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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 15:59:02 -0400

Hey Matt, hows college goin? Good luck with everything over there, but anyway, when you egt the chance LMK what you think of this deck. Its Buu Non Tokui with that level one from MBS that nobody wanted to use. Its meant to tech against everything and anything, especially the new Goku Freestyle(I use one of them too so I know its power). Id like to keep all the tech energies and such but LMK if theres anything severely wrong with it, though in playtesting I cant find anything.

Buu 1-4 MBS

North Kai
Black Pivot Kickx3
Black Front Punchx3
A Heros Heart is Strongx2
GBSx1(Finally got one.....its amazing)

Physical Attacks
Majin Buus Furyx2
Red Pressure Techniquex2(works well with Truce Card when I spam like 10 phys in one combat) Red Shattering Leapx3 Blue Round Throwx3(I have all the block or attack cards, theyre just nice) Saiyan Chargex3(mini NK) Namekian Shield Destructionx3 Namekian Shutox3 Red Back Kickx3 Gohans Kickx2

Dragon Ball

Physical Blocks
And the block or attacks(6 of them)

Energy Attacks
VJSx1(Eh might try to find something better, it doesnt fit against a villain) Red Energy Blastx3 Red Vigor Orbx3 Android 19s Energy Burstx3 Blue Arm Blastx3 Black Turning Kickx3 Black Knife Hand Strikex3

Energy Blocks
(Red Back Kick)
And the block or attacks

Non Combats
Orange Destruction Drill
Orange Haulting Drill
A20s Absorbing Drill
Orange Spontaneous Drill
Mind Control Device(I like it to stop the anger, its just ok though) Saiyan Inspectionx2 Orange Joint Restraint Drill Expectant Trunks Cookiex2

Saiyan Truce Card
Blue Leavingx3
Cells Defense
A18s Staredownx3
A17 Smirks
Big Man on Campus
Majin Buus Invincibility

Master Roshis Islandx2(Ultimate tech, at least IMO)

This is slightly weak to energy, against physical its a considerably easier game. Its made to be tech against all types of decks. I just realized I have no CTP. Also I need spots for some MBCT, thx for any help I can get.

Non TW Buu... what...

I dunno, seems really random. But hey, as a fun deck why not?

Looking at the deck it seems solid in terms of solid cards. Worthy archtype I think not, but remember I said fun.

Taunt would probably be nice to run just because... so let's make a little room. Free Buu runs it best because you and first turn it though.

Oh, you are missing a dual attack/block card... Black Body Destruction. Sure you don't get the discard, but still good.

I have tested out Saiyan Charge and quite frankly I don't like it. I dunno, too many good Masteries are WEC, and the only ones that will really make a big difference in messing up are Freestyle and Orange... well you can stall others, etc. But it does stall, so hey, run if you wish.

In non TW physical beats, you can also run other dual attack cards like MV Frantic Attack and Black Triple Team.

Besides the fact you are missing a few staples (Dazed, CTP, etc) it looks decent. Mind Control Device scares me though. Some of your drills are kinda strange, looks like an Orange Drill setup without Focusing and the broke MBS Mastery.

Defintely a fun deck, but don't expect to win big stuff with it. You can only take non-TW physical beats w/o anger so far.

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