Subject: Re: Saiyan Supreme Mastery - Vegeta or Baby Vegeta?

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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:48:41 EDT

Matthew I just have a quick question...for a deck that has a goal of getting to higher levels, and physical beatdown, with Saiyan Supreme Mastery...would you use Vegeta 1-5 from Shadow Dragon Saga or Baby Vegeta 1-5 and why?
Thanks in advance.


Neither. Well not in that combination at least.

Vegeta is amazing in Saiyan Blitz. If you use his HT 1 and 2, you can easily get up to level 3 and beyond in a flash. Using Vegeta Sensei and Saiyan Electric Aura Drill backer, you'll level with just removing one card from your discard pile from the game. Main deck 3 Electric Aura Drills, and you'll be able to level with 0 removal on 1 and 2, and just one removal on 3 and 4. Once you get to level 5, you'll be able to wreck terror on your opponent. Chain a whole bunch of Saiyan Heritage only physcial attacks, and then end combat with your card power. Your opponent will only be able to look at you, block, and take the punishing as he will be at your mercy. Try it out.

Baby Vegeta has never been an extremely good personality. His power levels are decent now instead of amazing. You can try him out in Supreme, but there are much better options like Broly and Trunks.

You can try these strategies in both Expanded and Focused. Broly works better in Expanded with Electrified level 2, and Trunks can go with either with Scientific Level 2 and playing DB. Vegeta needs to use the SDS levels for chaining for the most part though, and you can try him out in either format for kicks.

Have fun.
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