From: SavioursVendetta
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 13:43:40 EDT

Hi, my name is Blayne & i'am 17, and have been playing since the saiyan saga.
I saw you were answering questions on Pojo, so I thought I would ask a few as

1) I was wondering if you could give me a list of all the Namekian cards that
have been restricted. My older brother has been hastleing me about this for
a while, lol. He loves to play Piccolo, and is always trying to make his
namekian deck better. He uses the WGS mastery to get card advantage.

2) Okay it says in the rules that the after affects kick in before damage,
but with the new Saiyan mastery it says all your attacks gain Raise your anger
1, and Gain 3 stages. I was curious, because i'am working on a
Cell/Saiyan/Energy/Ally Beatdown deck. Can I still perform an energy attack while at 0
because wouldn't I gain the stages first before I lost them or would it be

3) My 3rd question is to ask you for some advice on Majin Buu. I use the
defensive one if you're wondering. I have a Red Buu Physical Beatdown deck, and
it works quite well with the new Buu red cards. Now from just about every
Physical my opponent performs they are taking at least one life card. However,
I would like to be somewhat original, and i'am up for trying new things. I
just can't seems to make a Black deck or I probably would have already. Any
advice would help.

4) I was curious as to what staples should go in about every deck, Hero &
Villian wise of course. I do like using villians for some reason, I have changed
since the Saiyan Saga I guess. I know a lot of staples I put in my deck, but
was wondering if their are more. I have come across Android 18's Iron
Defense...and was thinking what a brilliant card it is when you fight against becomes quite usefull. Also for if they have a Frieza is ready out.

Well that is all the questions I have as of now! I appreciate you taking the
time to read my questions and hope you reply soon.

Thanks, Blayne

Sure, no problem.

1. Namekian Energy Focus. That should be the only one.
BTW - the TS Mastery is much better. I wrote up an article explaining how broken Namekian is... well, not anymore but you can read the article with a sample decklist, and go from there.

2. You must pay the stages on the card before the card is considered "played." This said, if you wanted to play an energy attack, you must pay the two stages, play the attack, and then gain your three stages and 1 anger. This, hence, does not allow you to play energy attacks at zero. This is what fueled the "Saiyan Lock" decks back a while ago; Cell's Arena added costs to every attack, so knocking your opponent to zero would prevent them from attacking.

3. Red Majin Buu Defensive... and you manage to deal a life card with every attack... wow, you must be good. It is not that simple actually. Red Majin Buu is very unique. CS Mastery I'm assuming. The major problem with it is the fact that Red is right now the weakest style... unfortunately (my favorite style is Red...). That said should make it special. The best Buu archtypes are Blue MBS Defensive Buu, Orange MBS Defensive Buu Drill and Black TS Buu (either, defensive is wrong but the attacking can still work). And of course you can always use the non HTs with some form of physical beatdown colorless wise. Buu has a lot of options, and I can't go into everything. Something you might want to consider is thinking which style do you want to do the most. Buu is strong (high PL), annoying (very hard to deal damage), and just about everything. He can be played in a ton of decks and not go too wrong, similar to Cell. As for Black, here's a few tips: Run cards that discard your opponent's hand that can still be good otherwise: Black Body Destruction, Black Recovery, Black Face Slap Run cards that attack and defend: Black Body Destruction, Black Turning Kick, Black Choke Hold, maybe Black Knife Hand Strike Run Black Scout Maneuver; getting rid of a specific card can cripple a deck. The rest I'll let you fill in. Don't forget to run the normal staples and tech.

4. Staples eh? There are a lot of them. If I accidentally forget one, don't get mad at me... ok? Before I forget, Android 18's Iron Defense is pretty bad. It yes, will work against Red WGS decks, but how many of those do we see around? Like zero.

Standard: Nappa's Energy Aura, Super Saiyan Effect, Time Is A Warrior's Tool, Battle Pausing, HUH??? (Sensei Deck Only), 3x Trunks Energy Sphere, Power of the Dragon, Where There's Life There's Hope, Fatherly Advice, Champion Drill, Expectant Trunks

Semi-Staple Standard: 3x Gohan's Kick, Nappa's Physical Resistance, Vegeta's Physical Stance, Frieza's Force Bubble, Cell's Presence, Earth Dragon Ball 7 (if you aren't playing Dende or Namek DBs), Victorious Drill (any non ally/DV), Gohan's Nimbus Cloud, 3x Pikkon's Leg Catch, Goku's Energy Absorption, Yamcha's Skillful Defense/Goku's Super Saiyan Blast (the best blocks if you don't have any left to pick from... easiest way to block Cosmic Backlash)

Hero: Goku's Running Defense, 3x Confrontation, 2x Caught Off Guard Drill (most decks)

Villian: Frieza is Ready (most decks), Cell's Threatening Position, Cell's Defense, Foreboding Evidence, 3x Android 18's Stare Down, Android 14 Level 1 (most decks), Android 17 Smirks

Good Luck with that! I hope I didn't miss any, but everyone does once in a while.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan