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From: Jordan
Subject: best card in running a backlash deck.

hey well i really dont no why i asked about allies my specialty is running a Backlash deck. I am trying to stuff in less than 60 cards in my deck. ( I am running Cell Sage Android 18) So far i have room for 1 more card and i have no clue whether to use a 3rd Krillin's Solar, a time is a warriors tool, or to use my Huh??? card for anti-dragonball, ( altough I still have a few anti'dragonball cards, such as Earth dragonball capture. This decl is propably the only deck I have that could last for 2 matches in a tournament.

>_< Oh boy, I really didn't want to hear that.

First off, email me straight, not Pojo. Gives him extra work he doesn't need to do. I don't bite, do I?

Anyway... you are asking whether to put a third KSF, a Time is a Warrior's Tool, or a HUH??? in your deck for the last slot? There are so many things wrong with that question...

Standard Backlash deck runs 3 Cosmic Backlash, 3 Krillin's Solar Flare, and 3 Red Shielded Strike. They should already start in the deck. So asking about a third KSF doesn't make sense.

Standard decks period should be running 1 Time is A Warrior's Tool, 3 Trunks Energy Sphere, 3 Confrontation/A18's Stare Down, 1 Nappa's Energy Aura, 1 Super Saiyan Effect... and so forth. Time should of been the first or second card you put in ANY deck, let alone this one.

Saying that you don't know if you should run Time is A Warrior's Tool scared me. Run it. Please.

HUH??? can't be put into your main deck. I consider it a staple for your Sensei deck. Put it in. Whatever you do. But that makes no sense... if you need to add one card to your 60 cards, HUH??? can't be one of them. It doesn't count toward your deck total.

Run them both. I don't know what you are running in your Backlash deck, but there's something wrong if you don't have 3 KSF and 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool in it already. Good luck with it. A18 Backlash is a good choice.

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