Subject: Yamcha... birth of an archtype?

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From: BrollyX90
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:41:00 EDT

Hey Matthew,
First off, Congratulations @ Worlds! I know you wanted the foil deck, but, you gave it your best shot, and that's all that matters! Anyway again, I have my own question for your help chair. Is Yamcha, the Amazing the Next Great Archetype? How?


Ahh, the King asking me for help! How nice!
Well, a second copy of my foil deck would of been sweet, cash and foil wise. My friend wouldn't be as mad at me as he was when I knocked him out since he'd get his own Champion Drill... but nothing we can do. Here's a tip: ALWAYS deck check when you switch from TE to Standard and vice versa. Nothing's worse than playing your T8 game without that EDB7 your opponent stole from you two games ago and never gave it back. No setup Backlash anymore...

Anyway... to Yamcha. I personally believe he will be one of the very good archtypes, but not the most broken. That belongs to Goku Freestyle and possibly Namekian. Namekian has been toned down a great deal due to the Piccolo errata.

Yamcha will be Orange Drill, being able to pull cards like Straining Energy Move and Straining Power Move with his power, and then using Trunks Effortless Drill. Orange, once it gets its setup, can be nearly unbeatable. If City is put out of the way, then it has it all setup with its Focusing Drills. Since it can easily setup a lockdown (Absorbing Drill, Destruction Drill, Haulting Drill, etc), Yamcha will be able to get out of bad combats with Energy Move and stay in good ones using cards like Tribeam and 5 Finger Focus comboed with Energy Empowerment Drill. Seeing that all these "weak" attacks can be pulled with Yamcha's power, Yamcha has amazing versitality, but only on level 1. Once off there, he's only a bit more useful than Roshi's level 2.

There are so many energies out there that have amazing secondary and if successful effects, and with Yamcha, it doesn't matter if it does 2 life or 5. Empowerment Drill does the work, and if Orange Drill gets setup, it is extremely hard to shut it down. It can by a North Kai, remove Focusing, mass removal, but that's not easy to do.

Orange Reflex only adds to the pain... then he searches his life deck too, and you know what that means. There are so many multiple attack cards like Scatter Shot, Orange can be similar to Namekian.

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