Subject: Re: A Deck From A New Guy - Goku Freestyle DB

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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:16:41 +0000

Hi. My name's Glenn, and I justs tarted playing the DBZ CCG. I have avidly
gamed other CCGs, but not this one....I just designed my first deck, and would
like you to give it a once over. AS a new player, I have very little knowledge
about what the staples are, and I am sure I am missing a lot of them, but the
deck has played very solid without them...It is a Freestyle Goku DB deck.

Freestyle Mastery (BS)
Grand Kai Sensei
1-Goku (WGS)
2-Goku (WGS)
3-Goku (BS)

Allies: 2
1-Master Roshi
1-Majin Vegeta (can steal DBs)

Combat: 9
2-Narrow Escape
2-Trunks Energy Sphere
1-Super Saiyan Effect

Energy Combat:Blocks: 4
3-Goku Swiftly Moving (more thieving)
1-Goku's Energy Absorption

Energy Combat:Attacks: 2
2-Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (get DBs)

Physical Combat:Blocks: 7
4-Goku's Flight (SO sickeningly good)
3-Trunks Swiftly Moving (searchable block, steal possibility)

Drills: 6
3-Android 20 Absorbing Drill
1-Concentration Drill - Don't need this.
1-Goten's Flying Drill (really good; do I need more?) - I would cut it, you can only pull one card with it. 1-Hercule's Assault Drill (makes KHSB steal DBs) - Take this out

Non-Combats: 6
3-Energy Gathering (good recursion) - Cool card, doesn't seem to fit. 2-Trunks Finds the Answer (lets me get Spheres, Expectant, and Swiftly Moving) - Take this out 1-Expectant Trunks

Battleground: 2
2-Tree of Might (good search)

Dragonballs: 7
Dende 1-7

Total: 50

So, what do you think? A lot of the people in my area play the Dende's, so I
was wondering if there was a better DB for this deck, etc. Thanks in advance
for any help.

Ok, well I'll try not to get on your case about staples.

Goku Freestyle DB is a really good archtype, but it is very very expensive. Where There's Life There's Hope, Fatherly Advice, 3 Trunks Guardian Drill, Victorious Drill, Champion Drill... it gets expensive fast.

The really good Goku Freestyle DB runs 85 cards, and revolves a lot around the card "Goku's Dragon Ball Quest," being able to reuse and abuse it. I would also use Goku's Relentless Spirit, like the normal Goku Freestyle Beatdown/DB backup just in case someone removed Quest from the game.

In your case you want to go all out DB. Thus, here are a few ideas.

First off, you should run all 5 levels. There is no reason not to seeing you'll thin out your deck a bit, but the key is you won't lose to cheese 1-3 anger or something like that. Well, you could run 1-4 and it won't be too bad, being able to Farewell to Level 4 and get some last minute Drill defense.

Try this:
Goku Level 1 WGS HT
Goku, the Saiyan Level 2 CS
Goku, Earth's Hero Level 3 HT
Goku, the King's Pupil Level 4 WGS
Whatever level 5, I don't expect you to have any of the UR versions anyway, so BS.

North Kai Sensei (helps a bunch in mirror matches and is extremely helpful against many archtypes). Try and attempt to make a Sensei deck, but remember you won't be using it much since you are DB. I would put 1 HUH??? in and put some random good cards for the rest, seeing you won't actually Sensei them in. Put in 2 Black Scout Maneuver; those are the first 3 cards I put in every Sensei Deck. Black Scout isn't a Black card, just so you know. You can even run South Kai for Chi-Chi if you want.

You cannot run Majin Vegeta seeing he is a Majin. I would run Chi-Chi Level 1 SS for the auto block every turn. If you want a good ally to steal DBs, I like to use Krillin the Friend Level 1 CS. Free energy is nice. You probably won't need him though.

Smokescreen is a terrible card. I would add in 3 Confrontation, 1 Time is A Warrior's Tool, 1 Battle Pausing, probably 1 Power of the Dragon, and another Trunks Energy Sphere.

Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast is an excellent idea to steal DBs, but it doesn't work unless you have a built in way to have it deal 5 life, like Orange TS/CS and Black TS. Roshi Sensei does this nicely. In your case, I would just run 3 Earth Dragon Ball Capture instead.

Goku's Swiftly Moving is kinda strange, but if you like to use it, then all the power to that.

Goku's Flight is broken, lol. Trunks Swiftly Moving... I'm leaning against that. I would probably look at cards like Goku's Super Saiyan Blast, as it is Goku named.

Drills... this is where you need work.
I would run:
1-2 Heroic Drill (pull Confrontation every attack)
2-3 Android 20 Absorbing Drill (quite annoying)
3 Goku's Capturing Drill (They're MY DBs, all MINE!!!)
1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
3 Trunks Guardian Drill and the other expensive cards I named (if you can) And I can't think right now for some reason; I know there are more.

Don't forget to run Goku's Instant Teleportation to get rid of City In Turmoil and probably some Brothers in Training.

You can even try to add some of the Goku beatdown like Goku's Physical Attack, Goku's Face Break, Goku's Dashing Punch, and Goku's Power Strike.

I would add a Goku's Heart Disease for some anti-anger.

Wait... you aren't running Goku's Dragon Ball Quest... run it. You can easily get all 7 DBs out in just 2 turns. You can even run all the DB searchers like Goku's Lucky Break and get the DBs out quick style.

I would go with...
Alt DDB 3
DDB 7 (you could argue alt 7).

I would try to use 85 cards. You shouldn't have a problem with getting all 7 out since you will be using Goku's DB Quest to get most of them out. The 85 gives you more room to mess around, and with the amazing searching ability of the Mastery, it will be to your advantage against big beatdown decks.

Good luck!

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan