Subject: Re: Red Goku Deck... Need some advice about it

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From: BlueShenron1335
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 22:16:03 EDT

Dear Matthew
I had some free time so I slapped together a deck. But it turned out better than I expected it to be. I wondered if you would look at it.
MP (Main Personality) and allies
MP Goku L1 L2 L3 (Goku the leader, Goku the
Defender, and Goku the Protector) Allies 5
Chi-Chi (I only use this to protect Goku!!)
Kabito Kai
Majin Buu (Baby saga, so he's a Hero)
Dragon Balls 1
Earth Dragon Ball 5
Combat 6
Super Saiyan Effect
Trunks energy Sphere
Vegeta's Energy
Red King Cold Observation
Red Blazing Aura
Physical Combat 33
Red Passive Block
Red Fist Lunge
Red Fist Catch
2x Red Elbow Strike
2x Red Lunge Punch
Red Back kick
Red Knee Strike
2x Red round Kick
2x Red Knife Hand
Red Power Rush
2x Red Eye Laser Assault
Red Lighning Slash
Red Hypersonic Ko (Knockout)
Red Face Upheaval
Flying Blades
Goku's Finger throw
Saiyan Knee Strike
Straining Off-Balancing Move
Straining Tripping Move
2x Goku Body Throw
Yajirobe's Physical Attack
Krillin Takes A Shot
Trunks Draws Steel
Trunks Swiftly Moving
Black Overpowering Attack
Trunks Defensive Crouch

Non-Combat 12
What was I Thinking
Goku's Ready
King Kai Training
King Cold Smiles
Guru Fades

Energy Gathering

Goku's Lucky Break

Power up!

Blazing Anger!

Roshi Training

Eyes of the Dragon

King Kai's Thoughts

Energy Combat 9

Red Energy Shield

Garlic JR.'s Energy Blast

Krillin's Energy Disk

Red Vigor Orb

Red Ball Throw
2x Red Side Kick

2x Red Energy Blasts

Locations/Battlegrounds 1

Master Roshi's Island

Thanks For looking it over,

Bobby Peters

I'll do a very very quick tech...

Ok never mind, I can't tech this. Here's why.

I don't see a focus. Well actually, let's back up even more.

Outside of the fact that the spacing of your deck makes it next to impossible to read, you are running Black Overpowering Attack. That makes your deck not a Red deck. Running just one off styled card to mess your deck from a TW is something you should never do, especially seeing that that card is terrible.

Your deck is also illegal because you a running Majin Buu as an ally. He's a Majin, and in expanded the Majin ally rules are still in effect. I mean, you can even run the Buu Saga Level 1 as an hero ally (rogue rules), but only in Majin ally decks. In focused, you can run him as an ally.

Your choice of MP is terrible (Goku the Leader is terrible) and the other two are only decent in old school anger. The other two are still outdated; I would run the CS level 2 and 3 instead.

Some of the cards you are running are terrible. Straining Tripping Move and Straining Penetration Move aren't even worth the card stock they're printed on. And then there's Red Ball Throw that's a villian only card.

Not to mention you claim this is a Red deck but don't include a Mastery.

Alright sir, now I'm going to cut to the chase. You need a focus. You need to decide how you are going to win. This looks like a deck you made up from random cards you have and just put together because they look cool. That's not how DBZ goes. You need to focus on a task to win, and then hone your deck to help complete that. In other words, if you are trying to win by anger, run 1-5 MP, multiple cards that raise anger, ways to remove Cell's Threatening Position, and so forth.

Some of my past few deck techs went over focus and what you need when you are starting out. I can see you are a beginner because of the status of your deck. Good luck sir, hopefully you can read up on some of my other techs and get ideas on where to go next.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan