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Wrom: ULHPQQWOYIYZUNNYCG Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 17:13:46 -0700 (PDT)

MP/Mastery (5):
Android 18 1-4 (4 Redemption)
Black Style Mastery (WGS)

Sensei (10):
North Kai Sensei
3 Black Pivot Kick (Need these)
2 Black Pummeling Strike
2 Black Fist Catch
1 Huh?
1 Breakthrough Drill

Physical Combat (25):
3 Gohan's Kick
3 Black Defensive Burst
3 Black Light Jab
3 Black Side Thrust
3 Black Face Slap
3 Black Body Destruction
2 Black Wrist Block
2 Black Defensive Stance
2 Black Palm Reversal (Need another 0o)

Energy Combat (13):
3 Black Energy Web
3 Black Turning Kick
3 Black Knife Hand Strike
3 Black Recovery

Combat (22):
4 Android 18's Stare Down
3 Black Scout Maneuver
3 A Father Struggles (My bad 'bout the NC... lol)
1 Android 17 Smirks
1 Aura Clash (Another would be nice... Darn Physical
1 The Power of the Dragon
1 Big Man On Campus

Non-Combat (11):
3 Black Searching Technique
3 Android 20's Search Pattern
2 The Plan
2 A Hero's Heart Is Strong
1 Foreboding Evidence

Drills (4):
2 Black Smoothness Drill
2 Android 20's Absorbing Drill

DBs (2):
NDBs 4 and 7

BG/L (2):
2 Dying Planet

Strategy: Manipulation at its finest. I can manipulate
the discard with my BG and A Hero's Heart Is Strong.
Helps with stupid Namekian. I can manipulate the deck,
too, yay. Scout Maneuvers, Searching Techniques,
Search Patterns, and Side Thrusts help me in my
mission. Plus, I can manipulate the hand... Hehehe.
Stare Downs, Destructions, Recoverys, and Face Slaps.
Love getting rid of that vital card if I can't remove
it from the deck. I can also control what is played
and used, there are too many cards that do this to
I want to fit in 3x KHSB, I hope I get them tomorrow
morning along with the 3x A Father Struggles.


Wrom: PKYLEJGDGVCJVTLB Subject: Android 18 Black Manipulation

Well then, let's get started!

mewfive sent me the decklist of the deck he's working on and I can put my two cents in.

Android 18 is no longer the dominant character after her errata, but she is still very playable. Her Level 1 power is amazing, and the fact she has both deck manipulation and card advantage while attacking helps the archtype a lot. The new Android cards from Babidi Saga help give her a major advantage, but unfortunately, none of the cards are going to make it in this deck. Despite all that, Android 18 can still manipulate decks, just not as good as before.

The first thing I'd suggest is changing the Mastery. The CS one fits better into the theme, and with the introduction of Black Thought Focus, you can get rid of a hand quite easily, while possibly removing a Dragon Ball from the game. Also, the WGS one will accidentally discard your own drills if you don't watch out. Your energy attacks and Gohan's Kick can do that. Black Smoothness Drill is vital to your card advantage scheme.

You play with North Kai Sensei, which is a good choice, but you should fill the rest of your Sensei deck because you can. It doesn't hurt to fill all the slots. Cards like Heroes Drill and Heroic Block can be put in for no reason, while Breakthrough Drills might as well be run in multiples with the Master Roshi DB decks running around. You can up the quantity of the other cards in there because you just can.

You run quite a bit of physical beatdown coupled with hand manipulation, which is exactly what this deck is going for. I wouldn't touch those cards, but on the other hand I wouldn't run Light Jab, especially if you have a Mastery that gets rid of Non-Combats already. With the CS Mastery, you might consider the card, but personally I'd go with Stupid Tricks.

I'm thinking a little more defense; a Nappa's Physical Resistance might be a good idea if you don't fear Gohan's Kick. Otherwise, Yamcha's Skillful Defense/Goku's Super Saiyan Blast are nice cards to run because they can stop a Krillin's Solar Flare/Backlash combo. Note that with WGS, it doesn't matter what color any of your cards are except for Black Physical attacks. I was going to recommend Black Choke Hold because it can be a dual block and an attack at the same time, but then noticed Dying Planet. Experiment a bit; try out Choke Hold and you never know. It might just work. Also, for energy defense, I'd throw in a Frieza's Force Bubble and maybe even some Straining Focusing Moves. You don't play energy attacks in general, so these cards shouldn't hamper you. Most of your energy attacks will become blocks anyway. Remember that Namekian Energy is the best archtype, so you'll need some energy blocks to keep up with Namekian's card advantage via its Mastery.

With that all in mind, you'll need something to hurt your opponent after you've gotten rid of your opponent's hand. Good Advice comes to mind with the nice 8 life card energy and the 3 anger lowering, which could help a lot against anger. I also recommend Supreme Kai's Power Hold to get out of any messes and end combat. Another card hoser is Android 14, as if you ever get a junky hand, you can always toss it to him and do a decent physical attack.

Combat cards... well, first off you are missing Battle Pausing, which is one of the great card advantage cards that would work nicely in your deck. Piccolo's Fist Block is interesting if you ask me; if it works, great. I'm not sure if it will do a lot in the current environment outside of stalling Namekian's Strikes via Piccolo and Heroes Gather/Confrontation, but you never know. Another staple is Super Saiyan Effect. This card can still shut down a Physical deck after it Gohan's Kicks. Use it if you can. Another Aura Clash seems fit to mess up decks like Roshi who need their level 1. Also keep in mind that you only run 4 Drills and run 3 A Father Struggles. I don't know if it is just me but I don't think those are entirely necessary in this deck. They can stall against DB decks, but that's pretty much it.

Your Non-Combats aren't very heavy, which is quite strange. With so much manipulation, you'll be spending many turns just setting up. But then again I'm thinking CS Mastery again. A card I'd add in is Frieza is Ready, for it will scare many decks until they can get rid of the card. Goku's Heart Disease isn't run that much right now, but you can try to give it a whirl.

Now for the rest... your deck relies on getting rid of cards, and running a 3rd Dying Planet is almost more than necessary. A consideration would be to run King Kai's New Home and Gohan's Nimbus Cloud. A third Black Smoothness Drill would be great as that card helps a lot to keep up in card advantage. Also, Android 20's Absorbing Drill isn't very stable anymore with Namekian card searching advantage. Oh, and Vegeta's Quickness Drill will help a ton in getting card advantage.

This deck is pretty well built, but by all means you should attempt to switch Masteries. That would make this deck so much better, especially with Black Thought Focus and the fact you can ditch any useless card for a good cause. Try it out and maybe it will all work out.

As for KHSB... well, it is nice, but isn't totally necessary at all. It will do a whopping 4 life and get rid of a Drill. I would consider running really big attacks and use them right after your opponent has loss all their blocks.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope you do well at your tournament. Let me know if I can be of any help.