Subject: Re: Orange Aura Baby Deck Looking to Get Good!!!!

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From: Zwarrior4life
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 16:05:19 EDT

Orange Baby

This Is my Deck it is only 75 cards as of now but i need to know what to add and keep.
Obviously this is a foccused deck!

>> You should ask Torch for advice. He’s an expert on Orange Baby. That
>> and he’d be a lot better than me to ask for advice on this deck. He’s
>> played and won with it. <<

Orange Aura Mastery

Baby Lvl 1
Baby Lvl 2
Baby HT lvl3 (w/Baby's Liqidy Backer)
Baby Lvl 4

>> From what I recall Liquidity would allow your opponent to choose one
>> of your allies or non-combats and discard it. That would hurt you…
At least, that’s how it is worded. <<

Android 17 Lvl 2
Broly Lvl 2
Cell Lvl 2
Rage Shenron Lvl 1
Baby Vegeta lvl 1 – Might consider the level 2.
Emperor Pilaf Lvl 1
Baby Goten lvl 1
General Rildo Lvl 1
Sigma Force Lvl 1
Shu x1
Mutant Robot x1

>> Yeah this needs work. You’re missing a few.
Frieza the Manaical Level 2 is fun. Got to run Baby Gohan just because you’re Baby. Dr. Myuu Level 1 is pretty nice. <<


Hercules Cresent Punch x3

Pan's Spirit Attack x3
Orange Distortion x3
Ultimate Kamehameha x3
Orange Two Palm Woo x3
Orange Android 17's Personal Touch x3
Orange Fierce Discharge x3
Tripple Whammy x3
Orange Proximity Blasts x3
Orange Menacing Attack x3

>> Triple Whammy is actually not all that easy to pull off. Use with caution.
Some of your attacks don’t really seem necessary, like Pan’s Spirit Attack and Orange Proximity Blasts. I’d run stuff like Super Gallic Gun to combat other Baby and Black Energetic decks. <<

Final Breath x1
Black Smoke Dragon x3

>> This needs major work. Orange has super broken setups to abuse to the max.
Your first problem is you don’t run DBs. That’s not smart. Every deck in Focused runs a Black Star DB set except for Red Rush because there are just amazing powers on them. You run 2-3 Smoke Dragons to kill off straight ball decks, and then you’re good to go.

So… you need…
3 Orange Removal System
1 Run Like A Madman
And should consider:
Orange Instant Transmission
Orange Power Transfer
Orange Internal Efflux
1 Trunks Reconstruction
1 Dragon Radar

Consider Drills well unless you are going to level.

Menacing Evil x3
Goku To The Rescue x3
Nefarious Pact x3

>> You should run:
Remembering the Good Times
3 Circle of Power (because unless you level with Baby, he’s terrible)
1 Mark of the Dragon
1 Gravity’s Reminder

Orange Dog Fight x3
General Rildo's Forcefield x1
Orange Effective Illusion x3
Masterful Defense x1
Epic Battle Of The Saiyans x1
Orange Juke x3
Super Android 17's Absorbtion x1

>> I was thinking Orange Drift over Dogfight. Aerial Elusion is a broken
>> good card in ally because your opponent won’t be throwing energies at
>> an ally deck because that would be stupid. <<

I was thinking about adding orange wrist lock x3 but i wasnt sure so rate it and tell me what to remove and add

>> Is that a card?

Not running a bunch of the staples and not running Circle of Power really hurts the rating of this deck. Without Circle in Orange Baby you pretty much have to give up. You also should consider Surprise Gift to level as well.

I’m going to be generous and give you a 4.1 out of 10. Not terrible, but the lack of staples like Mark and Reconstruction, and not running the DB set hurts the deck a lot.
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