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Reader's Top 10 Heroclix
10 Best Heroclix Sets by Mennisor

This is a list I made based on a combination of power play desirability, character desirability, and sculpture quality. This Is just my opinion so don't take it seriously

10. Justice League - I'm not a big fan of the new format, but some of these pieces really hit the mark. ( See Batman, Green Arrow, Merlyn, ext )

9. Supernova - This set is fun, not great but fun. Cool characters, high numbers, weird pieces. Not so good in tournaments, but still fun.

8. Crisis - This set almost got me to beleave in the new format. A lot of great characters are really brought to life in this set ( Green Lantern, Darksied, & Nightwing esp.) Too bad the love affair didn't last

7. Ultimates - A classic, vary playable, great characters, excellent theme, and one of the best uniques in the game. ( if you don't know it's Thor )

6.& 5.Cosmic Justice & Unleashed - Tied because you could argue for decades about which is better but what you can't argue is how these sets set a standard of excellence.Bricks and heavy hitters that you can build a team around, great supports, and uniques that matter ( If you don't know what I mean look at previous sets uniques ) Plus Kingdom Come is the best theme ever. 4. Clobberin Time - A personal favorite, a great follow up to the first set with great pieces ( V. Dr. Doom, E. Black Cat, R. Invisible Girl, ext. ) Great team biulding themes ( Shield, A.I.M., Fantastic Four ) and lets not forget Nightcrawler

3. Origin - I beleave this is the most tournament friendly set ever made.Point for point this set has more of the best pieces than any other set. ( E.Wildcat, E & V.Shazam, V.Mirror Master, V.Mister Miracle V.Steel, Mon-el, R Question, Hawkman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, the list just gose on and on ) The uniques are kind of average which keeps it from number 1 or 2 but still real good.

2. Infinity Challenge - I know, I know it's completely obsolete but when this set came out it was awesome. Just thinking about it makes me long for REV's again. Despite the fact that almost every piece better counter-part by now ( except R. Black Panther ) this set is still fun to play and a sentimental favorite.

1. Legacy - Lets make one thing clear this is not because or it's rarity, this truly is a great set. ( Superwoman, Wildfire, Jinx, Sinestro, Ra's al-Ghul, The Joker, and the best Batman ever ) This set was also one of the first sets to have feats as well as some the best ( Stunning Blow, Fortitude, In Contact With Oricle ) and the best uniques from any set ever ( Ares, Oracle, KC Flash, KC Green Lantern ) It's the standard that all other sets are judged by.


Well thats the list but here's some honorable mentions:
Fantastic Forces - Because Transporters Rock!
Mutant Mayhem - Great uniques and the first set with feats
Armor Wars - The vets are hard to find but really cool
And collecter sets ( Green Lantern, Legion of Super Heros, Danger Room, and Fantastic Four ) Each one has some must have pieces.

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