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Pojo's HeroClix Top 10 Lists

These are Top Lists submitted by fans. If you want to contribute one for fun, please read below.

Want to contribute a Top 10 List?  Please Read:

Do to the volume of email at Pojo.com, we ask everyone to follow these fairly simple rules. 

  1. The Subject Line of your Email should read:  "(Your Name's) HeroClix Top 10 List - Top 10 blah blah blah"

    Example:  "Jimmy P's HeroClix Top 10 Dragon Cards"  

  2. Your list should contain a brief description of each card on your list.  (People want to know "why" these are your Top 10 clix).  

  3. Absolutely no swearing.  

  4. Be Creative - have fun.  

  5. Provide your name & e-mail address at the bottom of your list, so other readers can contact you.   We will not post your list if you do not include your email address.  Otherwise, people contact us.  ;-)  Let people contact you directly. No email address ... no posting.  

  6. Do not use all capital letters in your list report.  Yes, I know sometimes you need to put a word, or even an entire sentence in all caps to signify it being important, but if you entire deck listing or entire report is all caps, it will be discarded.  

  7. All submittals become the property of Pojo.com, and if we like them, we may use them in a HeroClix book as a reward to you.  ;-)

List that do not meet the above Requirements are simply deleted.  We apologize if we hurt your feelings, but with the quantity of email we get, we had to set some very high standards to keep our site top notch.  Thanks!!!

Don't be surprised if it takes a while to get your lists posted.  We get a lot of mail we have to go through.  If  wrote a decent list, and followed the rest of the above guidelines ... don't worry we'll get it posted. 

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