality Level 1)
Android 18, the Model (Personality Level 2)
Android 18, the Machine (Personality Level 3)
Android 18, the Survivor (Personality Level 4)

Ally Personality for Set #4:

Android 17 (Personality Level 1)
Android 17, the Leader (Personality Level 2)
Main Personality for Set #5:

Cell, Stage One (Personality Level 1)
Cell, Stage Two (Personality Level 2)
Cell, Perfect (Personality Level 3)
Cell, the Destroyer (Personality Level 4)
Cell, the Master (Personality Level 5)

Ally Personality for Set #5:

Android 17 (Personality Level 1)
Android 17, the Leader (Personality Level 2)
Android 17, the Fighter (Personality Level 3)

Please post your answer on Pojo's Dragon Ball Z Website. Thanks!

It just so happens that I think I can answer your question quickly, otherwise you'd be another addition to a list of 6+ other emails to respond to O_O.

Anyway... let's see.

First off you are completely missing some of the point of Dragon Ball Z CCG. The ally/MP combo is... well, never really heard of one the way I understand you are describing it. From what I'm seeing, you have that you can only have one ally with a Main Personality, and that's not correct. You can have a ton of allies with a Main Personality. My ally deck runs 19-20 allies... because I can.

Ok... so actually what I'm going to tell you is generally a briefing of the rules.

In the Dragon Ball Z CCG, you choose one character to be your Main Personality. From there, you can chose any number of allies to run in your deck. But the stipulation is that you can only run allies that have levels that are a maximum of two levels under the highest level for your Main Personality. What this means is if you have a MP with 5 levels, the highest level ally can be level 3. If your Main Personality has 3 levels, you may only have level 1 allies in your deck.

With that said, and seeing your email you know this, you also need to know something else. Allies cannot be put out if their level is higher than the current level of your Main Personality. If Piccolo is still on level 1, and you have Trunks Level 2 in your hand, you cannot put out Trunks Level 2. You may only put him out if either Trunks Level 1 is in play under your control (called overlaying, you'd level the ally and power him to full), or you get to level 2 or higher. With this in mind, I don't recommend running any ally that is not a level 1 unless you really know what you are doing (like you level in turn 1 or have a way to overlay that ally first turn or something). The reason is higher levels of allies when you can't put them out become dead cards in your hands, and drawing dead cards is not something you want to do, especially in combat.

And the third piece of advice I'd give you is the fact that any ally with a power that says "When Entering Combat" cannot use their power. This is because no ally can be in control of combat during this step, and thus cannot use their power. The only exception to the rule is the card "What Was I Thinking?" from the Trunks Saga, which can get around this for one turn. In other words, don't use Gohan Level 2 as an ally ever.

Ok... now to answer your question. I'm looking at your pairs of MPs and allies, and while that's not the intent of decks, there are some characters that need another ally to work. Ones that come to mind are Android 15 with Android 14, and Chi-Chi WGS with Goten. And of course Gohan and Goku need Chi-Chi SS.

The only one real "pair" that you have that could possibly work just the two of them is Android 18 with Android 17. This is because Android 18 has amazing deck manipulation, and is an Android, so she has the big boost from the Movie Subset from Babidi Saga. Android 17 has the ability to pull a copy of The Car, which can give A18 some benefits while also being able to remove allies if necessary. But of course, Android 18 will probably want a few other Android buddies... a set of A13-20 will make a nice Android ally deck.

Most of your other choices... well, they really don't make sense. The reason why is you didn't understand how allies should work. I would really only run level 1 allies in decks unless I know I had a purpose otherwise. In your case, you do have a few level 1s that can be nice allies. Yamcha can work nicely, and Gohan isn't too bad (though I prefer the WGS one, the CS is still good). Trunks is a really good choice as well. For villians, Cell has been overshadowed, but he can be used for some physical beatdown with the added fact he's a Namekian and Saiyan. Android 17 also has a nice physical and is an Android. Piccolo is not that great as an ally from CS. His TS one is an energy for 6, which is really nice. And if you ever want to use him as an MP, use Piccolo the Trained from Androids Saga.

And of course, I won't leave you alone without a parting note: if you want to build an ally deck, your best bet right now is to use Android 18 from your selection. She can effectively go hero or villian, which gives you a lot of options.

Good luck, and I hope my little briefing on the rules helps you understand the game some more.